Lee's Story


Lee's Story

Lee's Story

  • Title: Lee's Story
  • Author: Maculategiraffe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook

Lee s story is the third tale in the Slave Breakers saga Imagine a modern society parallel to our own where impoverished peasants are legally permitted to sell their children into slavery starting at age 15 The upper class households in this world demonstrate their wealth by buying the best of everything including people.Bran returns to his old master but this time itLee s story is the third tale in the Slave Breakers saga Imagine a modern society parallel to our own where impoverished peasants are legally permitted to sell their children into slavery starting at age 15 The upper class households in this world demonstrate their wealth by buying the best of everything including people.Bran returns to his old master but this time it is to retrieve yet another slave that is being sold to the slave breakers Returning to his former home, even for such a short period of time, has its effects on Bran as does Lee, his master s new acquisition.Note This book originally appeared as posts on LiveJournal and still contains some editing notes The text is sexually explicit including m m and polyamorous situations and is intended for adult readers.

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Lee’s Story is the final installment to The Slave Breakers. I was…disappointed. Happy for some characters? Mostly confused. I don’t know, this book is such a mixed bag. Lee is a slave abused by the same sadistic fuck who owned Bran. Alix and Holden take him in with the intent to resell him at a profit, but instead his rehabilitation starts this whole cascade of events that turn them all into the leaders of the abolitionist cause. Sigh. This was not what I signed up for. I wanted a severely [...]

I really enjoyed this book, it was a very satisfying conclusion to The Slave Breakers series. This was Lee's story but I was glad that the majority of the book centered around Holden, who did everything he could to keep the people he loved together. Towards the end I was a bit worried about who would actually be left with Holden but everything worked out really well in the end. I was also really pleased that Jer and Lee realised what they meant to each other and had a good relationship.

I dreaded reading this book. Will another foray into this break my heart? Will it make me rage against the inhumanity? Will I still love Holden? Will I still not like Valor? Will I still be confused about Alix and Holden's marriage? Will I still adore Bran? The answer is YES to every question!Lee is the latest abused slave of Dunaev. Lord Dunaev is a piece of work. His inadequacies are taken out on his slaves. We learn more about this slave world. The injustice of it as well as how it keeps crim [...]

Review is for the overall series rather than individual books.Can't even say how much I'm crushing on these characters and this universe. Fucking LOVE it! Sooo damn good! If you're a fan of slave stories (and free reads), this is one you won't want to miss!

This one just didn't do it for me. It's the longest in the series over 500 pages and benefits from the majority of the book switching between Holden's and Lee's POV. Unfortunately for me that's not exactly where I saw this one going, the whole abolition line. (view spoiler)[All of the characters at the end of the book are freed and are no longer slaves. But I also feel like maybe it wasn't their choice. For someone like Lee who needed to be coddled and loved, the fact that he doesn't have the ad [...]

Not really sure what to say on this one. It's always hard to rate a book you found not to your taste yet you can't help reading till the end.I really liked Lee but I was kinda disappointed in his ending. The world building in this series was never really fleshed out either. It's part almost roman times with slaves and tunics and then we have modern day cars and telephones. For a book about sex slaves the actual sex is kept light, but then throws in random things like fisting for no real apparent [...]

I really enjoyed the last installment of the Slave Breakers Series. All my favorite characters are there and the drama is heightened.until I reached the 90% mark then the story takes a nose dive. I'm not happy with how the story is wrapped up. It all happens so quickly that a lot of questions are still left unanswered. Time moves ahead at breakneck speed omitting how Lee gets to where he is leaving me feeling like I've just finished reading an incomplete story and that makes me sad, I was loving [...]

Lee's Story comes three years after the end of Jesse's Story and five years after the end of Bran's Story. Dunaev, Bran's old master, has ruined another slave, and this time has dubbed him 'irreparable'.Meet Lee. He's terrified, catatonic, and even worse off than Bran was when Holden and Alix bought him from Dunaev. Reminded horribly of Bran, Holden begins to think seriously about the consequences of slavery and makes a decision that could have repercussions for his whole family.This book is a h [...]

Worthy conclusion to a stellar series. This last installment tackles the ethical quandary which was only glancingly addressed in the two previous books: the social and psychological ramifications of slavery, and its future as a legal institution. The narrative accomplishes this while never straying from its established formula of focusing tightly on emotional, touching and sexy interpersonal relationships among characters we have come to know and care for.When Holden’s latest rescued slave (Le [...]

OverallOf the three main stories (Bran's, Jesse's and Lee's), I had the most difficulty getting through this one. It had nothing to do with the writing (it was just as strong), or the story (lots going on), or the characters (still love them all), but nonetheless, I struggled about half-way through. Part of me, I think, was afraid that I wasn't going to get a happy ending, but even after I was assured on that front (and I really shouldn't have worried), I had to force myself to finish reading it [...]

Ugh… Dunaev returns. *lip curl* He's brutalized yet another sweetling only this time he's beaten him bloody, has him chained in a dark basement cell lying in a pool of his own urine & catatonic when Holden et al. arrive. Needless to say Lee requires a more intense level of care from the slave breakers than either Bran or Jesse. Lee is skittish & scared of his own shadow not to mention malnourished & severely underweight so much so that he has to be hospitalized immediately after pu [...]

