The Bone Palace

Amanda Downum

The Bone Palace

The Bone Palace

  • Title: The Bone Palace
  • Author: Amanda Downum
  • ISBN: 9780316069007
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Death is no stranger in the city of Eris n but some deaths attract attention than others.When a prostitute dies carrying a royal signet, Isyllt Iskaldur, necromancer and agent of the Crown, is called to investigate Her search leads to desecrated tombs below the palace, and the lightless vaults of the vampiric vrykoloi deep beneath the city But worse things than vaDeath is no stranger in the city of Eris n but some deaths attract attention than others.When a prostitute dies carrying a royal signet, Isyllt Iskaldur, necromancer and agent of the Crown, is called to investigate Her search leads to desecrated tombs below the palace, and the lightless vaults of the vampiric vrykoloi deep beneath the city But worse things than vampires are plotting in Eris nAs a sorcerous plague sweeps the city and demons stalk the streets, Isyllt must decide who she s prepared to betray, before the city built on bones falls into blood and fire.

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Downum's second book in her Necromancer series is okay. not bad. enjoyable. her virtues remain intact: determinedly gender-blind (mainly through the placing of women in traditionally male professions); pleasingly fluid and drama-free use of varying sexual orientations; a fascinating set of pyschic & entropic powers for our protagonist; and especially the continued use of almost-ambiguous villains with nearly-sympathetic motives. unfortunately, her flaws have intensified. an overuse of adject [...]

wow. so i just read mike's "i'm not even finished with the book yet but already i have lots of thoughts" review, and i realize i am out of my depth here. when did the bodice rippers club become so intellectual? i thought we were just reading books to make fun of *koff* i mean reading books we would not ordinarily read in order to determine their appeal factors for others. but then we began a slow shift into the fantasy genre and now everyone's getting all smart. i did not sign up for intellectua [...]

Rbrs #12I would've loved this book back when I was still in my epic fantasy craze, when an eye-catching cover picture and a minimum 1.5" paperback thickness was all that was needed to earn my devotion. This series is like Melanie Rawn without the near-pornographic descriptions of clothing and appearance, or Jacqueline Carey (who provides a cover quote) without the S&Mh, fantasy does seem to throw in lots of secks. Anyway, I might have drooled over this as much as I did for Rawn (Carey appear [...]

So I've read this book and I should review it especially since it's for a book club and all of that. I was thinking that I could just have my picture taken reading the book someplace and go the Promoted to Wife? route, but that would be super lame, and would start me down the road of half witty cookie-cutter formulaic reviews (and that "Better than the Mets", wasn't even my idea, the whole concept for that review was Karen's doing, all I did was type the words on the screen, and pretend to read [...]

Plague and necromancers and transvestites and murder and magic and vampires and sex and bars and war and affairs and intrigue.How can this be so boring?I'm at page 96. Now she's adding a conspiracy! With demons! And a swish dude! Maybe now it will get more interesting!Oh. No. It didn't get more interesting. I give up.

Fantasy Review BarnThe Empire Strikes Back. Toy Story 2. Road Warrior. No doubt most would recognize this pattern. Sometimes the second outing is just better than the first. That doesn’t mean there was something wrong with the original, it just got outclassed. This is something I rarely find in books though; the ‘middle book syndrome’ of lackluster filler is much more common in fantasy genre trilogies. Not this time though, The Bone Palace is the second book of The Necromancer Chronicles a [...]

After a little over a fortnight, I have made it half way through The Bone Palace, which means it's time to stop. There were potentially great things in here (like the transgendered Savedra) that never rose above the mundane; Amanda Downum's writing was passable but too repetitive in her descriptions for my taste; and I couldn't even bring myself to engage in the book discussion for which I was reading because I didn't want my boredom to become a bitter strain in the discussion (turns out that I' [...]

This book has, I think, carved out a little piece of my soul.This is partly because it caused me to have an epiphany that, even if it isn't particularly novel, was still needed. But it's mostly because of the characters.They aren't Romantic heroes -- they take tumbles down passageways, and they get taken out by ignominous bumps on the head, and afterward they hurt for days or weeks, and that affects their moods and their abilities. Their lives are messy, and Isyllt admits "[I] had never set grea [...]

