The Bordeaux Betrayal

Ellen Crosby

The Bordeaux Betrayal

The Bordeaux Betrayal

  • Title: The Bordeaux Betrayal
  • Author: Ellen Crosby
  • ISBN: 9781602853263
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover

Following the success of The Merlot Murders and The Chardonnay Charade, Crosby s third tale of suspense set amidst the vines of Virginia wine country involves a 200 year old bottle of Bordeaux that may just be a wine to die for.

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This one had a better plot than the first two in this series. One thing I'm really enjoying about this series is learning some of the wine making vocabulary.

2.5-starsokay so while the books in this series, so far, aren't super-awesome, there's a peculiar charm to them. the writing and plotting can be quite clunky, and things are pretty obvious. but there is something about the main characters that makes them just interesting enough to keep reading. the storylines are a bit recycled in each book, loose threads abound, and lucie finds herself in a serious pickle with each unsurprising denouement. at this point, though, the characters do need to evolve [...]

This book is like so many other who-dun-it mysteries. It was a mildly interesting read. The characters were very flat. This isn't a story to get lost in. You know your reading a book. You never forget that they are simply characters. Once I put it down it was easy to forget about. At least 1/2 the book is about wine. Making wine, growing wine, tasting wine, etc. (A little Founding Father history is thrown in too but it's still all in relation to yep you guessed it, wine) Now if you are really in [...]

This is one of those times when I really wish there were more nuance in the ratings. I've read three books in this series now and given them all three stars, but I didn't like them all equally. This one falls on the low end of three, falling into some more tropes that I was so pleased it avoided in the first book. Particularly the protagonist pushing too hard with unjustified questions, for no real reason, and alienating her friends. There was also more of a disconnect between the main storyline [...]

Really like this series to listen to as an audiobook, and also lots of neat info about wines, and viticulture.

This was the third installment in Ellen Crosby's Wine Country Mysteries series. The mystery was pretty good. We got to learn a lot more about Quinn and his story. His relationship with Lucie is still complicated, but getting closer. Lucie's grandfather comes for a visit and we get a bit more family history on her. The pacing is good and the writing style is easy to read. Can't wait for the next book.

It is fall at Lucie Montgomery's Virginia vineyard and harvest is underway. Lucie is planning a wine auction to raise funds for charity. A rare wine has been donated for auction, but it's provenance is questioned. There are also people being murdered. Lucie is right in the middle of the search for the killer.

I enjoy following along with this set of characters. This is another mystery sent on the family vineyard and was an enjoyable weekend read. And with the added perk of continuing to expand my wine knowledge with each chapter

Absolutely love Crosby"s books. This one is awesome! Quick read!

Thoroughly enjoying this series and learning a lot about wine making and vineyards!

“The Bordeaux Betrayal” has the most gorgeous cover. Wine isn't my beverage but intrigue and writing without irksome adverbs or adjectives are priority one. I read knitting mysteries because Barbara Bretton's style is magnificent. Ellen hit upon something properly mysterious to ponder: why kill for a George Washington / Thomas Jefferson bottle? Lucie was meeting a woman who died. Other crimes are on her property, connections Ellen Crosby established well.Her town has newcomers, old-timers, a [...]

Some don’t believe there is a “wine country” in Virginia—in spite of the efforts of Jefferson and Washington to make their own vintages during the late 18th and early 19th century. The series of “Wine Country Mysteries” of which The Bordeaux Betrayal is the third such mystery I’ve read is delightful. All three which I’ve read have been fast reads and the mysteries themselves have been fairly strong. The Bordeaux Betrayal does a great job of motivating several characters to have c [...]

#3 in the Wine Country mysteries. This entry was published in 2008 after The Merlot Murders (2006) and The Chardonnay Charade (2007), however, all the action takes place within a single year at the Montgomery Estate Winery in Virginia's horse country. The winery is a dangerous place as two more murders take place, along with a major theft and several assaults. Lucie's love life may be settling down after the brief resumption of an affair with a neighbor. Some new neighbors (PETA card carrying Ya [...]

Ellen Crosby's Virginia wine country mystery series continues with yet another mystery to solve. This one begins with a question concerning the authenticity of a bottle of French wine allegedly given to President George Washington by Thomas Jefferson. Utilizing eighteenth century historical fact, plus some interesting bits about Germany's unorthodox use of purloined French wines during WWII and the clever manipulation of those facts with the fictionalized use of a not to distant event(the auctio [...]

This book was incredibly disappointing. Lucie Montgomery is a catty woman, with even cattier friends, and this is one of those soap opera books that remind me why I read books by women so rarely. Lucie Montgomery is a stick in the mud, who believes every man loves her and seems to love every man. She plays detective while directly interfering with police investigations. Her motivations arewell, she seems to be bored and believes herself to be smarter than just about every person she comes across [...]

A bottle of wine supposedly ordered for George Washington by Thomas Jefferson but never delivered is donated to Lucie Montgomery to be used in an auction for disadvantaged children. When the wine is withdrawn from the auction and two deaths result, Lucie becomes the amateur detective to find out what happened. To add to the mix, animal rights activists move into the area and try to block the scheduled fox hunt which will include the Montgomery vineyard. And Quinn's ex-wife appears on the scene a [...]