I have mixed feelings about this book. The previous two Slave Breaker books were great and I reccomend reading Lee's story also to wrap up the trilogy. I personally didn;t like the character Lee so took a long time reading this. I don't care for whiners and Lee was a terrible whined and so insecure that I did not identify with any of his character traits. The end of the book was great and werll worth plodding through the oceans of tears Lee was constant spilling. The characters from the previous [...]

I am stunned by the quality of writing and story telling you can read for FREE. This series was amazing. While the characters were perfectly written they weren't perfect people and that was what made them so great. Like all people they were flawed and so real. There were sections where I was intensely angry to bawling my heart out. There is nothing I like more than a character driven story. This was a fantastic read recommend totally.

I'm in the process of re-reading this one. My thanks to Kate for pointing out that I should have hung in there a little longer before I gave up on this book. *Edited to add*Okay, I am so glad Kate left a comment on my previous review and urged me to finish reading the book. This was a fantastic ending to the series. I just wish I'd been a little more patient when I read it the first time around.

Loved this series. Needs some formatting, a little editing, but I can forgive that since the story is so good. Each book has been centered around a slave, but still kept on with the big overall story. I worried that I'd miss Bran. Not the case. I hope there will be more books. I'd like to see how everyone is doing, what the end results show for everyone. Big changes happen to everyone involved and it would be a shame to not continue on.

This story, like the others in this series, was excellent. In fact, I liked this one even more than the others. The characters exhibited so much growth and maturity in this one and the way the story played out to the conclusion was just right. It's hard to believe these books are free, they are just so good. Don't hestitate to read them.

I hated for this series to end. It was such a wonderful story. I found myself missing the books as I read them. I wasn't able to do anthing else while I was reading them. It felt like missing a old friend or love one. You just had to pick the book back up to be sure they were still there. I hope the author continues to write stories. There is alot more that could be written about.

Half of this one about gutted me, the rest just left me with a stupid grin on my face. I fell so in love with the characters (all of them! And that almost never happens to me) and didn't want it to end. Also, I'm always saying I'm not a fan of m/m/f scenes and I usually avoid them, but, good Lord. Not the case with this one. Excellent series all the way around and this was a great closing.

I think I just fell in love with Jer!Finally finished this one. It's much longer than the first 2 in the series. So glad I did. I LOVE these books now. All the characters have grown and evolved throughout the books in wonderful ways. If you're gonna read one. read them all!

The final story of this trilogydamn, I'm sorry it had to end! This author roped me in from Chapter 1 of Bran's story and refused to let go. Very emotional ride and something I would have happily paid for. I hope this gets published soon!

Wow, these were such excellent stories. The characters are real, as are their reactions and their concerns. They're flawed, but not unintelligent or idiotic (mostly not idiotic). The situations and thought processes make sense. They learn and grow over the course of the series. Just wow.

Beautifully told. The best of the series. All the characters have come such a long way.And I think I'm in love with Yves!

This one includes some menage as well as the D/s themes.

In an Art class many moons ago we were asked to analyze the composition of paintings. I remember spending a lot of time looking at and dissecting one of Cezanne's paintings of oranges on a table. Given the parameters inherent in painting, it was truly a masterpiece. A painting of fruit is perhaps not the most exciting thing to look at, on the surface, but the craft and spirit of the painter shone VERY brightly.I had a similar experience with this book, and the series as a whole. I woke up this m [...]

Well, yes! That was - good, so good. I'm really happy I went on with this series. It was unfair of me to be impatient and expect from the first book to go all the way - when it needed three books for that. Right, it took Holden three books (and a huge amount of words - but strangely, the books don't *feel* terribly long at all) to finally realize that (view spoiler)[owning someone you love is wrong. It seems an obvious thing, not a big revelation (for a reader, I mean) but there are too many boo [...]

Really enjoyed this. Wish the ending was a little more tighter though.

Holden and his wife operate as slave breakers, rescuing and retraining damaged sex slaves. Living with them already are four slaves, a girl belonging to his wife, and three males belong to Holden. Holden loves his slaves, and especially the young Bran who has been with him for just a few years, and Bran loves his master, as do all Holden's slaves; they live in perfect harmony and enjoy one another's services in any combination without jealousy.When a brutal slave owner, Lord Dunaev, offers to se [...]

I've read all the books in the series Slave Breakers. I think the author did not like slavery. She does not really believe that it may be good for anyone. One could describe Holden, the main character, as a master who has a velvet hand in a velvet glove. I understand that the author has created a situation where the retrainers are literally saving the lives of slaves cruelly mistreated by their former masters. We could not bring a broken slave to life by hitting him, even gently. So her context [...]

What a fantastic ride this has been. Meeting Holden, Bran, Yves, Jer, Alix, Greta, and yes, even Valor, has been a fabulous experience of which I never expected. I truly can't decide which book in this series is my favorite; to me, they each have their own vibe and special moments that make them just as appealing and enjoyable as the other books in the series. Of course, Lee's book has the benefit of being over 500 pages, where as the previous books are less than 200. Andthen there's Lee! I just [...]

This review is for all of the "slave breakers" series. I enjoyed them all about the same, except maybe the prequel which is my least favorite, but still very good.I was not sure what to think of this story before I started reading it. I saw where one of my friends here on rated it very well. Then I saw that it was posted on LiveJournal and that there are writer's note within the story. I was worried then that the story would not be well written because of this, but based on the the ratings, I d [...]

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