Take My Picture

Giselle Ellis

Take My Picture

Take My Picture

  • Title: Take My Picture
  • Author: Giselle Ellis
  • ISBN: 9781615813964
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook

Aaron has no idea what he s walking into when he shows up to pose for a famous and famously bad tempered photographer He certainly doesn t expect to end up working as Jake s assistant for five frustrating, thrilling, and crazy years instead of in front of the camera.It all works until Jake realizes Aaron has become the focus of his life, a life that s threatened when AaroAaron has no idea what he s walking into when he shows up to pose for a famous and famously bad tempered photographer He certainly doesn t expect to end up working as Jake s assistant for five frustrating, thrilling, and crazy years instead of in front of the camera.It all works until Jake realizes Aaron has become the focus of his life, a life that s threatened when Aaron actually leaves him to start a relationship with someone else Though it breaks his heart, Jake realizes he has to set his beloved muse free to have any chance of winning Aaron back.Reprint This short story was originally published in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Size Still Matters.

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Re-Read Rating 5++ StarsRomance is about love right?About giving selflessly just because giving to the one you love, gives you the joy of seeing them pleased and happy.That was Jake an AaronThey knew how to give to each other, even subconsciously, and that's how they loved. This book, was perfect for meI can't say just how much.Jake is a corky photographer who hires Aaron as an assistant when his trusted employee Alyson resigns to get marriedFrom the first instant Jake and Aaron together, work p [...]

4.85 starsOnce again an old gem has come up trumps, a fabulous romance which would still be languishing on my shelves. I don't know how I could have forgotten about reading it, the best thing to come out this absentmindedness? Good friends inquiring and gently pushing me to read it and it all came back to me. I adored the guys and its not sappy, more of a romantic love story which has all the ups and downs when dealing with difficult, frustrating, stubborn boneheads who suffer needlessly for the [...]

Ok, I’m going to admit something and then I’m gonna *duck*…This book, in the beginning, annoyed the crap out of me. I absolutely HATED the “banter” between Aaron & Jake. It was just trying SO HARD to be witty, exchanging zingers, and frankly I was traumatized. Everyone loved this book so much I feared I was going to loathe it…how do you turn around a book when you can barely stand the 2 MC’s talking to each other.Next thing I know, I’m hooked. And here’s what did it: as sic [...]

The evens, I cannot.This is a story about two grown men who are – apparently literally – unable to find each other’s cocks.Aaron took his hand away from his cock. “Touch it then."Jake tentatively reached out and pressed his palm flat against Aaron's stomach, his fingers fanning out then staying still, letting the heat soak into them. He was deathly afraid to move them any further. Aaron stayed still as well, unnaturally still for him, letting Jake simply touch him. The only thing moving [...]

Updated final review July 28, 20135 Huge Stars - emotional and tender about not knowing and then dare to say "I love you" - grandly good If I could, there would have been many more great glittering stars because this is a wonderful and lovely novel in just 154 pages. It's about two guys who are getting more and more mixed up in each other's lives. Eventually, it may only be ONE single life, a joint life? Jake is a famous photographer, a loner with a bit of agoraphobia. In comes the lively and ad [...]

What do I say about this book?? I say Five Wonderful Golden Starsand bring on the dancing girls A delightful story, I cried buckets of happy tears , I was forever gnashing my teeth , and there were many 'Homer Simpson' moments when I just wanted to slap both Jake and Aaron upside the heador bash my head against a brick wall ey were so frustrating!!Jake and Aaron, or Moz and Flip, were a really good comedic double act, but their attempts to deny their feelings for each others, that huge 'male' el [...]

OMG, love this book and LOVE these characters.I want more from this author and more story about Moz and Flip. So much more, it was too short but even with that it was so fulfilling. It was a rollercoaster and there was a moment where I had to put the ebook down because of the intensity. I almost felt like Joey in the Friends episode where he had to put Little Women in the freezer because he was upset about Beth. I loved their banter, I loved their relationship and I felt like Alyson who knew the [...]

4--It's Called a Conversation People--Stars!!!I normally hate books that are full of miscommunication and not communicating in general. But I really loved Jake and Aaron. They had some really great banter and I really enjoyed seeing the progression of their relationship from friends to lovers. But there comes a time where you just have to sayGet your shit together. Talk. Have a conversation. For the love of all things holy, please tell each other how you feel about each other. Jake was so sweet [...]

