Borrowed Stilettos

Rebecca J. Clark

Borrowed Stilettos

Borrowed Stilettos

  • Title: Borrowed Stilettos
  • Author: Rebecca J. Clark
  • ISBN: 9780988718944
  • Page: 464
  • Format: ebook

It s a classic case of mistaken identity But this time, it s no mistake Plans go hilariously and seductively awry when mild mannered Audrey Thompson dresses as Ava, her flamboyant but cowardly twin It is Audrey s task, as Ava, to break up with Ava s fiance, Zach Banister However, as Audrey is stuffing her bra and tottering around in her sister s stilettos, she falls foIt s a classic case of mistaken identity But this time, it s no mistake Plans go hilariously and seductively awry when mild mannered Audrey Thompson dresses as Ava, her flamboyant but cowardly twin It is Audrey s task, as Ava, to break up with Ava s fiance, Zach Banister However, as Audrey is stuffing her bra and tottering around in her sister s stilettos, she falls for Zach instead Little does she know Zach has an agenda all his own.

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Once again, I stopped a book after my self-imposed requirement of listening for one hour or reading for 100 pages. Why didn't I know from the description that it would be horrible? So many regrets. This is a racy book -- even comes with a "this is not for children" disclaimer at the beginning. I can handle racy. I can not handle bad writing. For example, "Dinner passed slower than slugs on ice." What does that even mean????? And so, alas, I bid adieu to Borrowed Stilettos.

Great little story another audio book for me, thank you Sam Lomax, nice steamy scenes definitely worth a read or listen.

Once I started reading this book I found it hard to put it down and went without sleep because I just wanted to keep reading. Pretentious Ava Devine persuades her down-to-earth, teacher, identical twin sister, Audrey Thompson, to take her place and impersonate her on a weekend visit with her fiancé/boyfriend, and boss, Zach Bannister with the sole intention of breaking up with him. Unable to say to no to her sister, Audrey concedes---but Ava didn't share the important detail of the coupling bei [...]

Borrowed Stilettos is a sweet pure romance in every sense. Professionally crafted, smoother than chocolate, it goes down like a Vicodin after a bad day at work. Close the doors and windows, lock out the world, and prepare to forget.There is a reason I don’t give five stars out often. It’s to save it for books like this. At the time of this review, this book has been out for eight years. It really makes me wonder what Ms. Clark is up to these days. She’s got to be something.I’m sure other [...]

A "light read" in that it is a short-ish books and very quick paced, Rebecca J. Clark manages to bring to the fore two characters who are very real (he, even though he "comes from money", doesn't make even one mention of anything that reeks privilege that I can recall, even though the surroundings of the story bring this home subtly).Sure the reader needs to suspend belief more than a few times but it all in good fun and casually done. It's meant, it seems to me, to be a fun, sexy romp where the [...]

First things first: who has a flip-phone in 2010? YeahThis book is completely unbelievable because we know there is only two sets of twins that were able to switch places and they were the Mowry sisters and the Sweet Valley high sisters. Audrey was so gullible and such a pushover. Ava was a bitch and when she walked into that dining room I was so pissed at her. I don't believe anyone could make their kind of connection over three days. No way Jose. And not to mention Audrey's actions and emotion [...]

There's just something about quick reads that makes me feel as if I've accomplished something. I would have finished this in about 2-3 hours if I hadn't had any distractions.The writing was good enough to keep pulling me along with it, which I think is really good in a book. I don't like books that drag.About this book: the main character annoyed me. Audrey's a twin and she's the meeker of the two, who takes her sister, Ava's, place for the weekend so that she can dump her boyfriend because Ava [...]

What a fun, sexy romance. I've read switcheroos, even wrote one myself and this was the best. I loved the story, the characters and the dynamics. Having met the author at a book signing event where we shared a table, I was intrigued by her wit and charm, and so had to read one of her books. I am so glad I did. This is a great novel!

Delightful, sexy, witty let me see if I can come up with more wonderful words of praise here. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked this one up. The cover sold me, the blurb entised me, the characters seduced me. Rebecca J. Clark is an author to watch.

