The Recess Queen

Alexis O'Neill Laura Huliska-Beith

The Recess Queen

The Recess Queen

  • Title: The Recess Queen
  • Author: Alexis O'Neill Laura Huliska-Beith
  • ISBN: 9780439206372
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover

A fresh original twist on the common issue of bullying Kids will relate, parents teachers will appreciate the story s deft handling of conflict resolution which happens w o adult intervention Mean Jean was Recess Queenand nobody said any different.Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung.Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked.Nobody bounced until Mean Jean bounA fresh original twist on the common issue of bullying Kids will relate, parents teachers will appreciate the story s deft handling of conflict resolution which happens w o adult intervention Mean Jean was Recess Queenand nobody said any different.Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung.Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked.Nobody bounced until Mean Jean bounced.If kids ever crossed her, she d push em and smoosh emlollapaloosh em, hammer em, slammer emkitz and kajammer em.Until a new kid came to school With her irrepressible spirit, the new girl dethrones the reigning recess bully by becoming her friend in this infectious playground romp.

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I simply love this story about Mean Jean the Recess Queen! There is a bully and her name is Mean Jean. It is known by all kids that when on the playground, "Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung. Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked. Nobody bounced until Mean Jean bounced." But there world is forever changed when a new students arrives by the name of Katie Sue. Katie Sue isn't aware of these unspoken rules so she starts kicking, bouncing, swinging and playing on the playground. When Mean Jean threa [...]

This is a shocking book only because it handles bullying in a new, unique way. I imagine there are A LOT of books about bullies in picture books, and there's a good reason for that. However, they usually just fall flat on their face with their message. This book approaches the issue in a unique way because Katie Sue stood up to her bully with kindness instead of violence. The book would also be easy to read for beginning readers because there's a lot of repetition. The onomatopoeias might be har [...]

The Recess Queen is a story about a bully named Mean Jean that terrorizes kids on the playground. When it comes to recess time, nobody messes with Mean Jean. “Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung. Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked.” But things change when a new student arrives named Katie Sue. When the recess bell rings, Katie Sue does as she pleases. She didn’t know about Mean Jean and “her rules.” When Mean Jean confronts Katie Sue, she does something none of the other kids have don [...]

The Recess Queen is an interesting story about a bully and a small new kid. This is a great book for discussions on teasing and bullying. A topic much needed in schools today. The students have an opportunity to discuss what really defines a bully. I also think that a teacher could use the book to discuss Mean Jean’s feelings and why she acts the way she does. I think this book demonstrates a great lesson in positive attitude and not judging a book by its cover. On another note, I cannot descr [...]

Oh boo-hoo the poor, hard-done-by bully wait what?!? The book implies that Jean is a bully because no one will play with her. The reality is more likely that no one will play with her because she is a bully.The author seems to buy into the myth that bullies are hard-done-by individuals with poor self esteem. That might be true in a few cases. From what I have read, however, bullies are often bullies because they have a huge sense of entitlement and an unhealthy over estimation of their own 'grea [...]

The Recess Queen is a very bright picture book that follows a bossy elementary school student around the playground at recess. The recess queen plows through all of the students on the playground as if she does not care. All of the students on the playground are scared of the recess queen and no one stands up to her. One day there’s a new kid at school, and she confidently stands up to the recess queen not knowing she has a reputation. In the end relationships form and the playground is peacef [...]

Nobody questions Mean Jean the Recess Queen! Find out what happens when a new girl joins the class on the playground.(Sometimes, the pictures are almost more entertaining than the story.)

The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill is about a elementary student named Mean Jean. Mean Jean frightens the other children so that they will not play until she plays. Then comes a little girl named Katie Sue. Katie Sue doesn't listen to Mean Jean's rules and plays anyway. Mean Jean is angered by this until Katie Sue asks her to play together. From then on Mean Jean got along with the other kids.This books carries a great message to younger kids. Bullying is in issue present in elementary school, a [...]

Friendship is the true meaning behind this story. The social context in this story revolves around a little girl named Jean that is the big bully at the school. No one dares stand up to her, especially on the playground - that is until a new student comes to school. Usually Mean Jean is the first to do everything during recess. Unaware of "Mean Jean" and her ways, the new girl Ruth Sue comes to school and breaks all of her rules. Mean Jean is ready to fight Ruth Sue, but after marching up to her [...]

"The Recess Queen" is a book filled with rhyming and rhythm that empowers children to be kind to others, even when they don't seem so kind.This book could be used to teach about author's craft, specifically how the author uses a rhythm to tell the story as well as repetition. It would also be a good book to use for character education as the new student (Katie Sue) chooses to be kind to "Mean Jean" and gets her to play with her towards the end of the story. This story shows how being kind to oth [...]

The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill and Laura Hulisk-Beith is a picture book intended for readers in preschool through grade three. I gave it three stars. “Mean Jean always got her way. Until one day…” Mean Jean was queen of the elementary school yard, always bossing kids around, never one with any friends. The new girl in school, quiet Katie Sue, gets the best of Mean Jean, as Katie Sue is the first, the best, the new one in charge on the playground. Mean Jean reacts to Katie Sue’s in [...]

"The Recess Queen" tells the story of Mean Jean and how she is a bully during recess. All the other children are scared of Mean Jean and never want to play with her; then, Katie Sue, a new girl comes to school. Katie Sue continues to ask Mean Jean to play with her at recess, finally, Mean Jean is not so mean anymore. She finally has a friend and does not bully her classmates anymore. This book is a WOW book to me, because I love that Mean Jean finds a friend and is no longer mean. This story wou [...]

this book is to show you that sometimes poeple can change and some poeple can notis book is about a kid that is the recess queen and she does not let anyone kick untill she kicks. she does not let kids swing untill she swings. everything changed untill a new girl came to her school is girl did not know the queens rules. when she heared the bell ring she ran like lightnig. she was faster then the recess queen. the rcess queen ran after her to tell her about the rules and when the recess queen fin [...]