^^^what this book did to me^^^I've been blindsided. Thrown for a loop. Call it what you will, but this book came out of nowhere and knocked me right on my ass.I expected humor. I expected snark and smut (SMARK). What I did not expect was to cry for the last half of the book; both happy and sad tears. I didn't expect to feel so damn much for these two men.Stupid, stubborn boys are stupid. And I ate that shit up like it was the first meal I've had in years.This immediately goes on my 'Best of the [...]

***4.5 Stars***"if you don't think he gives you sonnets, then you're not paying close enough attention. Every photograph he takes of you is a sonnet. And every day he writes you one, whether you know it or not. Five years' worth, Aaron. Thousands of sonnets just for you."This book is filled with buckets and buckets of feels. And I loved every single second of it. Aaron and Jake are flawed, stubborn, snarky, quirky and ridiculously endearing. Their bond is instant and their connection is obvious [...]

The Review Where My Inner Voice Makes A ReappearanceI've been unable to sit down and read a book for a couple of weeks now but early this morning my Inner Voice (I.V.) had a little something to sayI.V.: It's been too long since we've visited Gay Romancelandia. I'm going through withdrawals. I need a cock & balls injection! STAT!!How could I ignore that? So, after wandering around GR I saw that a friend had commented on my thread for Take My Picture. My friends were all "Read this! Read this [...]

3 stars.***Review posted February 21, 2014Take My Picture started off very promising and I was hooked immediately thanks to the MCs funny and snarky banter and let's not forget the very likable Alyson and (view spoiler)[her cute little son Milo. (hide spoiler)] However, the more I read the more frustrated I became because approximately half of the plot was monopolized by a very huge pet peeve of mine: LACK OF COMMUNICATION. Jesus christ on a crutch. Talk. Already. Talk. Already. Talk. Already. I [...]

OMG, I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I think for the first time, EVER, I cried during the "I love you" scene. Maybe because I feel like I have been holding my breath from the beginning, being frustrated when reading both Jake and Aaron's thoughts of one another, knowing how strong their connection are, but they seem NOT doing anything about it. It's emotional and so wonderful reading their journey. The story grips me to the very end. The banters are fresh and funny. Aaron with his ADD tendency, while Jake i [...]

Flawed characters are a given in any story but Aaron and Jake have issues that went beyond flawed to quite disturbing. I considered abandoning the story several times but somehow I still wanted to know whether the story would redeem itself in its conclusion. It didn't.What bothered me:1. Aaron and Jake's (non-)communication and quirky/rude banter was annoyingly immature. 2. Jake hired Aaron as an assistant who then spends most of his time behind a potterywheel in Jake's studio (made no sense wha [...]

This book isn't about a Big Misunderstanding, it's about a gigantic, hairy, why-don't-you-guys-see-it, how-can-they-be-so-blind/stubborn, want-to-kick-them misunderstanding. The thing that saves the book and makes it well worth the read, is that the two MC's are so unusual. Both of them are in some ways dysfunctional on a social level; Aaron because he is incapable of taking the world seriously and always sees it filtered through a kind of high-humor ADHD, Jake because of a near-autistic inabili [...]

Not really sure what to say about this book. I mean I liked it but the majority of the time I wanted to throw my kindle across the room. Maybe I would have gotten lucky and hit Jake or Aaron in the head and knocked some sense into one of them sooner. They were both stubborn idiots who were so obviously madly in love with each other they were too blind to see any of it. Sweet, frustrating story with some laugh out loud moments.

Mare I love you. That is all.This book is what I needed.Light read. Nice story. Butterflies in my tummy. What else can I ask for?

Once upon a time ago ( well not that long ago actually, about 18months ago to be approximate ) I was a complete muppet. I decided in my wisdom - Ha!! - to have a ' tidy up' on my Kindle. Don't ask me why but I ended up deleting about 10 books that as soon as I'd done it, realised I never should have. Over the last twelve months or so I've come across them again and slowly added them backis was one of them and It was only when I started reading it last night that I had one of those " Eureka!" mom [...]

