Magical Mischief

Anna Dale

Magical Mischief

Magical Mischief

  • Title: Magical Mischief
  • Author: Anna Dale
  • ISBN: 9781408800430
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

Hardbattle Books is no ordinary bookshop Magic has settled there in every corner and over the years has brought chaos to Mr Hardbattle s life and driven away most of his customers His livelihood threatened, Mr Hardbattle is finally forced to take action Together, Mr Hardbattle, the resourceful and down to earth Arthur and Miss Quint embark upon a quest to find a new homHardbattle Books is no ordinary bookshop Magic has settled there in every corner and over the years has brought chaos to Mr Hardbattle s life and driven away most of his customers His livelihood threatened, Mr Hardbattle is finally forced to take action Together, Mr Hardbattle, the resourceful and down to earth Arthur and Miss Quint embark upon a quest to find a new home for the magic.

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When I read the description of this book it sounded like it would be a really fun and interesting story to read. Mr. Hardbattle has been losing customers from his bookstore because, to put it bluntly, the place stinks. When he does some investigating to determine the cause, he finds out that it is all due to magic. He further learns that the way to get rid of the magic is to thoroughly dust and clean his store. With such a big heart and compassionate nature, he simply can't bring himself to do t [...]

Cozy British fantasies are hard to find these days, so fans of this genre will enjoy the latest by Dale. A bookshop owner discovers that magic has taken up residence in his little shop, and he doesn't know what to do. Since the magic is tricky, and temperamental, though mostly good-spirited, he must step carefully. After consulting an expert, he decides to do nothing--and for ten years, the dust gathers and the magic has its way. Business drops off to almost nothing since every person who comes [...]

Honestly, I decided to stop reading this. I’m an adult, but I can’t imagine a kid that would want to read this book. The most prominent of the main characters are a middle aged woman and an elderly bookseller, with a kid thrown in as a sort of afterthought. The author also embraces strict gender roles and stereotypes so lovingly that this is why I ultimately put the book down — “the females of the household were already in the kitchen” — I thought, fuck it, this was published in 2010 [...]

Book talk: There are few places left where magic can live undisturbed. The world is too busy, too clean, and too new for magic. So when a bit of magic finds Mr. Hardbattle's dusty, quiet, old bookshop it is delighted. Living with magic can be hard--it smells awful and can create quite a mess when it gets excited. But life is never boring when the bottom step may turn into custard at any moment. So when Mr. Hardbattle learns he'll have to move out of the shop he's worried about where the magic wi [...]

Mr Hardbattle's dusty old bookstore is having a harder and harder time staying in business, mainly because of The Smell. To Mr Hardbattle, it smells like manure, but other patrons have complained of other odors. He consults Mrs Trinket, who solemnly informs him that he has an infestation of magic because he has provided a perfect environment for it to flourish. It could be remedied easily enough, with a good clean out and lots of vacuuming, but since magic is such a rare commodity, Mr Hardbattle [...]

Marvelous little story about a dusty old bookshop that harbors enough magic to wreak havoc and drive away customers. The owner and his unlikely sidekicks must find a new home for the magic, but in the meantime many adventures ensue - including the always fun scenario of book characters coming out of the books to hang around and steal things. Reminded me a bit of Edward Eager and some other magical stories I remember reading as a kid.

Magical Mischief is a great book for kids and just an all around fun book. Anna Dale keeps you awaiting to see what happens next. With all the problems they encounter, you're always rooting for the characters. Even though it's like a lot of books containing magic, you don't really expect magic and a book shop to be in the same story.

This was a fun young adult fiction book. I think what I enjoyed the most was its Britishness; there's a sort of magic about English culture with its language and traditions. Without giving away the ending of this recommended book, I do wish it had ended slightly differently, resulting in more stories, but I shouldn't complain - it was fun.

A fun story about a special, magical bookshop (as if all bookshops weren't magical), where children are far more competent than adults. We insist that kids follow the rules, and then we don't - I can see why they look at us as if we were idiots. The magic is its own character, not something controlled by people - which makes it a bit unnerving, though fun.

Charming, quintessentially British story about a magical bookshop, the bookshop keeper Mr. Hardbattle, a middle-aged spinster Miss Quint and young Arthur. This unlikely trio unites to save Mr. Hardbattle's shop and rescue the magic. Just a fun, enjoyable tale. I'll be giving Anna Dale's other books a perusal next chance I have!

Closer to a 3.5, honestly. This is a very British book about a magical bookshop and the happenings within. It starts out kind of slow, hits quickly, veers into an unexpected direction, and tidies itself up nicely. A perfectly serviceable inoffensive children's book, which may be just what is needed in some cases.

This book is for readers who like magic but veer more towards the Penderwicks rather than Harry Potter. This is a fun, sweet story with lots of magical hijinks that help the plot from getting too bogged down by it's sometimes tiresome adult characters.

Storyline and characters were old-fashioned but without the old-fashioned charm. It reminded me a bit of a fantastic book about magic called, The Lemonade Trick by Scott Corbett, about a boy named Kerby who get a magic kit for his birthday.

The book generally held my interest, but the plot fell apart at the end when the protagonists captured, detained, and moved three robbers without benefit of handcuffs, weapons, or any means of persuasion. How on earth did they do that???

Summary:Mr. Harbattle's bookstore is a musty old shop filled with books. But that is not all that it contains; it also houses magic, and the magic doesn't always behave

Cute read, enough to keep me interested to the end. Not highly exciting or anything but enjoyable.

Loved the concept of wishing characters out of books, and having a magical bookstore is a great idea interesting tale.

Kids book, fun to read with the kids.

I feel this book deserves a higher rating. Its prob a 3 star.

I really thought this was going to be a good book because I liked the cover. Unfortunately, it didn't keep my attention. I think fourth graders will really enjoy the book.

This was a good fantasy for young readers with the 'Harry Potter' style of magical happenings.

2.5. The premise is cute, but it just didn't deliver. I also got really bored right in the middle. Fortunately the story picked up toward the end so I could actually finish it.

This is a fun kids book!

Lovely story full of imagination and hijinks! Funny!

It took me ages to finish this book because it did not really grab me. That said, I am glad I finished it because it didn't go where I expected it to, which I enjoyed.

really epic!

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