Reading Level: K-3rd gradeMean Jean, the recess queen is the playground bully at school. Told in fun rhyming poetic form, "she'd push em and smoosh em, lollapaloosh em," it looks at the reason she bullies and one new girl's actions that change that. I loved the illustrations - so fun and a perfect complement to the fun text. It takes the issue of bullying and presents a possible solution for young children in a really fun way! You could use this in the classroom and create your own rhyming class [...]

This book made me laugh, and I loved that about it. I thought that this Queen Jean character was going to be mean the whole time but the way the book ended was just adorable. I think any book for children needs to have great illustrations to catch the eye for the students, just like this book.

Wow, I actually read this ten years ago. I was in 1st grade then. I'll be a junior in high school in the fall. Wow, that's really weird to think. Time flies. I think I will reread this, for nostalgic purposes.

This book would be great to instruct on bullies in the classroom. I liked the way it handled the issue without labeling the children.

nice book!

The Recess Queen is a picture book depicting "Mean Jean" as she bullies her way through the recess playground, with no one brave enough to say anything different. "Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung. Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked." The "tiny new kid" Katie Sue makes her debut, and pays no attention to what Mean Jean has to say, playing what she wants and having an exciting time. Mean Jean then "pushes and smooshes" her way through her classmates to confront the naive Katie Sue, "hammering [...]

SummaryThis story is about Jean who is also known by the name “Recess Queen”. During recess, Jean is very mean, both physically and mentally, to her classmates. She decides when, how and if anyone could play with the different things on the schoolyard. However, one day, a new girl starts in her class who is not afraid of Jean and does not do as Jean wants. Jean is not used to that which makes her unsure of how to respond and this all leads up to a friendship between these two girls.Major the [...]

Meet Mean Jean, the Recess Queen. She is always first. First to play ball. First to jump on the hopscotch field. First to swing. And if anyone gets in her way, she will push them and smoosh them, lollapalosh them, hammer them, slammer them, kitz and kajammer them; bullying her way to be first in every game and activity. Until one day Katie Sue, the teeny, tiny new girl comes to school. Katie Sue jumps, she swings, she kicks, and bounces, all before Mean Jean can. When Mean Jean goes to confront [...]

Booklist (March 1, 2002 (Vol. 98, No. 13))Ages 3-6. Mean Jean is the playground bully ("she pushed kids and smooshed kids, / lollapalooshed kids, / hammered 'em, slammered 'em, / kitz and kajammer 'em"). No one can stand up to her, until new kid Katie Sue arrives. Freckled, bespectacled, pig-tailed Katie Sue asks the bully to jump rope and be her friend ("I like ice cream / I like tea, / I want Jean to / jump with me!"), and everything changes. OK, kids know that schoolyard power games aren't th [...]

Awards:Grade Level: K-1st Summary: The story Mean Jean the school bully who owned recess and no other student could do anything about it. Mean Jean continues this behavior until she meets the new student Katie Sue. Katie Sue offers to play with Mean Jean altering the way recess is played ever since. Review: This story faces the problems of bullying and how to properly use conflict resolution techniques to get a positive solution. This story if fun as shows Katie Sue tactic of conflict solution t [...]

The Recess Queen is a great read for elementary students! This book is simple yet gets a very important message across to students. This is one of the main reasons for the rating being so high. The main idea addresses an issue that is relevant to most children; therefore, making it appropriate and engaging. I think that the illustrations are bright and large keeping children interested. The illustrations are also great because they accurately depict the character’s emotion, and are a bit exagg [...]

Mean Jean the Recess Queen dominates the schoolyard. Nobody swung, kicked or bounced until Mean Jean swung, kicked, or bounced. All the other kids were so afraid of her they would not even talk, only listen to her orders. Although when Katie Sue arrives at school, things change. Katie Sue swung, kicked, and bounced before Mean Jean and will not allow herself to be pushed around by the Recess Queen. Katie Sue asked Mean Jean to play with her eventually which is something no one had ever dared to [...]

This is a good book to talk about the topic of bullying in social justice education. The result was actually different from how I expected. When Katie Sue resisted Mean Jean's mean behaviors, I thought that Mean Jean would get upset more and acted like more mean and bully girl, but she was actually surprised that someone truly asked her to play together. So, I can see that even the people who act like boss and powerful sometimes wish someone could suggest them to join or do something together.

This book has a great lesson as well as vocabulary. There are a lot of fun nonsense words and rhyming in this book. The lesson involves bullying. The setting is all outdoors as recess, which I feel as though can be grounds for cliques and bullying outside of the classroom. A new girl who doesn't know the Recess Queen's rules breaks all of them and when the Queen becomes angry the new girl stands up to her.

Mean Jean was the Recess Queen that no one wanted to mess with. This book is so heart warming and shows how sometimes all a bully really needs is a true friend. The message in this book is very powerful and can show students that it is okay to stand up for yourself and to not let anyone push you around. I also loved how the images came to life on the pages.

This book was about "Mean Jean" who was the recess queen, kids were scared of her and didn't play until she played. Then a new girl comes to school and makes "Mean jean" a little less mean. I enjoyed this book, the words were fun and would keep children interested and the pictures were very bright and colorful.

Unique approach to bullying, as the new girl stands up to the class bully and the issue is eventually resolved. Great lesson on taking a stand using kindness instead of violence. Wonderful book for the classroom.

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