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  • Title: Rain
  • Author: Kirsty Gunn
  • ISBN: 9780571173006
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback

A twelve year old girl spends summers at a lake with her parents and little brother The days are long and hot and while the parents entertain their friends the two children are left alone to play and dream and let the future come down upon them .This is a story of loss Of how families come undone How children grow up And how by losing the one most dear you find thaA twelve year old girl spends summers at a lake with her parents and little brother The days are long and hot and while the parents entertain their friends the two children are left alone to play and dream and let the future come down upon them .This is a story of loss Of how families come undone How children grow up And how by losing the one most dear you find that in the end only a kind of oblivion can comfort you.Exploring the way memory works, remembering both as a child and as an adult looking back on the child, Rain is an attempt to show the dissolving of the past The reader is given the experience of remembering, along with the narrator, so that the story is not something told but is like a dream, unravelling and disappearing while it is being read yet also yielding up each moment as intense, sweet, hypnotic.

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Terminei este livro num dia em que o tempo refletia exatamente o ambiente da história que é contada - céu nublado, cheiro a terra molhada e a ameaça de que vai desatar a chover a qualquer momento, sem que tal se resolva acontecer A escrita é muito boa, o ambiente pesado, sentimos que a desgraça pode acontecer a qualquer momento, mas o suspense é mantido até ao limite. Gostei bastante, por tudo isto, mas ainda assim, como dizem os ingleses, este género não é o meu "cup of tea". 3,5 est [...]

Classificação: 3,5 estrelasUma certa dose de carga emocional numa história tão curtinha. Foi uma boa leitura.

It is rare for me to choose a book at random and really enjoy it. Though the plot is not overly deep, the language in this book is beautiful and poetic. The relationship between siblings in this novice author's debut is touching, in a co-dependent sort of way and much in contrast to that between the children and adults. As quick as it is (the book is about 90 pages long), RAIN is memorable to say the least, I look forward to reading other books by Kirsty Gunn.

This is one of those surprising chance finds that I'd never have picked up if she and I weren't from the same clan. This is Gunn's debut novel. The prose is wet, poignant, and understated. Give yourself an hour or so on a rainy day and you'll finish it off. This is a great example of the kind of captivating prose, and powerful story-telling I've always aspired to. I'm especially impressed with her ability to recapture the feelings of powerlessness in childhood, the joy in play, and the sadness l [...]

Under a hundred pages, but full of emotion and at times beautiful writing. You get a strong feeling for each of the characters and though certain events are fairly obviously foreshadowed, the time when the truth comes out is still quite powerful. Near the end I was actually uncomfortable with what was happening, cringing at what was happening, it isn't very often that I feel anything for characters in a book, but Gunn's writing brings them out and makes it easy it identify with the them, and no [...]

Painful to read. The narrator's voice was unnatural, the plot -- if it can be called such -- was undeveloped or Gunn tried too hard for metaphysical depth and ended up with pages of scattered meanderings. And I never thought I'd say a book was too descriptive, but this book was; the narrator never stopped talking about the most meaningless details. I had high hopes for this books and it met none of them. With that said, Gunn's sentences are well-crafted and there is a certain art to her style. N [...]

Four & a half stars. This novella is a very powerful first published work, even though some of the writing on the first few pages is very Advanced Creative Writing Class & the tragedies are easily predicted. A sad tale of two neglected children product of a disfunctional marriage. I just can't stop thinking about it.

Not a poem, but not quite a novel, this book is more of a meditation on a theme. Driven by loss and beauty, it portrays a young girl's attachment to her still younger brother against the backdrop of the boundary-less world of narcissistic grown-ups. The territory is familiar, but it is reworked with confidence and elegance.

This is what happens when you write without even the most bare-bones plot - beautiful description and no story to speak of. Airy ruminations that never cohere into anything meaningful.

“When the rain came it came first as the scent of rain, the grey air stained darker behind the hills. Then when it came down to us it was like thread and needles, piercing the jellyish water with a trillion tiny pricks, the silver threads attaching water to sky.”A small debut novel that’s definitely packing more than a small punch. Told from the perspective of 12 year old Janey Phelon, the reader is taken on a tour of family life, loss and love, as seen through the lens of adolescence as s [...]