Interesting combination of American Revolutionary history and WWII history presented here. I found it striking that the author expounded a bit on the dilemma faced by German soldiers during the occupation of France who were sympathetic to the French cause. There was explicit condemnation from major characters of Germans who sent French vineyard owners and their families to the concentration camps. And yet all this series has ever said about the Civil War in human terms is about how much "Virgini [...]

I like the setting of Ellen Crosby's wine country mysteries, in a vineyard in Virginia, but not all that impressed with the series. The characters are either salt-of-the-earth, socialites with a heart of gold, or craven rich people. The mysteries themselves seem half-hearted, and in this particular installment, it's as if Crosby forgot she was writing a murder mystery, so consumed was she by another mystery (whether a fancy bottle of wine donated to a charity auction really had been owned by Tho [...]

Though third in the series, this is my first - I suspect reading the Merlot Murders first would have given me background but I don't think it reduced my enjoyment of this title. The strong sense of place (Northern Virginia) was the hook for me. Beginning in my backyard (at Mount Vernon) and being centered in Loudon County I can follow the action's map. Crosby offers up lots of wine making detail, bits of history from several eras, a taste of the life of the well to do (I don't often meet friends [...]

I am not sure how to rate this book so I gave it 3 stars. My wife said it was a really good book dealing with wine. We have read some really good books about wine like The Billionaire's Vinegar and Shadows in the Vineyard which were true stories but read like detective novels as well. If you want a mouthwatering book try Passion on the Vine.So I wasn't expecting fiction when I started listening to the book. (Listened on CDs from the library) The author did a great job of capturing life in Virgin [...]

3.5 stars -- read this book while home from work sick and enjoyed it enough to stay up a little late finishing it. I liked the local connections (set in Loudon and Fauquier Counties in Virginia, with an opening scene at Mount Vernon) and the mystery was well-written. The characters were interesting enough that I will pick up other books by this author if I come across them. I do not drink wine and must confess to glossing over the wine-making details in the book. I did notice that they were cons [...]

This is the third in the Wine Country Mystery series. It has taken me a while to listen to as I've had some interruptions in my usual listening time, but that didn't dampen my enthusiasm for the story.The main character, Lucy, is wonderful. She is intelligent, stubborn, and believeable.I can't believe how much I've learned about the history of winemaking in the United States from this series. This last one was especially enjoyable as it discussed Thomas Jefferson and George Washington's interest [...]

This is the third book in a mystery series set in Virginia wine country outside Washington, D.C. Like the first two, in addition to an intriguing mysery plot it has a good back story involving relationships between the protagonist, who has inherited her family's winery, and other friends and relatives. There's historic and geographic "local color," with background tidbits about Revolutionary and Civil War times, descriptions of the Virginia countryside and the winery's frequently mentioned view [...]

Ellen Crosby's Wine Country Mystery series have been a lot of fun to read. She is an intelligent writer and each book has, so far, been interesting as well as educational. She writes a good story, isn't as predictable as most "cozy mystery" authors are, has interesting and unique characters, and manages to communicate quite a bit of history and information about wine while telling her stories. The back of each book usually has a section or two describing significant historical information import [...]

THE BORDEAUX BETRAYAL is the third book in the Wine Country Mystery series. Lucie Montgomery has agreed to help with a wine auction for charity. The wine that everyone is talking about is a Bordeaux that Thomas Jefferson supposedly purchased for George Washington. The wine is suddenly pulled from the auction after the murder of a wine historian. Quinn Santori's (Lucie's winemaker) ex-wife shows up as does Lucie's beloved grandfather. Lots of history again -- colonial and WWII. The beautiful sett [...]

ok so I have to admit it was a slow start for me, then I went to read some reviews. then I just had to read it all, because I could not believe it can be that bad. and it wasn't! once more I have been proven that what others think does not have to have anything to do with my perception of a book was hard to get into, initially the long descriptions of the wine making process was a bit off-putting. the "who done it" kept me going and I do not regret it. it sped up at about page 70-ish, the suspec [...]

bookcrossing/journal/1I read the first two books in the series from the library and just finished reading this one. It's a really good book and series. I like the main character Lucie Montgomery, she is flawed and interesting. I loved her grandfather Luc who comes to visit from France. I also like Quinn, he works with Lucie at the winery, they are friends and they seem to have chemistry together. I don't know much about wine making, but that doesn't make a difference in enjoying the book. I plan [...]

3.5 rating. I liked this book best of the series so far. Lucile's French grandfather Pépé visits. Far more in-depth info on winemaking, especially differences between, French, California and Virginia wines. History regarding attempts by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington to grow grapes for wine production. And questions about a bottle's provenance that touched on WWII Nazi occupation of French vineyards and confiscation of wine. Lucile's grandfather was involved in French resistance and la [...]

Wine theft in wine country and murder. Those, who are true connoisseurs of wine, will sometimes pay any price for a bottle of the sweet elixir. Barring that, there are some willing to steal it with very little thought on the deed. Odd that wine can spawn such an intriguing tale, but spawn it, it did.“He did not wear his scarlet coat, For blood and wine are red, And blood and wine were on his hands When they found him with the dead, The poor dead woman whom he loved, And murdered in her bed.” [...]

The story centers around Lucie a vineyard owner outside of Middleburg VA. She is organizing a wine auction for charity. Buyers and experts are arriving. The centerpiece of the auction is a bottle of wine that Jefferson acquired for Washington. An author of a book on Jefferson's wines comes and is found murdered.The book has some interesting information on wine making and it was fun to read about the Middleburg area.

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