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  • Title: Punished
  • Author: Brynn Paulin
  • ISBN: 9781607351252
  • Page: 438
  • Format: ebook

Prim Natalia Cooper lives life on the straight and narrow, never veering into naughty territory But she wants to One night, years ago, her boyfriend gave her a few swats on the rear as part of their sex play and she loved it She wants But he s long gone and she hasn t been spanked since When she learns of a club where she can get exactly what she needs anonymouslPrim Natalia Cooper lives life on the straight and narrow, never veering into naughty territory But she wants to One night, years ago, her boyfriend gave her a few swats on the rear as part of their sex play and she loved it She wants But he s long gone and she hasn t been spanked since When she learns of a club where she can get exactly what she needs anonymously she s so turned on and ready she can hardly bear it.For Ethan Tavish, The Dungeon has served as a place to exert his dominance without making lasting commitments He can hardly believe his eyes when he enters the play area to find his secretary, Natalia, bent over the spanking bench in a schoolgirl uniform They re both masked, but he d recognize her anywhere In an instant, he has a plan to give them what they both want and perhaps a whole lot .

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This is a hard review for me. I am generally a fan of Ms. Paulin. I also like to support authors in the state I live in. This book was just okay for me. The scenes progressed too fast and in an unlikely manner for me to believe. I'm not arguing that women and men hook up so quickly. What made it not as believable for me is the way these characters were described. For these types of personality, I would not anticipate such fast copulation. Nor would I expect the breach of manager to subordinate s [...]

Oh my holy hotness, batman! Seriously, how in the world have I not come across Brynn Paulin before? That was the hottest DD/spanking book I have ever read in my LIFE! For such a short story it made me hot, made me cry, made me happy, AND made HOT! Oh, wait, I said that already!Not only does Brynn write VERY well, she has a very unique understand behind the BDSM lifestyle. Not just bondage, floggers, and collars, oh my! But she's taking a dive into all the different degrees of the lifestyle. I ca [...]

Just didn't do it for me. I dislike stories where the main characters don't realize they already know one another; feels like a violation of the trust that's such a big pat of a D/s relationship. But if you're into hot spanking featuring boss/employee, i'd recommend this.

Simpley smut!!!

Not too bad, but I'm not sure I will read the next in the series. Not sure why I bought this book for $2.99!!!

This erotic short story was like the literary equivalent of a woman faking an orgasm. It had all the appearances of the real thing - student/teacher role play, an illicit employee/boss relationship, BDSM kink, and a sexy leading man - without any of the delicious fireworks at the end. It is possible I’m just being picky. After all, the story did have its supremely sexy moments (I don’t know any woman who’s immune to a powerful man telling her to drop her panties and bend over a desk), but [...]

Although this is VERY short it's quite entertaining. It starts right off with a bang (or should I say SMACK! LOL) and doesn't really let up at all. Anyone who has had a work fantasy of the boss or another good looking guy in the office - well here's your book. The "Punished" scenes are very well written - but then Brynn Paulin does BDSM scenes like this exceptionally well. If you're in the mood for a little short sometin-sometim well give this one a go!

Natalia Cooper decides the only way to get rid of her sexual tension is to try out The Dungeon, a club that caters to scenes and only takes it as far you request. Having tried spanking once before, she wants to try again but this time with a stranger who enacts the scene, with both parties having masks on she knows she does not run the chance of seeing the man giving her the spankings again.Ethan Tavish knows the instant he walks in the door that the woman is his secretary Natalia, who he has wa [...]

Wow. That was pretty hot. Too bad I don't work for that guy. But ick. The idea of hooking up with anyone I work for is not a pleasant prospect. Anyway. Short read, very steamy, straightforward M/s spanking fetish. As usual, there's a HEA, so this is on the romantic side of erotic writing. As such, there is also the obligatory Big Misunderstanding that quickly gets resolved in a manner satisfactory to both parties involved. I didn't think girlfriend was very smart in her decision that led to the [...]

The romance between the main characters was that much ridiculous and rushed out I had to roll my eyes and laugh like a child. But internally, because I read this at 3am.Basic storyline, some steamy scenes and cardboard cutouts as protagonists Nothing new.

Spanking hot! Two loveable characters and some serious misappropriation of office space. Desperate whirlwind tie-up loose ends kinda killed it a bit for me, thus a star deducted for Forced HEA.

It was a meet cute with spanking. No build up and no true passion just porn. I needed a bit more.

*giggles* I really like it!

it was an ok reading. with plain and simple kinky sex story and secret wishings but too short! The end seems to be wrote in a rush, and I expected more about characters.

Definitivamente pasable!

Recommendation : If you have a kink and are looking for a quickie than look no farther. I know what you are all thinking,'why would I pay for a book that is only 53 pages long?' But I have to say it was Hot! Hot! Hot! Trust me with those scenes I will be re-reading.[image error]We have some series steam rising off these pages.Scenes : *The Dungeon (a BDSM club) prearranged priest, naughty school girl spanking.*Work place boss & secretary (there may be a desk involved)*Car Romp*Classic bedroo [...]

At first I was a bit worried because it started as another scene of teacher punishing his student, and I had just finished reading Yes, Professor. However, once I continued reading, oh boy was it different, and I LOVED it. Natalia just wants a good spanking, something she's never let herself have, so going to the "The Dungeon" A place to fulfil her fantasies, and getting a spanking for being a bad girl definitely is. It would be better if Mr. Unattainable was the one to give it to her. Ethan, a [...]

