Passion Fish

Alison Oburia Jessica McQuinn

Passion Fish

Passion Fish

  • Title: Passion Fish
  • Author: Alison Oburia Jessica McQuinn
  • ISBN: 1936305127
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

With 3 million for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art on the line, curator Eve Carwyn hardly has time to focus on the state of her love life Struggling to escape the clutches of a creepy ex and looking to add some adventure to her personal life, Eve is off on a much needed escape, and a business trip to Boston But before she goes, her pack of dedicated girlfriends plan a sWith 3 million for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art on the line, curator Eve Carwyn hardly has time to focus on the state of her love life Struggling to escape the clutches of a creepy ex and looking to add some adventure to her personal life, Eve is off on a much needed escape, and a business trip to Boston But before she goes, her pack of dedicated girlfriends plan a send off party that includes mind bending kisses from not one, but two, sensational yet anonymous partners Will a chance encounter and a searing kiss somehow end in a love match Will her career take off or lie in ruins when the grant results are in Join Eve on her whirlwind journey through intrigue and ingenuity, terror and true love Once the passion fishing starts, her life will never be the same.Passion Fish is one part romance and one part heart pounding thriller An innocent game of sexy distraction ignites a spark of love and a dangerous obsession in this exciting debut novel from Alison Oburia and Jessica McQuinn Oburia and McQuinn offer an intriguing, suspenseful spin on the games people play when it comes to love, and the surprising lengths to which they ll go to earn it and to keep it.

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It took me four tries to get through this, because I found the narrative, plot, and characters to be rather shallow and silly. The suspense was done well- the stalkers were creepy. Love happened just way too fast for my taste, and I had to force myself to read through to the end.

I read this back when it was on fanfiction with the Twilight cast as the main stars. I enjoyed it immensely then and after re-reading this version I still loved it.Such a charming story. I thought was fun to pick out the familiar characters with their new names, eye colors and hair do's. But I would like to add kudos for these authors making the characters their own, BEFORE publishing their fanfic. I could only recognize them because I knew the parts they played in the original. And even then, I [...]

I was asked if I wanted to read and review this book on my blog a little while ago. I apologize for taking so long to get this review up.Real Life has been really crazy lately.cially on the work front. Really, I am glad that I was asked to read and review this book. It was a step back from what I had been reading up to that point.As stated in the title of this post, this is going to be a mini review. Basically, I really liked this book.a fraction of a step away from LOVING this book. This book w [...]

Four girlfriends play the Passion Fish game occasionally in a bar called Stratus. One girl, who is blindfolded, is the bait and is kissed by the "fish" men whom the other girls have deemed worthy to passionately kiss the bait. Thus this is the beginning of a story that has romance, sex, passion, obsession, and more romance. To be perfectly honest I usually don't read this type of book but it was fun to read and actually took me away from all the "serious" novels that I have been reading lately. [...]

I was disappointed in this book and actually skipped pages to get to the end. I felt like the author was explaining the characters back story and situation instead of really focusing on the dialogue between the characters. Also, there was too much going on with two love stories at the same time that I lost interest in what I thought was the main story of Eve and Will.

So awful I couldn't finish it giving myself credit for getting as far as I got. No idea why recommended it.

I don't normally read romance novels and probably won't again for a very, very long time.

Reviewed for BookChickCity (7 out of 10 on the blog)Do you ever have a book that sits there for ages and you put off reading it? 'Passion Fish' was one of those books for me. I think it's because I'm quite fussy about my genres, for example I like romance books, but have recently gone off what I would class as 'chick-lit'. And, from reading the back cover, this book seemed more chick-lit than romance. However, while it has a touch of chick-lit about it, I would say it is more romance and I actua [...]

Let me begin by saying that I loved the characters of Will and Eve and I also enjoyed their story. That being said, I think this book could have been much better than it was. First off, there was just too much going on with the many other characters for me to thoroughly enjoy this book. I prefer when a story focuses on the main characters and their story. Supporting characters are of course necessary but focusing on so many different stories within the same book becomes confusing and somewhat an [...]