This book was beautiful and evocative.

i loved this. its very beautifully writtendly the edition i read completely spoiled the entire ending in the description, so that was not so great.

A difficult to read book, with confusing prose and conflicted imagery; one wonders how it garnered the many accolades included by the publisher. "The dawn would be ashy with cigarette ends when Jim and I came downstairs in the morning." "The grass might have been damp with dew or dry from night after night of hot moonlight, "It is hard to envision or experience it as described by its publisher in the jacket editorial review: luminous prose and embroidered with sensuous, textured imagery. Or as d [...]

It’s a short book with a long list of possible titles.Growing UpLost YouthMy VacationChild CareLake EffectDon’t Be a BurdenYou Are InvitedPowerlessForecastCPRWhen I Wake UpHarm’s WayJust the Four of UsRelationshipsLifesaverLong Day, Long NightThe other reviews have used up all the words.Beautiful and poeticMeditation on a themeLovely, lyricalEntrancing SlenderIncantorya vivid and powerful workSlim, yet denseAbstract

Slim, yet dense, this is a novel written by a poet about what it's like to be a neglected teen age girl, growing up sexy on a lake with an alcoholic mom and enabling dad. In this book, the most tragic event is rendered in the most dispassionate prose. (I stole that from the back cover!) I, too, grew up on a lake, and I, too, was a angst ridden teenage girl, slim yet dense, written by a poet. Read it to know me.What I learned from this book: How to do CPR. Seriously. It teaches you.

A slim volume reads like a black and white photo albumterse, exact prose captures some generations ago, one slow summer's day, boredom, two childrentrapped with parents and a grown up gathering & games, as we breathlessly watch the drama unfold for all those who have drawn blindfolds, refusing to see the burden of guilt they will have to harvest for years after. And then the background sound of relentless rain on the water.

lots of writing, very little story.I wanted so much to love this book, but I don't understand the reviews. this book was not great, in the least. the author can perhaps write, but apparently stories are not her thing. o the droning on and on for pages about who knows what-- if you want to read pretty words, have at it; If you want to read a complete story with developed characters you care about engaging in any type of plot, skip this one. I'd recommend skipping it. Seriously.

This book reminded me of how unnatural it is for children to be surrounded by the adult world- the parties, the drinking, the double entendres and the subtleties that are felt but not always understood. The main character struck a lot of chords with me, but overall it was a light read- nothing too lyrical or memorable.

It was an interesting book, but nothing really happened. It just told a story and there were no climaxes or low points in the book. It was written in a very odd way and somethings happened but it was hard to tell what it was because it never came out directly and said it. Overall, good book but doesnt really have a point.

Tragic story set in New Zealand. Someone recommended this book to me, and I recommend it now, too. One of the best short novels I've ever read. I read it years ago, and the relationship between the siblings still haunts me, in a good way.

This is one of those books I bought on a whim at a bookstore/cafe when I had a few hours to kill on a weekend afternoon. I read the entire thing in a sitting over lunch, and enjoyed it more than any novel I've read in years. Highly recommended.

Lovely book. Wonderful writing stylee subject matter put me in mind of a modern day Gatsby situation, but with impressionable young children afoot. The ending is unexpected and jarring, and the narrative approach shifts rapidly to aid in this effect. I will look for more from Kirsty Gunn.

Excellent narrative full of tasteful, subtle description to tackle difficult subject matter. Read it in one go.

This is a slender, incantory novel; a vivid and powerful work. Beautiful, dense and engrossing. It may well break your heart, as it did mine.

Love the style of this book.

child abuse, kids drowning, drunken parents, what's not to like??

Truly sad

I liked it mainly because of the language. The story is a little cliché. It reads a bit like a poem.

Becky Cowley turned me on to this book and movie and now I count them among my favorites. Beautiful and riveting.

Moody, tightly observed, powerful.

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