*****ETA: So I'm all excited that I found a new to me author I loved and go to check out her backlist only to discover this is her only book- and this was written years ago!Dear Miss Ellis:YOU MUST WRITE MORE BOOKS!!! ***What a great book! Why the hell did I wait so long to read it? I'll keep this short and sweet:It's funny, endearing, heartbreaking, with an awesome happy ending! 4.5 Stars ♥

A very sweet story! Aaron and Jake are two of the craziest, most co-dependent characters I’ve ever met. But I loved them! They are eccentric and quirky and totally belong together. The only problem is they can’t see what’s right in front of them! Witty banter, heart-warming moments, and a HEA left me with a big smile on my face :)

This was a super fun re-read that I had very vague memories of initially reading several years ago. A wonderful friends-to-lovers story of two co-workers with a volatile, symbiotic relationship that works perfectly for them and has grown into a deep love for one another over the course of five years. They are hilariously snarky with one another and their bond is breathtakingly beautiful. Of course, to spice the book up, they hit a big road block in their friendship and watching these two fall ou [...]

"'That one. I want that one.'"I don't think I can conjure the words necessary to convey just how moved I was by this book. It made me cry happy tears. It's rare for me to cry sad tears, even rarer for me to cry happy ones, and yet we are. The humor is outstanding. That was the first thing I noticed, and that's not surprising since Jake and Aaron immediately set off on the snark battle to end all snark battles. That never ends. And while at first it's just slightly antagonistic, the author did a [...]

2.5 stars*Spoilers*This book had a great potential to be an awesome book. The idea was so interesting and very intriguing. We have a young male photographer who's in need of an assistant. Jake's life is all about his studio/apartment and his photographs. Until the day he meets Aaron and he "chooses" him to be his friend/crush/whatever. Aaron is a cocky young man. Disrespectful and not very likeable (to me). They start working together and that's what happens for the entire length of the book. Th [...]

At first, Aaron and Jake were so entertaining, if a bit exhausting, and I kept laughing at their banter. BUT they were so BLIND! It was so frustrating when they refused to see, or admit, what was in front of them, insisting the other one wasn't interested or that they were just friends. I fell in love with Alyson when she told Aaron, "You're both so fucking stupid and infuriating that I want to stab the two of you in the head sometimes."That blindness would usually turn me off a book, but as we [...]

The blurb really doesn't do this book justice, so much so that I almost didn't buy it. So glad that I did. The story starts light-heartedly - really snappy, witty banter between the two main characters that made me smile widely & a growing friendship & inter-dependence. The mood does change as the story moves forward & we find out how they feel toward each other - Jake hates Aaron's boyfriends & Aaron hates Jake's one-night 'Fucks', but it kept me gripped. You just know Jake & [...]

4.5 starsThis book was close to perfect for me. I absolutely loved the two MC's Jake, the neurotic photographer and Aaron his snarky, overly energetic "assistant" and the almost co-dependent relationship they formed with each other over five years of working together. The conversations were fun and the way they interacted was beyond sweet. Then, just when I thought things were perfect, the author punched me in the heart. I wasn't expecting to be hit with such an emotional story. I loved Alyson, [...]

Oh boy! I liked this one, I really liked it. I admit it wasn't perfect, not at all, but it was special and even though not a lot actually happens.It is the relationship between Aaron and Jake who are both completely nuts, that makes this book shine. They each have their own crazy idiosyncrasies that make them both unique and annoying. The result is a hilarious often juvenile exchange that really does have you laughing out loud, no matter how silly. However, I do wish I had a better visual pictur [...]

Review posted @: facebook/slitsread5 I UGLY CRIED STARSBeautifulAgonizingBest friends turn loversFearsTestsLoveLoveLoveDid you hear that sound? What was that? Oh just my heart shattering into a million lil pieces, no biggie56% thruWhat was that? Did you feel that?? Oh just the earth moving, no biggie90%I would like to thank Giselle Ellis for not describing any of the sex btwn the "fucks" and the boyfriends. I think if I had to read those I might haveDIED And because we have determined that I am [...]

"Just so you know, I love you, Flip."As far as dramatic declarations of love goes, that one line does not sound as impressive as “You have bewitched me, body and soul” - since who can seriously make a girl fall head over heels over one line more than Mr. Darcy - but taking it in context of the stubborn and frustrating journey Aaron and Jake went through, reading those eight words had me all choked up and ahh-ing over my Kindle. Aaron and Jake are definitely in my top ten favorite male-male c [...]

This might just be the best M/M book I've ever read. And the funniest :)

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