It’s been ages since Natalia was in a relationship. Back then, her boyfriend briefly spanked her and that set in motion feelings and desires she never knew she had. But wouldn’t you know it? She has no way to act out her fantasies as her boyfriend left soon after.Natalia lives in frustration until she hears about a club where you can indulge all your senses in one night. Scared out of her mind, she gathers her courage and books a session.But just as her luck would have it, it turns out her m [...]

I love a good Alpha male staking his claim, and what I enjoyed about this story was the characters already knew each other and the attraction was already set from the first page, and while one of them was in the dark regarding the others identity in the beginning, it didn't stop the scorching hot heat from page one and the fact that they were already thinking about each other.This is not a deep emotional story, this is exactly what it claims to be, an erotic romance with an undertone of BDSM tha [...]

Ethan is a marketing director by day and he works at a BDSM club by night playing out peoples fantasies basically you go there write down your fantasy and they help you play it it out "nice huh" you get a 1hour session at the club.Natalia has alwasys fantasised about being the naughty school girl and getting spanked so she goes to the club and enters a room for a one hour session Natalia and Ethan are masked for privacy of course when Ethan checks his file and reads the job card he cant beliv [...]

Pretty good though Natalia was really stupid at one point for which she shouldn't have been forgiven!Boss and secretary end up together at a kink club and while he knows her, she doesn't know him. He acts out on it the net work day, and they spend some quality time together.He ends up out of town for work for a few months but keeps the fires stoked. She ends up doing something really stupid stating she is new and doesn't know any better. Though, anybody who has ever been in a relationship of any [...]

Was feeling like a naughty read, and saw one of my GR friends really liked this, so picked it up. WOW!!! This book is HAWT!! Ethan, I've been a very bad girl! Spank me PLEASE!! Punished is a quick, sexy read that will turn you on!! The characters weren't as well developed as I would have liked, and it was a short story, but overall it was a good naughty read. It's the sort of book that's read for the sex scenes, as opposed to having a fully built plotline and character development. It's short an [...]

En general, las historias de esta autora me entretienen, lisa y llanamente. Creo que en los siguientes títulos de las saga es probable que me enganche más.Esta primera entrega se centra en la relación de Ethan y Natalia, me gustó cómo la autora presenta a los personajes y sus personalidades. Probablemente, por lo corto de la historia, todo me resultó bastante apresurado, una relación de dominación como la que se presenta entre los protagonistas creo que necesita más tiempo para desarrol [...]

Punished is book one in Taboo Wishes Series, a Taboo Erotica Short Story by Brynn Paulin. This story is about a strong VP and his controlled secretary. After a chance meeting in 'The Dungeon', Ethan, the strong VP discovers the secretary he's been hot for is craving to be a submissive. The following day at work, Ethan reveals that he was her Master in the Dungeon and wants to be her Master in the bedroom. The scenes are very hot and as far as taboo BDSM, this is very light and very rewarding. Th [...]

bueno soy amante del genero erotico, es mas, resulta un poco raro leer tan explicitamente, aun cuando no es nada anormal lo que tratan solo un poco mas sucio y detallado. jajajaj Supongo que a las amantes del genero les resultara sumamente atractivo. A mi me impacto un poco taaaanto detalle y escena mas que Hot!! Pero bueno, felicito a las autoras que escriben este tipo de libros. Y lo bueno es que entre taaanta escena de sexo siempre hay un amor de fondo que encierra la historia. Y es lo que a [...]

This was a fun, kinky, quick read that I grabbed last night from my Brynn Paulin collection because I'd finished the other book I was reading. I loved the dynamic between Ethan and Natalia. I also loved the aspect that they knew each other before they realized that they were compatible in their kink.I was sad for Nat when Ethan had to go away for work, but I wanted to kick her for even considering going back to the Dungeon. Realistically, a lot of girls would do the same thing in her position, b [...]

To end July I decided to bring the month to a close by being naughty and I have to say for my first Brynn Paulin book it did not disappoint in fact I think I like it a little too much. Was it the plot/storyline or is it Ethan Tavish? If you want a quick naughty read that swoon for the delectable hottie and have you begging for a spanking yourself you should definitely read Punlished. Granted there isn't much for plot or backstory but the characters are fun and interesting. And let it be known [...]

I was impressed to learn that the author has participated in writing curses since this book is poorly written and the character development is aweful. There are exactly 5 characters, only 4 have dialogues and they are all unrealistic. That being said, the situations are kind of hot if you ignore the fake ridiculous dialogues, so I will probably read the next book in the series. Go ahead and read it, but don't expect a quality reading. I wouldn't pay for it.

This was a Hot short story about a woman named Natalie who had a secret desire to be spanked and decided to go to a club to act out her fantasy. Turns out her boss has the same fetish and he is the one who will be acting out her fantasy!This short story was well written and the sexual scenes were great. I loved that it also had a HEA!

Natalia makes an appointment at the Dungeon to explore her deep, inner urges, not knowing that the man holding the power, is her boss. Ethan had no idea that his secretary wanted to submit, but now that he knows, all bets are off. She´s about to get to know him, in a way she never expected Smutty fluff, submission and spanking in a great, hot combo. Quick read, 53 pages.

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