The Happy Foreigner

Enid Bagnold

The Happy Foreigner

The Happy Foreigner

  • Title: The Happy Foreigner
  • Author: Enid Bagnold
  • ISBN: 9781406504446
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

Fictional account of the author s experiences working as a volunteer driver in France during the First World War Contrasts the duties and demands of the heroine s external life, with the freedom and excitement of her internal life during a whirl wind romance with a French officer.

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Another Virago classic, this one written by the author of National Velvet (a book I never read, since my YA reading was more slanted towards plucky orphans than girls with ponies). This is a book for adults, and is Bagnold's first book - she wrote it after she spent some time in France during and after World War One driving cars for the French Army. It is, surprise, surprise, about a young woman, who is living in France, as a driver for the French Army after World War One. As I said, I've never [...]

Enid Bagnold, who wrote National Velvet, is represented with several volumes in the Virago Modern Classic series of books. This one is a fictionalized first person account of a woman's experience as a driver in France after WWI. There are vivid descriptions of a country and her people starting the long road back after war. There are refreshingly dry descriptions of the hardships that Fanny, who is based on Enid herself, endures as a woman driver. There is a love affair which is lightly treated a [...]

"Счастливая иностранка" - беллетризованные мемуары Энид Багнольд, вышедшие в 1920 году. В них она рассказывает о своей службе в французской армии в 1916-1917 году. Главная героиня Фанни - это сама Багнольд.Мне книга понравилась, и странно, что многие рецензии на - ругательные. Как, [...]

I still don't like this book, but it's going into the dissertation so I'll deal.

Enid Bagnold has written a terrific description of the post-World War One landscape in her autobiographical first novel about Fanny, a young British woman who goes to work for the French First Aid Unit as a driver in 1918. The introduction to my green-spined Virago edition stated that the author had gone to France to draw inspiration for a novel. The book was put together from the long letters she sent her mother during her service. She describes the deprivations the drivers experienced, particu [...]

The entire time I was reading this book I was uncertain whether or not I liked it, and having finished it I'm still unsure. I think I can appreciate the craft of it, but I didn't really enjoy it.The book is about Fanny, an Englishwoman who goes to France after WWI to drive for the French army. It's a very impressionistic novel, based on the author's own experiences, and there are lots of individual bits of prose which are just gorgeous. Fanny notices landscape, scenery, decoration, people, and d [...]

It's always interesting to find our more from an author whose books (or in this case, book) you admire. I have always loved National Velvet and was disappointed not to find it on Kindle. However this fictional account of Enid Bagnold's experiences as a driver for the French in post WW 1 France is worth reading. I found it most interesting for the fact that it tells a WW1 story that I had never heard of. I had no idea that English women volunteers were drivers in post-war France. Several of the i [...]

The Happy Foreigner by Enid Bagnold is interesting as a record of conditions in France right after World War I. In fact, at the time of its publication (1920), it was lauded for its journalistic qualities. The book is almost certainly quasi-autobiographical, although it was published as fiction.See my complete review here:whatmeread.wordpress/tag/t

I can't even seem to articulate how I feel about this book. I've cherished several copies, and it's one book I always put onto my little e-reader device just so I have a bit of Enid with me.

This isn't great. Bagnold's _A Diary Without Dates_ is more interesting. Still, I have enough for 1/3 of a dissertation chapter.

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