A Bride for Donnigan

Janette Oke

A Bride for Donnigan

A Bride for Donnigan

  • Title: A Bride for Donnigan
  • Author: Janette Oke
  • ISBN: 9781556613272
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

A new look for this Janette Oke novel Responding to an advertisement, Kathleen O Malley crosses the ocean to America to become a new bride.Responding to an Advertisement, She Crossed an Ocean to Meet a Total Stranger and Became a Mail Order BrideKathleen O Malley stood on the deck of the Barreth Lily and watched the land she d called home for than a dozen years slA new look for this Janette Oke novel Responding to an advertisement, Kathleen O Malley crosses the ocean to America to become a new bride.Responding to an Advertisement, She Crossed an Ocean to Meet a Total Stranger and Became a Mail Order BrideKathleen O Malley stood on the deck of the Barreth Lily and watched the land she d called home for than a dozen years slip from her view She had thought she would be glad to see the last of it, but she was not Emotions in turmoil, her whole being yearned to slip from the ship and return to what she knew Even though Kathleen had not been happy with her situation, it was all she had ever known As the shoreline faded into the morning mist, her only certainty was that she was bound for America to marry a man whose name she did not even know and whose face she had never seen.On the other side of the Atlantic, Donnigan Harrison anxiously awaits Kathleen s arrival on a prairie farm far from her port of arrival in Boston He has known the wonder of a dream fulfilled a snug frame cabin, the sturdy log barn and outbuildings, a fine herd of livestock, and crops in the field that made his eyes sparkle Yet Donnigan felt a loneliness on the western frontier that pierced his very soul With so limited opportunities for finding a wife, the notion of ordering a wife that once seemed unthinkable had come to make some sense Now that the time has come, Donnigan feels like a small boy waiting for Christmas.But Donnigan s anticipation is overshadowed with terrifying uncertainties What have I done

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I always enjoy mail-order bride stories, but this one has a special addition to the storyline that makes it stand out among the others in my opinion. Kathleen and Donnigan were lovely characters and I absolutely adored their story. Instead of finding complete happiness once they fell in love (like so many other stories) this couple wasn't entirely content until they discovered and met The One who was missing from their lives. :) This isn't so much for a younger audience in my opinion (they are m [...]

This book was strange for me. It started off really good. The story was believable and the author really developed the story for the main characters, Kathleen. She was essentially an orphan being raised by her mean Step-Mother. Her plot was bad enough for her to consider signing up to take the voyage west and marry a man she has never met. On the other hand, the farmer she marries was a little embarrassed to order a bride. He was very lonely and longed for help and companionship. But lets be hon [...]

I felt the book was uneven. The first three quarters had to do with the couples relationship with each other. Then they suddenly have a bunch of kids in a time covering ten years over just a couple of chapters. Then suddenly the focus is on he dad finding God. It just didn't flow right for me. I felt like the book should have ended before the kid part. The author could have written an entirely different book that would focus on the finding God part.

A sweet, mail order bride story! I loved the realistic look at mail order brides, and of course the characters were amazing! :)

This was my first book by Christian author Janette Oke, and possibly my lastI picked this up on the recommendation of one of my local librarians, after I had checked out a series of Beverly Lewis books. I thought the premise of the story sounded interesting: two lonely people who live half a world apart are looking for friendship and love, so they both respond to an advertisement for mail-order brides. Sounds romantic, right?The first half of the book was really nice. It moved very quickly, and [...]

This was the second time I read this novel; I went to it for a "light read" amidst a family visit and spring cleaning. Somehow I remembered the details differently, though the story was still charming. A shout out to my reformed friends: the writing is distinctly Arminian, but I *love* the message that the gospel can be self-revealing through the power of Scripture alone (i.e no mediator but Jesus; no pastor, deacon, Sunday School teacher needed), and that childlike faith is rewarded. And it's p [...]