I didn't finish this book. I just want to point that out up top.Prior to this year, I hadn't read a great deal of fantasy, and I think I am still getting my feet wet to some degree. Practically every series I read about has passionate defenders that insist it does things differently/subverts cliché/breaks new ground/provides a fresh take on old tropes. And suddenly, my to-read shelves are bulging.But then I read the books, and they feel old hat, despite intriguing elements. In the case of The B [...]

I enjoyed The Bone Palace more than the first book, The Drowning City. I think it was mostly because I got more interested in the characters, and thus got more interested in the plot for what it did to/with them. I got hooked pretty much as soon as the reader meets Sevedra: I love the fact that she's a transgendered person holding a significant position in court (the prince's mistress), that it's obviously reasonably well accepted in her world instead of people saying she isn't really a woman, t [...]

I have mixed feeling about this one. It's well conceived and is clearly of the fantasy genre. I would have enjoyed it more in hardcover or paperback so I could have referenced the glossary more easily than I was able to on the Kindle. The glossary is very important in order to understand the world and it's political in's and out's. None the less, I was not disappointed in the craftmanship of the story, the world building, the plot twist-and-turns, and/or the ending.The biggest problem for me was [...]

The Bone Palace is a better book than the first one, I think; more of the characters were compelling to me, and the magic all felt like it fit together better. Isyllt's magic didn't fit, somehow, with the world of river spirits and djinn, with the desert magic and the heat. Which makes sense: she's out of her own world there.It's hard to glimpse whether there's a larger story behind the politics and magic -- it feels like there should be; there's plenty of history and geography underlying the wo [...]

Book 1 was meh, I would not have read more if I hadn't had book 2 (and 3). And good thing cos book 2 was nothing like book 1. Book 1 was all confusing, characters getting thrown in, not knowing who was talking while here everything fell into place.I guess first that I should applaud that she had females in male parts, captain of the guard, royal investigator. A woman born into the body of a man and treated as a woman. Eh whatever. I know I am supposed to be all, good! But I care about the story, [...]

I don’t often have a sense of loss after finishing fiction—I shelve the world and move on to another. After reading this and its prequel I wandered around with the unsettling feeling that some large and well-written component of my life had disappeared.The magic is complex and well-thought-out, the politics are dense and entertaining, and the cultures are analogous to the real world but dissimilar enough that it doesn’t feel lazy. Some surprising subcultures and customs make appearances, m [...]

I read this right after The Drowning City, which I enjoyed, but this one I absolutely devoured. I felt, however, that Downum sacrificed some of her worldbuilding for enhanced character depth, which was absolutely fine with me, although her knack for wonderful sensory imagery is as present as ever. Erisin, as a setting, is not as fleshed out and enjoyable as Symir from the first book, but I found the characters twice as engaging. Despite having to share the spotlight with Isyllt, Savedra absolute [...]

A bit of a slog, even without the politically correct cheerleading. Melissa Scott is a much better example of how to do this.I LOVED The Drowning City. A kick ass heroine who the author wasn't afraid to handle roughly. That's how you make a point. I'm not cool with didactic fiction whether it's John Ringo's global warming denial or Amanda Downum's queer cheerleading. Entertain me, don't preach at me.The Bone Palace's points are made to make a point and it distracts from the narrative. Having pee [...]

Really quite good. We rejoin Isyllt Iskaldur, necromancer and government agent, a few years after the events of The Drowning City. She's back home in Erisin, which feels vaguely Byzantine, still working as an agent for the crown, although more as an investigator of unusual events rather than an instigator of armed rebellion Joining her this time are an entirely new cast of characters including the Crown Prince, his wife, his mistress (it's complicated) and some people who I believe only appear [...]

More than delivered on the previous book. Transgendered heroine! Highpowered steamy love triangle! Hand to hand combat in the sewers! Dangerous abandoned ruins! Doomed love! This book had it all. Some of the best secondary characters ever. Savedra was fricken awesome and I'm almost sad that the series will continue to follow Isult instead of her. It's still a bit tricky to my a necromancer a sympathetic main character but the author did a better job of it this go around. I can't wait for the nex [...]

This novel is set about three years after the first volume, but the plot is self-contained, and enough is explained about the past to be able to read this one without having read the first one.Plot summary from the author's site: (with some additions by me)The city of Erisín is built on bones, named for the saint of the underworld--death is no stranger in its walls. But some deaths attract more attention than others.When a prostitute dies carrying a royal signet, Isyllt Iskaldur, necromancer an [...]

