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Buzz Off

Buzz Off

  • Title: Buzz Off
  • Author: HannahReed
  • ISBN: 9780425236420
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

After her mentor in the honey business is found suspiciously stung to death in his apiary, beekeeper Story Fischer must sort through a swarm of suspects, including her ex husband.

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Just when I thought I had more than enough cozy mystery series I was interested in reading, along comes a brand new one that I just love. Story Fischer is a character with lovable quirks - like a foot fetish and a passion for bullet points. She seems to have been somewhat of a princess in high school, and in her small town that is still bearing some consequences and hard feelings. There's not much maliciousness in Story, but some youthful decisions and unintended slights have given her a couple [...]

I'd actually give this book 3.5 stars if I could. I liked the story, and the characters and the author did a very good job describing the setting. But what almost killed this book for me were the bullet points the author used throughout the story and the protagonists mother. Every heroine needs a nemesis, but it shouldn't be her mother. This mother was just nasty and her part in the book only made me angry. The bullet points were almost always annoying and I skipped over them completely.I might [...]

What makes a good cozy?* A likable and witty main character* Kooky characters* An annoying character* A good looking man* Twists and turns* A dead body or two* A surprise ending* Bullet pointsYou find all of this and more in this cozy

Meh. I tried getting into this book but even at the very end, I found myself caring very little about any of it's characters. The heroine, Story, has an annoying habit of using "bullet points" while she's talking, and her sister Holly uses text abbreviations throughout her conversations, which was also grating. The mystery itself was very clumsy. I knew who the culprit was by the second or third chapter, while Story led the plot around on several "wild goose chases". There were a few funny momen [...]

From the back cover - It’s September – national Honey Month – in Moraine, Wisconsin, and things are looking up for Story Fischer. Her messy divorce is final, the honey from her beekeeping business has been harvested and the market she owns is thriving. Life seems pretty sweet until Manny, her mentor in the honey business, is found stung to death in his apiary. Story is still trying to explain to the panicked locals that her honeybees had nothing to do with Manny’s death, when another bod [...]

I wasn't fully engaged by this novel. While the concept of the bee farmer was a bit different from others I've read, the characters seemed shallow and the story never developed any momentum. One of my biggest complaints against the writing was the authors insistence on having her main character occasionally break out into 'bullet point' speech. It's one thing to say that the character is known for laying out her plans/ideas/arguments in bullet point fashion, to actually WRITE them out in this st [...]

Story Fischer is just as industrious as her colony of bees when it comes to investigating the death of her mentor and the theft of his beekeeping manual. Action, adventure, a touch of romance, and a cast of delightful characters fill Hannah Reed’s debut novel. BUZZ OFF is one honey of a tale

3.5 stars. A decent read as cozies go. This one features a small-town small business owner who is newly divorced. She runs a grocery store and was apprenticing in bee keeping. During her divorce celebration she gets dragged out to her mentor's bee yard where he is lying dead, seemingly killed to death by his bees. She knows it wasn't the bees and sets out to prove it before the town attacks the two hives in her yard. Danger and more mysteries ensue.I will definitely read a couple more titles in [...]

My four-sentence or less take on the plot: Story Fischer is shopowner who is also dabbling in beekeeping. Her beekeeping mentor is murdered, honeybees are implicated, and Story and her ex-husband are both potential suspects. Rating: 6What worked: I liked the beekeeping concept--it was different, which is saying quite a bit in the cozy mystery world. What didn't: I hated (HATED) the bulleted points that are sprinkled throughout the book. It also felt like I was reading a guidebook about Wisconsin [...]

Really enjoyable cozy mystery! Loved the characters. The main sleuth character in cozy mysteries can sometimes be way too pushy and nosy. This one was definitely nosy, but not so pushy. The plot was really good. I had an idea of who the bad guys were but didn't figure out why, with all the details, until right at the end. I would have given it four stars but I felt like it was a little long. I like my cozy mysteries to be a little quicker reads, but I will definitely put the rest of series on my [...]

The Book Buzz Off is really a great book to read. Put you're self into the book as the characters them selves and you get a feeling of who they are. I find myself being Story, the way she feels and what she has to go through all the time. I rated this book with 5 GOLD STARS because the plot holds you until the very end as to the KILLER is revealed. It also gives good insight into how bees live and behave. I have a little about bees, my Uncle Harry is a Bee Keeper in Texas. He give me some books [...]

I picked this up at work, first because I liked the cover, then the blurb got me. This sounded like a fun read and it was to a certain extent. I loved the beekeeping side of things and enjoyed the tourist side of Wisconsin. What I didn't really like the bullet points, I understand this is how story thinks, but it got old fast. I liked even less how her sister talks in abbreviated speech, BRB, OMG, TTYL - ugh! Annoying. I did love the relationship between Story and her beau, they were high school [...]

