Fünf Freunde im Alten Turm

Enid Blyton

Fünf Freunde im Alten Turm

Fünf Freunde im Alten Turm

  • Title: Fünf Freunde im Alten Turm
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9783570202852
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback

The Famous Five are skiing having lots of fun in the snow But it s not long before they have a new mystery to solve Like, who is living in the mysterious house near the chalet they re staying in The caretaker says nobody has lived there for years, but the Five are sure they ve seen a face at one of the windowsA terrified, haunted face, too Have the gang got the coThe Famous Five are skiing having lots of fun in the snow But it s not long before they have a new mystery to solve Like, who is living in the mysterious house near the chalet they re staying in The caretaker says nobody has lived there for years, but the Five are sure they ve seen a face at one of the windowsA terrified, haunted face, too Have the gang got the courage to go close enough to the house to find out

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I'm going to tear this book a new orifice. My tongue will be in my cheek - this book just seems to be a particularly fine example of Blyton's worst habits. Bear with me. Apologies to Enid Blyton but I've read 30+ of her books and she's been dead 47 years, so I doubt it will worry her.I've read a lot of Enid Blyton, most of it when I was 10. Recently I've been reading the books to my daughter, Celyn. This is one of the ones we have on audiobook. It's set in Wales and not helped by the fact that n [...]

This one was pretty great. Intrigue, high stakes, sinister plots, spooky old houses, secret underground passages, dog attacks, dog rescues, mysterious noises and lights at night, bizarre unexplained magnetism, tobogganing you name it.The only problem with it really is Well, you know that episode of The Big Bang Theory where they realise Indiana Jones doesn't really affect the plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark at all? This book is a bit like that. If you removed the Famous Five from this story, it [...]

Would just like to comment in relation to the uneducated amongst you, who are commenting stating the book as disgusting and confusing and offensive. All of the terms, characters and names were acceptable in the society and age Blyton wrote them! Dick was and is a shortened name for Richard? The only reason it is deemed offensive now as modern society has altered this word so it means something rather different! This was normal and acceptable and you'd have to be stupid not to realise that and be [...]

This is the updated review since the last one I did years ago was not up to the mark.I have to admit. After reading this piece of work written by one of my favorite childhood authors, I was profoundly disappointed. I didn't expect this from Enid Blyton at all.This book had major hints of racism and sexism and the only explanation or shall I say, excuse, that I can come up with was that this book was set and written in a different era and now that I am reading it 2010-11, this book seemed really [...]

seperti biasa, suka dengan cerita petualangan Lima Sekawan. apalagi klo ngomongin semua makanannya itu lho. selalu bikin laper pas baca XDsampe menjelang akhir buku, gak tau sebenarnya ada apa sih di bawah tanah itu. walaupun udah ketebak ya dari judulnya "Logam Ajaib". tapi sayangnya, gak dijelasin si logam ajaib ini. kelebihannya apa, sampe disebut logam ajaib.

re-read, reminiscing childhood hohoho~kalau dulu baca ini sekitar usia SD-SMP bikin diri ini jadi pemberani-soktau-alaala gitu wqwq tapi tetep berkesan, karena sisi petualangan lima sekawan bikin yg baca jadi berani dan pengen bertualang juga

I have given this three stars as an average from the 5 stars the eight year old me would have given and the one the adult me would feel it necessary to give due to the nonpc undertones, and sometimes overtones, However the eight year old me loved this book! I wanted to be part of the adventures, usually as George, and in this volume I wanted to go skiing with them. My favourite line that has stayed with me for 52 years was that, when they were ill, the boiled fish tasted like "stewed knitting". [...]

Queridos amiguinhos.Aqui têm a décima-sétima aventura dos Cinco. Espero que gostarão dela - desta vez é que eles estão em apuros.Boa sorte lhes desejaEnid BlytonContracapa

This was definitely one of the better five books, although I love them all. I love the ones not set at kirrin, as I've said before. This story begins with the children all suffering from terrible colds, and being told they should not return to school until they've had a dose of bracing air and recovered. So it's off to Magga Glen, for tobogganing and skiing. Timmy for once cuases a bit of trouble and distress when he is bailed up by a few of the seven farm dogs, and it is decided the children wi [...]

Enid, you've done it again, a corker of an adventure. This was a dark tale. There was sleuthing and snow. There was mystery and marvel. There was intrigue and ingenuity There was chaos and confusion There was a doglled DaveSuppers and snacks and food and frolics and lunch and lunch and lunch and more lunch. AhEnide heady excitement of another fantastic Famous Five fiascoank you. Great illustrations especially the one where the man has his shadow on the wrong way around. My version was narrated w [...]

These books (Famous five) are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood. All those adventures and mysteryand those sandwiches they always packed! aww, just the best! I would love to read one of these again. To bring back those memoriesries of first experiences with reading books.

Very boring. Nothing else I wanna say. Only 2 stars** for this.

