The Lightkeeper's Bride

Colleen Coble

The Lightkeeper's Bride

The Lightkeeper's Bride

  • Title: The Lightkeeper's Bride
  • Author: Colleen Coble
  • ISBN: 9781595542663
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

When Katie answers the call of duty, she awakens the call of her heart.Katie Russell loves working as a telephone operator in Mercy Falls, California But since childhood she has been expected to marry well Her family presses for an engagement to wealthy bachelor Bartholomew Foster and though he doesn t stir her heart, their engagement promises a secure financial future.WWhen Katie answers the call of duty, she awakens the call of her heart.Katie Russell loves working as a telephone operator in Mercy Falls, California But since childhood she has been expected to marry well Her family presses for an engagement to wealthy bachelor Bartholomew Foster and though he doesn t stir her heart, their engagement promises a secure financial future.Working the phone lines one evening, Katie overhears a chilling exchange between her friend Eliza and a familiar male voice Katie soon learns that Eliza has disappeared, and the crime may be linked to another investigation by handsome new lighthouse keeper, Will Jesperson Katie and Will soon form an alliance An alliance that slowly blossoms into something .Despite the danger surrounding her, Katie is powerfully drawn to Will But she is not at liberty to marry for love And though society forbids their growing affection, Katie can t help but notice Will s sense of peace It s a peace that rests on his trust in God a trust that Katie has never had to depend on, with her future so clearly mapped out before her.But the Katie uncovers of the mystery, the she discovers about herself, her past, and the brilliant future that could be hers if only she has the courage to trust in God and follow where her heart so fearlessly leads.

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Oh this book was AMAZING!!!! I loved all the suspense and the twists and turns making you wonder who actually did it! This story is very suspenseful and I loved it! This book it the second book of The Mercy Falls series by Colleen Coble. It is about a girl named Katie and the new lightkeeper, Will. When Katie hears one of her friend's conversation, she fears for her friend' s life. On the way she meets the new handsome lightkeeper and together they go through many trials but God is with them. Th [...]

Vintage Coble. History and suspense paired with sweet romance is always a lure for me. And there's pirates! And a strapping lightkeeper hero who melted my heart when he engages with an orphan baby. Katie isn't smitten though -- she's suspicious and it takes awhile for her to figure out who she can trust in this tangled web of secrets.

Full of mystery and intrigue, this novel has. New turn around every corner. Very easy to read

another great installment in this series. I was quite intrigued by both Katie and Will in this story as well as the mystery surrounding the stolen ships, gold, and who had been on the phone speaking with Eliza. I loved Jennie and how she helped draw Katie and Will together and the mystery of her father was not one I figured out until the end. Some of the participants in the ring I had figured out but the last was a surprise. So glad Katie did not cave to pressure and marry Bart--that would have [...]

It isn't polite to eavesdrop. And not only that it isn't safe. Katie Russell had a comfortable life before she threw etiquette to the wind and listened in on something she shouldn't have. The daughter of an influential family with a good marriage and future already lined out Katie had taken a job as a telephone operator, not because she needed the money, but because she enjoyed it. But wouldn't you know it, some dingbat has to come along and take all the joy out of the job. With her friend likel [...]

A nice little Christian romance. Is it just me or do heroines now need to prove that they are in every way as capable as men? Perhaps modern authors have to project a stereotypical "modern woman" onto their historical heroines or else they think nobody will take them seriously. But it's essentially anachronistic. Women simply didn't act certain ways historically. To break with decorum was to commit societal suicide. But no--these protagonistas forge on, doing everything their male counterparts d [...]

The Lightkeeper's Bride was about as compulsively readable as the first book in the series. Ms. Coble is certainly gifted when it comes to writing historical romances. While Katie was a bit feisty and headstrong for a woman in that era, I still liked her. And I really liked Will, the lighthouse keeper. The whole intrigue and danger theme from the pirating was pretty engaging and I loved not knowing what was going to happen next. There were a number of twists I didn't see coming, and I liked that [...]

I enjoyed THE LIGHTKEEPER'S BRIDE much more than the first book in this series. With this novel, there was a true sense of mystery. I had 3 or 4 characters pegged as villians and the outcome was a pleasant revelationI was partly right! What I especially liked about this book was how Katie wasn't a "wilting flower" but rather took matters into her own hands. Often with disasterous results, but at least she didn't wait for someone else to act first. She's adventurous, daring, and just a bit like a [...]

Another winner by Colleen Coble. Again a book full of surprises, mystery, pirates and plot twists. Something is happening around every corner (or page turn in this case!). It is a stand alone book. You do not have to read the first to enjoy the second. And if you read the second, you can go back and read the first and still enjoy it. (although it is a big pet peeve with me to read out of orderlol) My only complaint would be about one of the characters, Lady Carrington. She has a big part in the [...]

I really liked this book, as I liked the first in this series. There's just a bit of intrigue/mystery mixed in with the romance, but not too much. The only thing so far that I haven't liked about this series is that the characters from the first book were hardly mentioned in this second book the one character who makes a relatively "major" appearance in this book only appeared at the end of book one. I would have liked to have gotten more of a glimpse of what the main characters from book one w [...]

Another book for last year that I forgot to mark as read3.5 stars. It was a quick read and, while I enjoyed some of the historical detail, the characters did and said more modern types of things than they ought, especially in terms of speaking. I felt like Coble hadn't been quite as careful in this regard as she was in the first book. But the setting was great and the characters pleasant.

I'm always a fan of Colleen Coble's stories. She is able to spin in mystery, suspense, romance, and historical time periods all in one. These are my favorite genres, so I'm a sucker for her books. However, as I feel with ALL of her works, she really needs an editor. Or a better one. There is so many contrasting moments. A character will say one thing, but then they do something else. Or names will be introduced, but on the next page, the same characters are being introduced to each other again. [...]

