Summer by the Sea

Susan Wiggs

Summer by the Sea

Summer by the Sea

  • Title: Summer by the Sea
  • Author: Susan Wiggs
  • ISBN: 9780778329657
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback

SusanWiggsThis summer Rosa Capoletti is about to rediscover the pleasures of love and laughter, food and wine, friendship and romanceWith a little determination and a lot of charm, Rosa Capoletti took a run down pizza joint and turned it into an award winning restaurant that has been voted best place to propose three years in a row For Rosa, though, there has beSusanWiggsThis summer Rosa Capoletti is about to rediscover the pleasures of love and laughter, food and wine, friendship and romanceWith a little determination and a lot of charm, Rosa Capoletti took a run down pizza joint and turned it into an award winning restaurant that has been voted best place to propose three years in a row For Rosa, though, there has been no real romance since her love affair with Alexander Montgomery ended without explanation a decade ago But guess who s just come back to town Reunited at the beach house where they first fell in love, Rosa and Alexander discover that the secrets of the past are not what they seem Now, with all that she wants right in front of her, Rosa searches for happiness with the man who once broke her heartand learns that in love, as in life, there are second chances.

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If you only like romances with lots of steamy sex, don't read this book. If you only like breezy novels with quick payoffs, don't read this book. If you don't like well-drawn characters, don't read this book. But DO read this book if: * You like to read about people finding lasting love the second time around; * You like to see literary puzzle pieces come together in a pleasing plot; * You like to settle in with characters for a while; * You don't mind flashbacks and well-fleshed-out back storie [...]

I am not sure how this author made it on my radar, but this will not be the last book that I read by her. This book was a very sweet story about first loves, first betrayals, and screwed up families.The story switches back and forth from the present to the past. In the beginning we see where Rosa doesn't have the time of day for Alex, and I have to admit I wondered why, it seemed like she was out of line. But it is as we learn how these two meet as kids and see their friendship progress that we [...]

Summer by the Sea by Susan Wiggs is a perfect beach side read. This is my first novel by Wiggs and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, so I was definitely glad I included it in my summer reading bundle.In this novel, we meet Rosa Capoletti who is a successful restaurateur of Celesta by the Sea. It’s located in lovely beach town that has been Rosa’s home since she was born. As with most summer beach spots, the townies always seem to stand apart from the regular summer residents that occu [...]

I always say that I will take sleep deprivation over a bad book any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Thanks to Susan Wiggs, I'm now sleep deprived. This was the first book I picked up by her, and it won't be the last. She has a way of winding love, family, and friendship into a book that's so emotionally powerful you jump right in the setting. Bravo! I love her already!!!

A very nice romance novel. Not as sexually explicit as some. However, when the teenager takes his girlfriend out after dark with his telescope to see the 'transit of Mercury' and it wasn't a boondoggle, I thought "What's wrong with this picture?" A transit of Mercury takes place when the planet Mercury comes between the Sun and the Earth, and Mercury is seen as a small black dot moving across the face of the Sun. How are you going to see that at night?? Huh? Anyway you don't just point your tele [...]

Susan Wiggs possesses great skill in describing the nuances of human emotion and intertwining them into a story line that is real and believable. In "Summer by the Sea" I enjoyed the progression and the complexities of the romance between Alex and Rosa, the flashbacks that put their history into perspective, the descriptions of scenery and the characters' reaction to it. I loved the recipes that fit so well into the theme. Most of all, I liked that the ending was not mushy or overly emotional.

When it comes to true love there are second chances in Susan Wiggs' novel Summer by the Sea.From the moment Rosa Capoletti met Alexander Montgomery when she was nine and he ten, they shared an instant connection, one that would create memories of a magical summer. That fateful summer paved the way for several more magical summers shared by Rosa and Alex, oblivious to their differences and circumstances.For a few summer weeks Alex is a part of Rosa's world but she is never part of his when summer [...]

Voici un roman idéal pour l'été !A travers 6 parties, l'auteure nous narre l'histoire de Rosa et Alex. On alterne entre le passé où on découvre la rencontre des deux protagonistes durant leur enfance, avec le présent où Alex est de retour dans la vie de Rosa après plusieurs années et une rupture difficile. Le tout se déroulant la plupart du temps lors des vacances estivales.Par cette alternance, l'auteure entretient le suspens puisque se pose aux lecteurs deux questions tout au long d [...]