A fun read for the holidays--beekeeping mystery, late summer, set in rural Wisconsin. Story's a local girl who owns the grocery store and is a dedicated beekeeper. When her mentor dies under suspicious circumstances and then her ex-husband's girlfriend shows up dead in Story's kayak. . . well, it doesn't look good. Reed is setting up her series (we meet the meddling mother, quirky grandmother, hunky K9 sheriff, etc.) with this promising debut and I would recommend for those who like Midnight Ink [...]

Ended up DNF'ing after 3 or 4 chapterswas looking for something light and quick to read before bed, but this was your typical formulaic cozy mysteryin character has a small crafty business, is single and available, there's a hunky cop that she's already making eyes at by the time we barely learn her name, and someone close to her ends up deadd of course she has to prove that either she didn't do it or someone close to her didn't. (In this case, that the honeybees are innocent.) The only redeemin [...]

I have to admit the book started off a little slow and I thought I'd have a hard time finishing. But the story definitely picked up and went to a satisfying solution. For the most part, I liked Story Fischer, although her behavior at the town hall meeting was pretty immature. I liked all the bee and honey tidbits. I'm always fascinated with the 'background theme' of cozy mysteries - I always learn something!I'll definitely check out the next book in this series.

This was a great beginning to a new mystery series. When a couple of townspeople wind up deceased, Story Fischer, local business owner and beekeeper, sets out to learn the truth about what is happening in Moraine, Wisconsin. All of the hallmarks of a good cozy are here--quirky townspeople, relatives (love them or hate them), reticent/angry law enforcement and a lot of interesting facts about honeybees! I look forward to reading more about Story and her friends.

This book is SUPER cute! I love honey and we have honey stores in my area and this mad me want to go out and buy the honey sticks that you can suck on some sweet honey with! This author has an interesting style of writing, not one I was use to reading - but it was well worth it!

This story was okay. I've not liked previous Deb Baker projects that I've read all that much. The bullet points thing was beyond annoying for me and really turned me off. I'll pass on this series in the future.

What a fun read! Excellent book!

I loved this book! Great writing, good characters, and the author really seems to know Wisconsin.

hilarious. favorite skunk scene everrrr

DNF at around 23%. One line has made me angry and forced this stop. “Then onward, Pocahontas.” Seriously? Using racially charged jokes about a race of people subjected to abuse for hundreds of years is not cool. And for the record, if someone had made a similar ‘joke’ about the Aboriginal people from my country, I’d most likely stop reading that book too. It’s absolutely despicable behaviour which no publisher should tolerate. Especially from a poorly written book with no real plot o [...]

I did like this book and I am sure I will read more about Story. The only thing that annoyed me with this book was the bullet points. I could have done without so many of them. Other than that I did like the characters and the plot development as well. I give this book a B or 3 stars.

Enjoyed the setting, plot and characters of the book. I know nothing about bee keeping but it made it seem charming! I will probably continue with this series.

Great 1st in a series. Nice to read the first after starting farther into the series. Bee facts, murder and mischief. Story's sister's text speak was dumb. Other than that, well done.

Cute, funny, interesting conclusion. Good mystery, good characters!

After her mentor is found dead in his apiary, beekeeper Story Fischer finds herself at the center of a murder mystery that looks poised to put an end to her reputation, livelihood, and life.Story Fischer, the main character, is likable enough and is a fine generic lead for a cozy mystery. Let's check out what character quirks she was given to make her memor- oh God. Who the hell gives a character a foot fetish as a quirk? It's fine as a trait, those are in the background and add depth to the cha [...]

Published by Berkley Prime CrimeI love a cozy mystery to relax with, and when it gives me not only an interesting whodunit but something new I can learn about, I always feel like I hit a jackpot. Hannah Reed has done just that with her new series.Story Fischer is celebrating her divorce from her skirt-chasing now ex-husband, Clay Lane by having a one-day sale on everything in her store, The Wild Clover, and offering champagne. She is also celebrating the kick-off campaign for September National [...]

I debated between 2 and 3 stars for this book, but because the mystery was basically well done, I gave it 3. This mystery follows Story Fischer, recently divorced and living next door to her cad of an ex-husband, Clay. She’s recently opened a small market with an emphasis on honey products as she is into honey and learning about bee keeping. Her friend and teacher in the beekeeping business, Manny, dies at the beginning of the book, apparently from bee stings from his bees, and from there the [...]

I've been rather hard on cozy mysteries lately and I didn't know if it was me or if it was the books I was reading. I've been so disappointed lately giving three stars because there is no two and a half. Anyway, I've decided it was the books because Buzz Off kept me reading and when I closed the book I left eager to read the next entry in the series. It struck the right chord with me, not a perfect chord, but solid and entertaining. In honor of Story's bullet points, though they seemed to have s [...]

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