I just love Famous Five, huge childhood favourite!!

I read these books when I was ten years old or so. They tell me that Enid Blyton was racist. I didn't get the feeling when I read the books Perhaps I was too young to see it.

Qué recuerdos de la infancia me trae ay *.*

"The novel begins with the four and their dog Timmy, having the worst Christmas holidays ever with coughs and colds at Julian’s house. To recover Julian’s mother sends them to a farmhouse in the Welsh mountains for the last week of their holiday.The Five had nearly reached their destination, when they get lost in the dark and drive up a dead-end driveway leading to a large and strange old building called Old Towers on the top of the lonely hill. They think of asking for directions but seeing [...]

Brief Summary by Poppy Hutchinson (from enidblytonsociety/): Recovering from coughs and colds, the children are prescribed a holiday in the Welsh mountains. Days of tobogganing, skating and snowmen lie ahead, but the children soon become distracted by a mysterious local building called Old Towers. Having seen 'shimmerings', and vans visiting the place in the dead of the night: surely there is something strange going on? When the Five go to stay in a Chalet near Old Towers they discover some brea [...]

This is a good instalment in the series. When the five all have colds over Christmas they are sent to the hills in Wales. While there they are there they discover the mystery of two towers, what are the strange noises coming from the house and who is the lady they see at the window. As the five begin to investigate they discover some very odd secrets!

dari awal agak kurang engaged sih sama buku ini (tumben kan padahal Enid Blyton). kan mereka sedang sakit kenapa justru boleh bepergian sendirian (?)

It's just cool to be them!

lot of food talk

Great story!! Loved little Aily and her pets! Lots of snow and winter sports. The famous five almost messed it up but were saved by Morgan and his seven dogs! Must read!

It was really interesting. The most interesting part was that how they found the little girl and also the part that how the went in the house and how they found that what was happening in the old ladies house. I really loved it and wish to read it again.

The Famous Five get in the way23 April 2014 Well, I did not find this particular story as exciting as some of the other Famous Five stories, and it had nothing to do with the complaints that this particular reviewer made, though I am not going to criticise her review, or her opinion of the book, because she is perfectly entitled to her opinion. Further it would make me a hypocrite considering my commentary onMister Dog. Anyway, first of all I found that a couple of the covers, such as this one:w [...]

Anne, George, Dick, Julian, and Timmy, the dog decided to go on a vacation as their school is closed. Anne, George, Dick, and Julian are suffering from cold and cough and they tired of sitting at home and doing nothing as this is making them weak and tired. They all inquired at the Holiday planner, but to their dismay they find that they are not functioning due to the heavy snow. Their mother inquires with an old man, whose sister lives at the countryside and runs a cottage there. Their mother i [...]

This book is awesome.In this bookJulian, Dick, Ann and George are sick with the measles during their Christmas vacation. Even when they got up they still had horrible coughs. The doctor then suggested for them to go to a hilly area for some time before going back to school. So they went off to Magga Glen, of course with Timmy their dog. In the beginning the five had a great time but then Timmy and the other dogs get into a fight and he gets bitten in the neck. Even though it's mild George wants [...]

While this is a very enjoyable story, parts of it remind me of two books in the author's "Adventure" series — the children have all been ill and aren't really ready to return to school (like The Sea of Adventure) so they go to a Welsh farmhouse where they can ski and toboggan and shake off their coughs. But a nearby hill contains some element which causes shimmering and shaking (like The Mountain of Adventure and The Ship of Adventure: Two Great Adventures). The four children along with Timmy [...]

I can't believe the first book I'm reviewing is literally the first book I ever read. If I'm to read this this now I'd give it a negative five, but given the intended audience of this series I needn't be so harsh. What you would expect from this book is to read an entire episode on an old Disney show. Five teenagers venture somewhere that's common yet is made to appear "cool", and something happens to someone that'll highlight the climax and something is done and the book is over. I was 8 years [...]

Buku ini saya pinjam beberapa bulan yang lalu dari teman saya. Dia berkata bahwa buku ini menarik untuk dibaca. Walaupun buku ini berseri, tak masalah jika diloncat, karena tak ada saling keterkaitan. Bahasanya menarik, mudah dicerna dan memang pas untuk anak-anak. Dari buku ini, saya jadi tahu aksen Wales, yang katanya jika sedang bicara terdengar seperti orang yang bernyanyi (Walau agak sulit membayangkannya).Pokoknya, buku ini pas dibaca saat liburan sekolah atau akhir pekan (Pagi hari bersam [...]

When I was, say 10-11, my mum pulled this book off the library shelf and told me she had read it when she was little. I have to say, that put me off a little bit. I mean something your mother had read? Not cool But my mum somehow perrsuaded me to try the book. I went home and read it that day and immediately fell in love with it. I wanted to find more about what happens to George, Dick, Julian, Timmy and little Anne. It was, as Dick would say, 'Absolutely smashing' Within weeks I had borrowed ma [...]

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