REVIEW OF ALL 3 BOOKS IN SERIESThe Lightkeeper’s Daughter – A Mercy Falls NovelColleen Coble•°o•:*:•.Historical Mystery Romance.•:*:• o°•I really enjoyed this book. Apparently, the author is known more for mystery stories than historical fiction. Here she blends both beautifully. Addie and John’s romance is so pure and innocent from the very beginning. It progresses sweetly, even though it happens quickly. The faith element is equally sweet and pure through the eyes of Addie. [...]

This series is enjoyable to read, nothing spectacular, everything always seems to be tidied up in a nice package by the end of the book, and that's ok.

Usually don't like mystery's but this one kept my attention

A good novel, a bit more exciting and action packed than the first. Heroine is likable, but has flaws too, making her relatable.

Love this book series and the setting in time 1900s. The characters seem real and the message the story brings.

Loved! Just like The Lightkeeper's Daughter, this was my second time reading this book as well. Loved it more than the first! I love Katie and her story. This one involves pirates, gold and a mystery. I'm in!

3.5 stars once again an enjoyable novel. Nothing to deep or serious. Twisty mystery.

Didn't like this one as much as the first book in the series but still a great read.

Katie - raised by her aunt and real father (though she did not know that her father had slept with his wife's sister until near the end of the story) - her mother into drugs, sex, fun; and left her alone too much. At the age of 5 her mother brought her to Mercy Falls, they met up with her dad, mom went out, she got hungry and scared and made her way to her father his wife showed up the next day and insisted they keep her and raise her as their own, paying off her mother - they love her, mom/aun [...]

Title: THE LIGHTKEEPER’S BRIDEAuthor: Colleen CoblePublisher: Thomas Nelson October 2010ISBN: 978-1-59554-266-3Genre: Inspirational/historical suspenseKatie Russell works as a telephone operator in Mercy Falls, California, a job she loves. A well-off suitor has just asked for her hand in marriage, and her father has agreed. Even though Bartholomew Foster doesn’t stir her heart Katie does know that their engagement promises a secure financial future. Will Jesperson is the new lighthouse keepe [...]

Katie Russell enjoys her job as a telephone operator in Mercy Falls, California. She hears many things as she works the lines, but one night, a familiar voice catches her attention. Her friend Eliza disappears shortly thereafter, and Katie soon suspects that the crime may be linked to the new lighthouse keeper, Will Jesperson.They form an alliance, trying to solve the mysteries that surround Eliza's disappearance, and it slowly begins to blossom into something more. But she is expected to marry [...]

THE LIGHTKEEPERS’S BRIDE was an enjoyable follow-up to THE LIGHTKEEPER’S DAUGHTER. Telephone operator, Katie Russell loves her job. That is, until she overhears a heated dialogue between her friend Eliza and a male voice that she can’t quite place. When Eliza disappears and her infant daughter is left alone, Katie steps in and finds herself bickering over the child’s care with Will Jesperson, the new lightkeeper.Overnight, Katie’s simple, predictable life is turned upside-down. She wai [...]

Colleen Coble’s The Lightkeeper’s Bride is a very engaging story that will want you reading for more. When Central Operator Katie Russell answers the call of duty, she not only awakens the call of her heart, but also the dangers that are destined to follow. Overhearing a conversation between her friend Eliza and a familiar male voice, Katie is reluctant to just let the matter past; especially since it is connected to Eliza’s disappearance and she might just have the clue needed to figure t [...]

I have been reading all sorts of new authors and sub-genres lately mostly for the sake of this blog. I used to simply put a “hold request” on books of my favorite authors– and not have a new book to read for a very long time while I waited. I have been burned a few different times by new authors, and I think it turned me off from trying them out very often. Well, this week I read my first book by Colleen Coble, The Lightkeeper's Bride, a new author and new sub-genre for me. :DI wasn't sure [...]

Listened to The Lightkeeper's Bride (Mercy Falls #2)by Colleen Coble. When Katie answers the call of duty, she awakens the call of her heart. Katie Russell loves working as a telephone operator in Mercy Falls, California. But since childhood she has been expected to marry well. Her family presses for an engagement to wealthy bachelor Bartholomew Foster and though he doesn't stir her heart, their engagement promises a secure financial future. Working the phone lines one evening, Katie overhears a [...]

First reviewed here: overweight-bookshelf. When a book is called the Lightkeeper's Bride, you don't have to go past the first page to know what happens; but, hopefully you will be interested in how the main character becomes a bride. Overall, the "how" was moderately entertaining and relatively suspenseful. There were too many subplots for the story to feel completely fluid, cohesive or developed. The paternity storyline was too erratic and lacked validity because it changed with whatever was co [...]

I enjoyed this installment in the Mercy Falls trilogy much, much more than the first book. I found the characters and their relationships to be a bit more believable, the mystery more intriguing, and the ending more satisfying.One thing I enjoyed about this book was the unique mystery; piracy isn't a topic I've found many historical mysteries about, so this was somewhat refreshing to see. I also really loved the main character. She is strong and feisty, but is caring and wants the best for the p [...]

The Lightkeeper's Bride is the second in Colleen Coble's Mercy Falls series. It's not a bad read, but it didn't live up to the first book in the series, The Lightkeeper's Daughter.Katie Russell is content to marry wealthy Bart Foster and become "someone" in the town of Mercy Falls until the new lighthouse keeper, Will Jesperson, comes to town. Together she and Will embark on an adventure involving a murder, an orphan child, stolen treasure, and pirates.Below there be spoilers:There were inconsis [...]

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