A Bride for Donniganwas one of my favorite Janette Oke standalone books. When Donnigan was unsure if he should order a bride or not, I was totally rooting for him to. The book made me like his name, even if Donnigan didn't like it. I wanted them to have a kid with that name!

2.5 stars - This was okay. The first section, where the two halves of the couple choose to participate in a mail-order bride program & meet & have to learn to work out their differences was great. I cared about the characters. The problem came when they should have been falling in love but instead had children and then there was basically no more discussion of how they felt for each other, or growth in their tenuous relationship. I guess it was supposed to be understood at that point tha [...]

This is my sixth Janette Oke book to read. This book, hands down,is the best Oke book thus far. Characterization is developed to the point that you can feel the nervousness both of the main characters (Donnigan and Kathleen) experience as they made the decision to sign up and follow through with the idea of the mail order bride. You can feel the anxiety Kathleen experienced with the haystack fire and also with the loss of Taryn. Donnigan's search for God's plan of salvation was thought-provoking [...]

I guess my review is different than most because I got a bit bored with the love story part and loved the end better when they started to search for religious meaning to their lives. For me that was the good part. I got more and more excited as they, without any outside help or direction, gradually discovered their own faith and salvation. The ending made me cry, it was so sweet and joyous and wonderful.

What I really like about this book is the fact that it doesn't end when the people get engaged/married. The majority of the book takes place after the wedding. I like seeing the relationship grow and deepen and hearing about the homemaking and all the children.

I remembered this book from when I was in junior high. This series is very encouraging in your walk with God and it has a great love story! Its one of my favorites of the women of the west series.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I've read this but anyways its absolute and total garbage.

this book was in many ways a revelation, i started reading expecting another everyday romance and in a sense thats all i got for the first few chapters, but as we got later and deeper in the book i started to see the characters grow as the years passed, they became more real and Donnigan's quest to find god and raise his children the right way, his worry that his shortcomings might affect his children's future, not the one here on earth but the future we all share after this life, it touched me [...]

I'm reading thru my own collection, here at home. Personally, I've never cared for Janette Oke, except for two books: this one, and 'A Girl named Damaris'.In this one, we meet Kathleen: an Irish version of Cinderella living with the stepmother and half siblings in London, mistreated and ostracized. The day comes that stepmother is re-marrying, and Kathleen isn't welcome in the new family. So she signs up as a mail-order bride to an unknown farmer/rancher in the Americas.It's a good story what I [...]

This was kind of an odd one. It was quite short at 223 pages and paced very rapidly. It was like reading portions from three different books put together. The first part was very intriguing, and exactly what you'd expect from the title and description. The middle portion splayed out their lives at rapid fire, you would read a very small section, and then the next small section would be years later, and so on and so on. The last portion was interesting, all of the sudden the book shifted again an [...]

"A Bride For Donnigan" is a Christian historical set in the American West during the pioneer time period. It's a part of the Women of the West series, but the books aren't connected to each other so you can read them in any order. These novels are quick reads. The setting and historical detail created a nice yet still somewhat vague (as to exact time period) backdrop for the events. The story followed Kathleen's life from seventeen-years-old until she has a large family of her own. Kathleen and [...]

I really love stories about mail-order brides, so I was excited to find this for $1 at my library book sale. I ended up skipping most of the beginning of this book, as it DRAGGED on forever, and it was basically just leading up to the couple meeting. They finally meet half way through the book, and the few chapters of their new relationship were the best in the whole book. Then, the story shoots through like, I think 7-8 years, and they have a bunch of kids and try to find God. It didn't flow ri [...]

A long journey to true love and a fulfilled life.I liked the fact that evem in their fear of the unknown, both Kathleen and Donnigan took a leap of faith. From that difficult first year they continued to grow in their personal relationship as their family grew. They felt the conviction that they must learn about GOD in order to properly raise their children in preparation for the life to come after this temporary time on earth. They studied GOD's Word until it brought them to salvation. They sti [...]