Try on these shoes - you won't be sorry!This story grabbed me from the front cover and the first line and never let go. The story of twin sisters who change places - one sexy and confident, one a mousy school teacher and the sexy hunky hero who confuses them. Add a clever, humorous and amorous story and you are off and running. The pace is quick, the lines are sassy and funny and the characters are fully developed and totally likable. This is a rom-com at its best, well conceived, well-written a [...]

AdorableWhat an adorable, poignant book. Audrey Thompson just can't say no to her sister Ava - the antithesis of her own persona. So when lingerie model/flight attendant Ava asks middle school teacher Audrey to impersonate her and break up with her wealthy boyfriend Zach, Audrey can't decline. What follows is laugh out loud funny as Audrey walks in Ava's stilettos (and in her leather pants!) while trying not to let bits of the real Audrey slip out with her fake cleavage.

BORROWED STILETTOS by Rebecca Clark Twins, so different, Audrey is a school teacher, and wear cotton underwear, while Ava is a model of lingerie and a flight attendant. Ava career is on the line, and wants Audrey to break up with her fiancé. Can she pull it off, first thing he ask for, is a kiss. A delightful story, of trying to be someone else. Good reading for all to enjoy. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

Hilarious story of twins helping each other out. Audrey dresses up as Ava, who is much more outgoing than her. She has to break up with her sister's fiancé as she is too cowardly to do it herself. One sees it coming that she and Zach fall for each other. Adorable, well written story

Quick, easy read. I'm not always a fan of instalove but when it's done right, it's a great form of escapism.

3,5 starsIf you’re looking for a read to curl up with--while sipping on a tall glass of wine this winter--you should definitely check Borrowed Stiletto’s out. It has the right amount of romance, steam, suspense, as well as a few laugh out loud moments that I personally enjoyed very much. I could picture it all as it happened.Audrey and Ava, though identical twins, are nothing alike. When Ava asks Audrey for a huge favor, Audrey agrees like all the times before without really knowing what she [...]

In Borrowed Stilettos, we meet the gorgeous and identical twins—Audrey and Ava Thompson. Ava talks her twin into breaking up with her boyfriend, Zachary Banister, in her stead. But what neither twin knows is that Zach plans to fake propose to Ava in front of his family to anger his parents. Not knowing the ruse, Ava (really Audrey) agrees to Zach’s marriage proposal because she falls for him instantly. Although Zach is merely using Ava to get back at his parents, he finds himself unexpectedl [...]

I really enjoyed Borrowed Stilettos. This book was fun, and I read it through in one sitting. The main characters, Audrey and Ava, and Zach and his sister, are all playing their own games, at counterpoint to each other. Audrey’s ‘task’ is to break up with Zach for Ava, and instead she falls for him. The secondary characters were fun too, especially the butler.Okay, I had to suspend my disbelief that a shy twin could take the place of a sophisticated woman for an entire weekend (which is us [...]

This is my first time reading this author’s work, and from the looks of it, this may be her first published book. This book was fabulous! What a great find! Thank you for helping me get some new authors in my cue.I love stories that have identical twins as main characters. There’s always some good shenanigans and trouble-making when you do, plus you almost always have other characters scratching their heads. This story was no exception. Ava Divine is the “pretty” twin. A flight attendan [...]

Borrowed Stilettos by Rebecca J. ClarkThis book's story line tells the story of switching twins with its own unique twist of events. It has love and humor. TwinsI always thought it would be fun to have a twin. Now, I am second guessing how much fun that would be in reality. The relationship between twins is very unique. It is similar to the sisterly protective bond that develops between women who care for each other. Most women have at least one woman in their life that they look up to and wonde [...]

Okay I seriously would have REALLY liked this book had Zach not referred to Ava/Audrey as DOLLFACE. UGH, seriously - what man says that?! I cringed every time he said it. That one word ruined it for me! Puke. Aside from that, the book was pretty cute. Audrey's twin sister, Ava, works for Zach. She misunderstands his "wanting" her for the real thing when really he's trying to just get back at his parents. Ava doesn't want to deal with it and thinks he really wants to propose to her so she sends h [...]