Susan Wiggs is an American author, she's written many stand alone novels and also a couple of series. Summer By The Sea is a romance novel, no getting away from it - if you don't like a bit of love and heartbreak then don't bother. If you like a story that makes you feel good, with a cast of interesting characters and a dollop of Italian food thrown in, then this one will suit you down to the ground.Our heroine; Rosa, is the owner of a succesful Italian restaurant in a small coastal US town. Her [...]

I was looking for a light, summer inspired, fun read and this was it. Even amid all the family drama I became immersed in this story about love and second chances, the ways people deal with grief, and of course all of the foody talk and the yummy Italian recipes included. I loved the characters and wish for another book with Rosa and Alex so that I could see the rest of their storyme of their happily ever after not to mention seeing the two families finally try to get along.

This was Mystic Pizza retold. Townie v. rich guy, mistakes made, etc. I wanted a happier ending for the lead female character, Rosa. She attends her best friends wedding, finds out her father's accident was caused by her boyfriend's mother years agoQuestions left unanswered were whether or not he is healthy enough to have a normal life, whether they will make it as a couple, etc. It was supposed to be about giving second chances, but I really didn't feel the closure there. It was well written bu [...]

Warning, do not read this book if you are hungry! :) Loved the aspect of the Italian restaurant and the many wonderful recipes included throughout the book. Although the story starts out strong, there are a few places where it seemed to lull. However, once the loose ends came together, the storyline really picks up and I found that I couldn't turn the pages fast enough! This is one of the best Susan Wiggs' books I've read!

Excellent romance novel my kind of book. Rosa and Alexander's story was interesting from page 1. I loved the character development by Wiggs. She is great at thaty for a novel to be a good one.This book had all the right things a romance needs. Loved it!

Rosa and Alex meet as kids during the summer at the beach. They remain friends over the summers as they grow up. The experience a lot of "firsts" with each other. Rosa is out-spoken and a go-getter. Alex is quiet, has asthma, and his mother doesn't let him out much. They part as they prepare to go to college. The author weaves life throughout their story and when the truth comes out; some healing can begin. A nice read.

This was my first Susan Wiggs read, and I did like it. However, it didn't blow my sox off. It's the old tale of one half of the relationship being from 'the wrong side of the tracks'. The characters are well developed and there are very strong family connections. It has a nice HEA.

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An enjoyable romance, a second chance.

Just great!

A nice love story to read in the summer.

I am absolutely in love with this book! This was the first novel I read by Susan Wiggs, but I will look for more of her workOT (adapted from the back cover): With determination and charm, Rosa Capoletti took a run-down pizza joint and turned it into an award-winning restaurant that has been voted "best place to propose" three years in a row. For Rosa, though, there has been no real romance since her love affair with Alexander Montgomery ended suddenly and without explanation a decade ago.But Ros [...]

A sweet little story was completely sidetracked by undoubtedly the most unpleasant main character in any book I have ever read. Faith is absolutely so awful. Into her average life comes the man of every woman's dreams. Faith is unhappy that Jake dresses too well, has too much money, drives a Mercedes, has a beautiful home, and a very successful career. He's kind and generous to everyone. She fusses over changes that are happening to a town that she self admittedly has not chosen to visit since s [...]

Enjoyable readI am looking forward to trying some of the included recipes. I liked the surprise ending that we didn't see coming and resolution to the accident that changed the path of Ross's life.

Solid, if light, book. A little more depth than your average summer love story - with family lies, class differences, and family illness. I really enjoyed this and flew through it in less than a day, after looking at it and putting it down several times in the last 6 months.

I enjoyed this read about love and second chances.

This was an easy, light hearted book. I enjoyed the read.

A great summer read!

Easy breezy, beach read!

Awful. Waste of my time. I only finished it because I hate leaving a book half read. Interesting idea to include the recipes.ey were the more interesting part of her novel. LOL.

Quick predictable summer read!

Nice, easy summer read

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