This is the second book in a series, but I was able to read it despite not having refreshed my knowledge of the first book. In the first book, The Drowning City, we meet Isyllt Iskaldur, a necromancer in service to her country's crown, while she's on foreign assignment. The Bone Palace takes place two and a half years later, when Isyllt is called in by the capital city's guard to investigate a dead prostitute who somehow had gotten a hold of one of the dead queen's ring, which should be buried w [...]

This is the second book in the series. When Borders was going through its death throes, I picked up a bunch of books on discount. This one among them, and at the time I did not realize it was not a standalone story. I ran across it on my bookshelf recently and looked up the first book, intending to purchase it and read it first. The reviews for the first book were not all that hot, but for "The Bone Palace" many stars were to be had. I decided to skip book one and jump into two. I'm glad I did.I [...]

Although it's the second in a series, The Bone Palace stands alone quite well. It’s a dark, political, high fantasy mystery told from two perspectives: Crown Investigator and necromancer Isyllt Iskaldur; and the crown prince’s mistress, Savedra Severos.A prostitute has turned up dead, her throat slit. Sad, but hardly uncommon. The only thing that draws this to Isyllt’s attention is that she was found carrying a royal treasure, and the scandal needs to be resolved before word can reach the [...]

I enjoyed the first of these (The Drowning City) but didn't find it amazing. The Bone Palace, however, built on the introduction of the main character and just took off. The pace was excellent, and the writing just sang in a way the first one never quite managed for me. Ms Downum's phrasing is rich, varied and replete with sensorial detail, even if she occasionally overuses a word or two. For instance, "conflagrant" is such a stand-out word that it can probably only be supported once a book, esp [...]

Not waving, but drowning again.The mostly unflappable Isyllt Iskaldur has returned home to resume her service as necromancer/investigator for the crown. When a courtesan is found dead with a royal ring on her person, Isyllt is called in to solve the mystery. What she finds leads both deep down under the city and far back into the past, as the royal family's secrets are laid bare and, for some, resolvedfatally.Damn. See also, wow. Downum has done it again. Erisin is just as deadly as implied in b [...]

Well, I bought and read this book in one day, so what does that tell you? :) This book continues the adventures of Isyllt, a necromancer in service to the King. When her orange coat (similar to police) friend Khelsea finds a royal seal hidden in the clothes of a dead prostitute, she brings in Isyllt to investigate. The investigation stirs up old secrets that dovetail into current assassination attempts and plots against the crown. Downum peopled the book with fascinating secondary characters suc [...]

A brilliant, complex story of magic and politics and relationships. All of the characters were achingly plausible, even if the villains, and the finale was a breathless, bloody cascade of all the pieces lined up throughout the book falling together at last. Definitely one of my new favorites. (I loved The Drowning City, too, but I note that it's not necessary to have read that first, and that I found many more of the viewpoint characters sympathetic in this book.)Also of note: all sorts of inter [...]

Fast paced, action packed and never a dull moment. WOW. A wonderfully dark and twisted fantasy with a twinge of romance sprinkled all through the tale. It read like a fantasy/romance/paranormal mystery. An epic tale of magic, greed, revenge, lust, hate, power, love and death. It's all here in this book, vampires, sorcerers, necromancers, demons, witches, prostitutes, murderers, kings, princes, princesses, castles, transsexuals,d I am sure I missed something. All tastefully, characterized. It is [...]

Okay, cards on the table, I love witch detectives, and Isyllt Iskaldur is a really good witch detective.The setting of Erisín is an elegantly drawn Greek fantasy, full of the kind of detail that Downum excels at. The cultural color pervades the setting deeply, from the way the nation of Selafai has close borders with others in every direction, to its Mediterranean cuisine and its deep esteem for the performing arts. This gives us a rich backdrop for a story that starts with a seemingly-small ca [...]

A great improvement on the first book of the series, largely due to the tighter, more focused plot and a narrow set of POVs. Very much enjoyed the way the story played out and the POV characters were well designed and written. *** SPOILERS ***Minor quibbles about the "big bad" and her allies. Given that they both spent considerable time supporting her rise to power, and therefore her ability to threaten the kingdom, the fact they both got cold feet late on seems a little silly. Surely they knew [...]

Really just didn't like this one. the author writes superbly well, but I just couldn't get behind this plot.

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