Borrowed Stilettos is abook loaned to me recently, by a female friend, written by Rebecca J. Clark. This crazy female friend is 6’1” tall and was wearing them 4” red stilettos at a party. Ok, so I was NCAA (no clue at all) about the author, or any of her adult fiction books. I want you to know that this short story was GREAT! Having twins in my extended family made it even more fascinating.I thought the world building and character building was very well done, even though I’m not a fan o [...]

Overall a good book. I was annoyed with Audrey so many times for not speaking up and telling Zach what was really going on. I guess I understand her point, but I just felt like he was picking up on somehting not being right anyway that she had plenty of opportunities where he would not have flipped out, but for her to keep saying she was sorry to his family including the butler and be so upset at the end I mean how did she honestly think he would react?! However, I was truly upset with Zach beca [...]

Yet another novel I liked to read that was done in the end without any sequels and so forth. I feel like I needed a break from reading really long series (while waiting for my favorites to continue) so this little jewel I found was welcoming and sweet to read.The plotline was familiar yet different, drama wasn't dragging and just harsh enough to make me care about the characters (which I came to appreciate more and more for the past few years in one standalone book, since it is easier to fall in [...]

This was very cute and very funny and very cry-y. It would have been a 4-star if I could understand the logic of why Audrey kept her secret after Zach told her it was a scam. I mean, I know the whole plot was built on her keeping the secret, but her actually doing it after there was no need to wasweird. And not really consistent with the character, even as she had been drawn so early in the book.In an inferior book, this would have annoyed me enough to give it 1 or 2 stars, but I found it overal [...]

Why Borrowed Stilettos is a Red Hot Read: In these times of paranormal romance, romantic suspense and urban fantasy, it’s often hard to find just a straight contemporary romance to curl up with. And Rebecca Clark delivers that delightfully with this quick and fun read. It’s a case of mistaken identity between a sister who wants to break up with her fiancé and the sister who agrees to do the breaking-up dirty work. What she finds instead is that she’s falling for the man whose heart she’ [...]

This was a super easy read. The plot was silly. Twins that switch identities? Ok. Sounds like they are 12.But it ends up being a big mixup/game.I enjoyed and laughed a lot at the main character's antics and conversations. I thought she was so funny trying to horrify his family. And their banter was really cute as they got to know each other better and better. I liked seeing their relationship grow. The timeline was a bit short and made it kind of unbelievable though. Also his family was annoying [...]

I'm stuck because I can't decide whether to give this book 4 stars or 5. So, I hope it's okay to say that I rate Borrowed Stilettos 4.5 stars. The story was lovely and quite funny. In fact, it brought cheesy girly tears to my eyes because it was just so perfect. That may be because it's like 12:00am but it doesn't change the fact that I loved this story, the title, and the characters. I was really hoping for an epilogue. Borrowed Stilettos is definitely one my top go-to quick-reads for whenever [...]

Wasn't a brilliant work of fiction but it was fun and easy. It would be good for a road trip or a long train ride. The characters weren't ground breaking but they were pleasant and for the most part believable and it has a nice enough story line.I don't feel like I wasted my time reading it. There is a fair bit of descriptive sexy time so if that makes you uncomfortable I would stay away (it's not like 50 shades of gray or anything but there is a bit).

Such a fun, clever book! One scene had me gasping for breath it was so hysterical. Another scene had me gasping for breath it was so fabulously sensual. This story of mistaken identity was witty, charming and seductive. The resolution of the hero's trust issues melted my heart and steamed the windows. Beautifully done. And the sister's heartfelt confession of truth and consequences at the endant.

This story is everything you want in a romance. It's funny, it's sexy, it's captivating. From start to finish, I couldn't put this one down. The characters positively sizzle and the story will make you laugh, cry, and melt.Kudos to Ms. Clark on an amazing story that I intend to purchase in paperback to place on the keeper shelf!

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