This one READS like a fanfiction. Which isn't surprising because it was fanfiction previously but it lacked a lot of polish. Quite honestly, I couldn't relate to any of the characters. I skipped over a LOT of parts in this book - especially over Skye's parts. Her romance didn't interest me at all. The story was way longer than it needed to be - a lot could have been edited out of it. It was predictable and kind of boring for me. The premise was interesting and I will admit that the beginning sta [...]

Wow, great book. I wish I could give it a 4.5 because it was almost a 5. But not quite. I loved it though!!! I'm actually a little shocked at how much I loved it because it was really 2 main stories, plus 2 other stories so 4 in total, in one book. Normally that would drive me crazy, but I loved the 2 main stories so completely, and the 4 couples in this book soooo much that I didn't care!! There were a few times it was a little slow for me but I really enjoyed reading this book. The epilogue wa [...]

I originally read this as a fan fic and loved it. It was hard to see the characters as different ones than I had originally loved. The actual book only gets 4 stars due to trying to see it as a separate entity than the fanfic Will seemed a bit of a pansy and a bit too perfect. The Eve/Will romance had the romantic tension but not a lot of spark. However Gage and Sky had enough passion to compensate. It was a unique change to see a romance of two drastically different couples in the same book.

This book was up and down for me. The sense of danger was a big plus in a lot of the scenes and created great suspense. That is always a bonus, but the unrealistic lunges into love, that I found hard to believe. However, the fact that it was written so sweetly, and Will had so many redeeming qualities, I couldn't help but soften towards the outrageous amounts of love bursting off the pages. It was a truly sweet and easy read.

Ok not great. I reluctantly gave this book a three star was more like a two and a half. I felt the character development was weak at best and Will the male lead bordered on weak/girlie. The storyline was confusing at times and I found myself skipping past the Gage and Skylar relationship. And Juliann't get me started on himtally gross and unbelievable as the villain. Overall the idea of the book was solid and interesting but, the actual writing was just so so.

A cute, easy read. Not a lot to the plot, but sometimes that is just what I need. Julian & Jeanette were just annoying to no end, but hey, they are the bad guys. I wish there had been a little more to the story of Josie & Beau, I felt that was just stuck in there randomly. The concept of the Passion Fish game was cute.

This was a great book! It only took me two days to finish it, because I could not put it down. The game described in the book sounds like a blast (too bad my friends are not interested)! This book is laugh-out-loud funny and very steamy! Enjoy!

I really like the idea of the book and enjoyed the beginning and the end but I got bored in the middle. It was longer than it needed to be. Parts I loved but some parts could and should have just been left out of the story. It just felt like it drug on and I was ready for it to be over

Loved this! When I first saw the title of this book I thought it couldn't possibly be interesting. I am so glad I was wrong. What an amazing story of two people brought together by chance and connected through an innocent game and a kiss. I would most definately reccomend this book.

Talk about an emotional ride! Sexy, funny, romantic mixed in with a wee bit of oh my! What's going to happen! Loved it from cover to cover. I look forward to what these talented ladies will come up with next.

Great read!! The story painted (pun intended haha) like a real story with all the couples stories branched out and then coming together. I also love reading books that shows off the two lovers' POV. I appreciate that! Will & Eve find a great love while other people try to separate them!

I liked this story but the ending was so rushed, i wasnt able to enjoy the different love stories. I wish i could have gotten more out of each couple, it was a wonderful start and great concept but it was way to rushed for me.

I loved the whole concept of the game.I was a little disappointed with the slow progression in Boston but loved the twists with the other charachers.If you liked Boycots and barflies you will like this!

I want Syke, Josie and Noelle to be my bff's and their significant others too! This story was a good mixture of sweet romance, mystery and a couple of crazy people mixed in. I loved Gage and Will and seeing how two completely different guys tried to get two completely different girls.

This was a lovely story, with love, intrigue and danger. We are rooting for the hero to come in and make the heroine's life complete. Very sweet and delightful story.

Read the original before publishing in 2008.

Okay but nothing special.

Good idea to base the story on. 3 stars because I liked the first half of the book but I got so bored reading the second half.

Meagan- I am pretty sure this is the blindfold one you were talking about- I saw it on the Boycotts and Barflies page- looks like it is from the same publisher.

Loved this book. It was funny and easy read. It's the perfect book to read after you've been on an emotional roller coaster.

3.5 stars, I read the fanfiction version.

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