Not Quite a Geisha

Marian Babson

Not Quite a Geisha

Not Quite a Geisha

  • Title: Not Quite a Geisha
  • Author: Marian Babson
  • ISBN: 9781841195964
  • Page: 192
  • Format: None

Evangeline Sinclair and Trixie Dolan, long time stars of stage and screen, dash down to Brighton to stand by an old friend in her hour of need And with an opening night looming, an unsatisfactory leading man, and the sudden demise of her ancient but much loved Pekinese, Dame Cecile Savoy needs all the support she can get Trixie feels a bit peculiar herself when she realiEvangeline Sinclair and Trixie Dolan, long time stars of stage and screen, dash down to Brighton to stand by an old friend in her hour of need And with an opening night looming, an unsatisfactory leading man, and the sudden demise of her ancient but much loved Pekinese, Dame Cecile Savoy needs all the support she can get Trixie feels a bit peculiar herself when she realizes the late lamented Fleur de Lys is not going to be buried in a doggy cemetery, but is to be stuffed for posterity And she feels even unsteady when she and Evangeline enter the taxidermist s to discover the corpse of the owner

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Obwohl ich Katzenfreund bin, bot diese Geschichte nur sehr laue Unterhaltung. Der erste Krimi, den ich gelesen habe, bei dem sich der Fall ohne jegliches aktives Zutun der Protagonisten auflöste. Bei den Hauptfiguren selbst handelt es sich neben der Katze um Damen fortgeschrittenen Alters aus dem englischen Schauspielermilieu, die alle einen ähnlich unerträglichen egozentrischen Charakter aufweisen und somit als Identifikationsfiguren komplett ungeeignet sind, es sei denn, man gehört viellei [...]

A quick, fun read, with a cast of zany characterse cat was the sanest of the bunch.

Lovely. And an eminently satisfying conclusion.

Dieses Buch in einem Wort: holterdipolter.Das Besondere an diesem Buch: Das Genre der gemütlichen Krimis mag ich eigentlich sehr gern - und auch hier ist es nicht wirklich blutig geworden, es gab eine Gruppe älterer Damen und knuddelige Haustiere. Die Geschichte rund um die Katze Cho-Cho-San fand ich auch sehr kurzweilig, aaaber:Das nicht ganz so Atemberaubende an diesem Buch: r Rest war mir zu gemütlich. Es gab so viel Drumherum, dass der eigentliche Krimi darüber in Vergessenheit geriet. U [...]

I grabbed The Cat Who Wasn't a Dog by Marian Babson while doing a quick walk through of my local library's mystery section. I liked the cover and title. The book is actually the last of the Trixie and Evangeline mystery series.Trixie and Evangeline as far as I can tell are old theater stars like Miss April Spink and Miss Miriam Forcible of Coraline and I have to admit to picturing them in my head like Neil Gaiman's pair. While trying to get Dame Cecile Savoy's Pekinese stuffed at a local taxider [...]

This novel is short and filled with our sleuths, Evangeline, Trixie, Taxi-Cab Driver, Eddie and long suffering daughter, Martha. In this edition, Evangeline and Trixie heed the call of actress Dame Cecile to rush to Brighton upon the death of her cat, Fleur De Lys.As Dame Cecile wails (literally,) our intrepid duo find themselves off to a taxidermist, "Stuff Yours." Eddie doesn't like the place and rightly so as they find themselves at the sight of a murder and in the midst of an arson attack. T [...]

After a promising start this rather petered out.In the first chapter Trixie saves a live cat from the shop of a taxidermist who is lying there dead. A few chapters later another person is found dead in the house of a fellow actress. Nothing much is done about either corpse, at least not by Trixie and Evangeline, who are supposed to be thespian sleuths and the stars of the series.Instead, there is a lot of playing with the cat, cooking and trying out recipes, and going to the theatre. The story j [...]

I like Babson's story ideas, which are a bit more unusual than many of the murder mysteries I've read this year. I find her writing less polished than that of many other authors in this genre, and the resolution in this novel emerges out of the blue rather than developing gradually out of clues the reader could use to figure out the mystery when the sleuth does. The characters are a bit flat, too, and have the sort of crazy fake names that make them all seem less realistic. I'd give this book a [...]

Yesterday I needed a light, funny mystery to read, so I plucked this book off my door book holder. I LOVE Marian Babson's books! The mystery isn't a challenge to figure out, but her characters are so funny and wonderful to read about, and her books are always page turners for me.9/2/2017 - I have no memory of reading this back in 2008, and it never did seem familiar. It's now in the bag of books to give away as I'm clearing out all the books in my bedroom, well, almost all of them. Jane Austen a [...]

Naja. Ich dachte eigentlich, das sei ein Krimi, aber man bekommt am Anfang eine Leiche präsentiert, dann kümmern sich alle fast das ganze Buch über nicht mehr darum und am Ende wird plötzlich alles aufgeklärt. Dass die Katze mehr weiß, als die menschlichen Protagonisten, erfährt man auch erst relativ zum Schluss. Vom Schmunzelfaktor habe ich auch nicht sonderlich viel mitbekommen. Also ich fand das Buch nicht so toll.

This is book #6 in a series involving Trixie and Evangeline. An old friend and fellow actress has lost her pet dog and wants to have it stuffed. However, when Evangeline and Trixie arrive at the taxidermist, they find a dead body and a live cat. Things escalate from that point onward.

Trixie and Evangeline are back in fine form. This time they are helping a friend of Evangelines take her dog to the taxidermist when they discover the body of the owner, the place is set on fire and Trixie rescues a very much alive cat. Lots of humor though the murderer is fairly obvious.

This was a fun mystery. I thought I picked the murderer early (and I was right), but the adventure to get to the end was engaging. Nothing serious or heavy, just a good, fun read. I'm sorry this was the last in the series, because the characters are such fun.

I really enjoy light mysteries, and Marian Babson's cat books fit the bill. You won't figure out whodunit, but just sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the atmosphere. ***I have read other books of hers, but have found them slightly more disturbing and less fun than the ones that feature cats.

Fun read. if you are looking for a serious mystery, this isn't it. A quick read with lots of humor.

typical English fair

The book, and plot, may have been as overblown as its theatrical inspirations, but it was entertaining to read and emotionally satisfying.

Not bad at all, but it doesn't make me want to read M. Babson again.

What a wonderful book this was a rip roaring ride, add elderly actresses and you have great English cozy. This was a wonderful book and I recommend this to everyone.

Kept my attention, had some good lines, made me laugh, and the cat stuff is fun but not cloying. Can't ask more than that from a light mystery.

I enjoy Marian Babson very much, the epitome of "British Cozy" mysteries. This one follows two aging film stars and is just funny (which is an odd way to describe a murder mystery, but still!)

I liked the feisty old ladies best. The animals don't talk and the mystery wasn't that complicated either but the ole ladies were funny.

A disappointment.

Different from my other mysteries I read. This revolves around stage actors so it was fun to learn about that and of course a cat is involved so I loved that. Will read more of these.

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