Bakuman, Volume 3: Debüt und Ungeduld

Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Yuki Kowalsky

Bakuman, Volume 3: Debüt und Ungeduld

Bakuman, Volume 3: Debüt und Ungeduld

  • Title: Bakuman, Volume 3: Debüt und Ungeduld
  • Author: Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata Yuki Kowalsky
  • ISBN: 9783867197991
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback

By the creators of Death Note The mystery behind manga making revealed Reads R to L Japanese Style T audience.Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga creating duo But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga publishing worlBy the creators of Death Note The mystery behind manga making revealed Reads R to L Japanese Style T audience.Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga creating duo But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga publishing world

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I can't stop reading this. I have a feeling I'm going to read straight through to the end of the whole series now. I love learning about the processes behind being a successful manga creator, and the huge mountains they have to overcome. I honestly find the romance side plot between Moritaka and Miho hilarious and weird. Miyoshi really grounds this series for me since she's probably the most "normal" one in the bunch.

The only thing keeping this manga from being 5 stars for me is that the female characters are soooo stereotypically busty and girly. But then again, it is shonen

things getting interesting as ever. can't wait to read next volume

This manga really inspires individuality. Finding what it is that resonates with one's self. This is key when creating.

We learn about the politics and controversies of the life of a mangaka, including dealing with rivalries, publishing contests, how to fit in relationships. The twists in this one involve the two friends separating for a time, and one working as an assistant for their crazy genius competitor for some time-out you know, this is entertaining and enlightening about the trade. Most of the people doing this work are very young--our central heroes are just in high school now--so the appeal to teenagers [...]

Aiii la tensión madre mía. Necesito saber qué pasará en el siguiente tomo con Saiko y Shujin así que mañana me lo cojo en la biblioteca.

Fairly cute with some interesting touches thrown in.The story is a bit all over the place, but the art is fantastic and they've added a bit more drama.Looking forward to the next one.

Quiero seguir leyendo!!!!

I loved the changing focus of their manga! I really really love that the art changes based on what the guys are learning and working on. I also loved the "assistant" story line.

i think the start of this volume is a bit slow, but it picks up the pace eventually, and there are many scenes which i found really interesting- some twists here there which i hadnt predicted. that is something i really like about Bakuman. while predictability is rife there are also alot of "WOW" and "Didnt see that coming!" moments. i also really enjoy the character interactions- especially the ones with Niizuma in them. another aspiring manga artist Fukuda is introduced in this volume. i think [...]

In this volume of Bakuman the partners split up for the summer break. Takagi and Miyoshi are getting closer while Mashiro and Azuki seem more distant than ever.Is it just me or do Miyoshi's boobs get bigger in each volume? Dumb. Every volume of Bakuman feels like more of the same but there's always just one little plot twist that keeps me moving on to the next volume.

I want to read Volume 4 immediately! Impatience!

This was quite good but their wasn't much inclusion of the two main characters together, which was a down point, though it did make a change to the previous two books.

It is good ||one star||

Link: jendelakumenatapdunia Demi masuk ke jajaran komik nomor satu di Majalah Jump, Saikou dan Shuujin berusaha membuat jenis Battle Manga Mainstream, yang bukan keahlian dan kesukaan mereka. Tantangan besar bagi Shuujin yang bertugas membuat cerita. Masih dibuat tersepona oleh sang editor, Hattori, usahanya membangkitkan dan tetap memberikan saran, bahkan sempat melarang Saikou dan Shuujin merambah komik battle, tidak main-main, selain itu banyak informasi tentang dunia mangaka keluar dari dial [...]

This review has been sloppily thrown together at the last second in hopes to make you laugh with poorly written jokes and excessive fan-sarcasm. If you came here expecting a quality review, you have been misdirected. This is probably what you're looking for.After that rather ominous opening, we enter my review of Volume 3 of Bakuman. (Not literally, of course. How would that even work?)* This volume has a lot of the same positive points of the last two - very realistic characters, a surprisingly [...]

I didn't actually read it in German, but it was the only avliable option so humor me please. The story continues and is just as intersting. The manga making duo make their debut and a couple of new friends.

[4.5 stars]


Story is really picking up. Enjoy the way the characters are evolving and the whole idea about how difficult it is to be an manga artist.

Volume 3 and there's already a bit of conflict between the team. I expected that to come at some point, not this early in though. I loved the dynamic between Nizuma and his team of assistants!

Pretty interesting, but the whole manga creating process starts getting complicated.

Por alguna extraña razón me costó empezar con este tomo, siempre que lo empezaba sucedía algo que me hacia posponerlo y las ganas de leerlo se esfumaban, pero curiosamente a la tercera va la vencida y cuando lo retomé, me sentí tan tonta por no haberlo continuado la primera vez.Nos encontramos con que Mashiro y Takagi están empeñados en hacer un manga de acción, puesto que consideran que es la vía más rápida para tener éxito lo mas pronto posible y por lo tanto cada uno busca inspir [...]

Just because of the boob bit. The rest of it was great.

3 estrellas y media . El tomo es bastante agradable para una lectura relajante , creo que tiene mucho texto pero en sí es bastante a doc Este es quizás el tomo donde mayores problemas comienzan a tener nuestros protagonistas en la historia no solo en cuestión de capacidad creativa para crear el mejor manga posible , si no , problemas amorosos , de celos , de bloqueos que culminan en una separación temporal para continuar solo por wl verano para mejorar por separado . Vendrán los desentendim [...]

Review for the whole series, SPOILERS be damned.Until the end, Bakuman completely pulled us into the world of manga-making, particularly Shonen and JUMP manga. .d this is also exactly the knowledge that made me believe that Bakuman is a failed series. Story about a pair of mangaka with (very) detailed depicting is doomed to be boring, of course. Especially when arcs about questionnaire and manga ranking are getting a big part on the series. I have to admit although I read the stories till the en [...]

Se pone cada vez más bueno!! Lo que más me gusta de este manga, es la amistad creciente en los protagonistas. Es una de esas amistades infinitas que va creciendo en cada tomo, a cada paso, y no se marchita por más que hayan malas noticias. Están los dos en la misma frecuencia, sincronizados, y abiertos a las sugerencias del otro. Me encantan las historias con un sentido grande de amistad en donde se nota lo que uno es capaz de hacer por alguien que no es su pareja ni miembro de su familia.Ad [...]

I really love this series. I was a fan of the collaboration of these two artists on Death Note, but to me this series tops that one by far. This time, the story doesn't seem to include any supernatural elements. Or genius detectives. There is a bit of a cat and mouse aspect to it, but in a much more romantic way. The romance in the book doesn't come on too strong either. It's actually rather refreshing.The main story is about two middle/high school students (they were in middle school during the [...]

Shujin and Saiko have run into a block in creating manga, and while Shujin takes summer break off to storyboard by himself, Saiko gets himself an assistant job with none other than Eiji Nizumi.I'm glad that we get to see more of Eiji in this volume. He is still an off the wall character, I'm pretty sure that he always will be, but we got to see him in a tiny bit of a more "normal" mode in this volume.We see some of how Azuki is advancing when it comes to her desire to become a voice actress, as [...]

This could've been something different. I loved the details about the inside trades, the ranking battles, and the market manipulations. I loved that for once, instead of living-for-art run of the meal motivation, we get something that is honest about pride, vanity, popularity and societal approval. It's just unfortunate that it slid down hill pretty quickly, with shoehorned romance that took up at least a quarter of the story yet without any actual content. I get that the leads are slightly poor [...]

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