I liked it because both main characters were well developed and the plot was unusual about man out west and two of his friends ordering brides from overseas. Three women were matched up with the three men, sight unseen. When the woman arrived, they married right away. It was a fun and interesting read, and revealed the adjustments that were involved in making the marriages work. One did not. There are no sex scenes at all, but they just keep having kids. Donnigan felt a strong responsibility to [...]

Yet another stop on my wander back through Oke’s “Women of the West” series. I am actually not sure if I read this one already or not. This is 100% typical Oke but with slightly less religion than some other installments. I liked the main characters but being honest, within a year I will probably be unsure if I’ve read this one or not. On one hand – this book hit the spot as I was in the mood for some plucky frontier adventures with a courageous lady. On the other, this book was so tru [...]

I have read Janette Oke's books before and especially enjoyed her "Loves Come Softly" series. This book was good, I cared about the characters but there were a couple of times that I felt the author lacked in the story. I would have liked to known what happened to Risa, and also seen Kathleen reunite with her sister. There was no closure regarding her step-mother, well maybe there was but I didn't like it. The last few chapters was about Donnigan trying to find God and bring his children to a de [...]

This is a sweet story, with a Christian focus. It tells the story of a young Irish girl who has faced more than one tragedy in her life and out of desperation turns to an option she likely never would have considered in better circumstances: shipping herself to America to become the wife of a man she knows nothing about.On the other side of the Atlantic, a young man living in the frontier has signed up for a "mail order bride" also out of desperation born from loneliness.Their epic meeting and j [...]

I really wanted to like this. It was ok. I thought it was weird that he was shocked at how young she was and they were always mad at each other and all of a sudden she was pregnant. I thought they weren't having sex because she was so young and because she wasn't even interested in him sexually. I get that it's Christian and for the sex to happen they have to be married, but I thought they'd fall in love and then have sex. I also don't think Donnigan would be so completely clueless about how to [...]

Thoughts on the entire series.Overall, Women of the West is my favorite series (that I’ve read so far) by Oke, where I really reveled in what the author had to bring in all of her sweet, warm, and simplistic glory. However, the books aren’t only warm fuzzies, as Oke does deal with some tough, and even some potentially controversial, issues, giving the reader some points to chew on but doing it in her warm style.I’ve read most of the books in the series more than once (maybe even three time [...]

A pleasant light historical novel featuring Kathleen O'Malley, who decided to answer an advertisement for a bride in the USA, rather than continue her pitiful existence in London.Most of the book covers her new life, learning to live with a stranger from a different culture, and also discovering God. Fairly strong Christian message at the end, but presented without being too preachy. Well-written with believable characters.Three-and-a-half stars, really. I read this before, probably about ten ye [...]

I can't imagine leaving my home country to go to a strange new land to marry someone I'd never met. Mail-order brides are fascinating and bizarre to me. That's why I love reading about them, and that's why I checked out A Bride for Donnigan from my library. I read this book pretty quickly. It was a pleasant read. I really liked Kathleen's character and I enjoyed reading about her and Donnigan's growing family. I did think the search for God near the end was a little weird, but somehow it worked. [...]

I watched the series of Love Comes Softly on video, and they had agood moral to them. The author writes about women of years past (usually in pioneer times) and the courage and inner strength each of them had in discovering herself. The men paid for women from Europe to come to the U.S. to be their brides, as there were either not enought women or not the proper kind of women for them to wed in the West.This book talked also about the men's struggles in becoming wed and discovering what they nee [...]

This is an all time favorite of mine. The young Irish girl's father dies and she is left to be a "slave" to her stepmother and step siblings. The young girl decides to becoming a mail ordered bride and go over sees to American and marry a farmer. When the she arrives, 40-year-old Donnigan considers sending her back because she's way too young. However, she has nowhere to return to and he has no choice but to marry this child. This is a book full of adventure, frustration, joy, romance, and trust [...]

This is a sweet historical romance about Kathleen, a girl who had a terrible life in England and decided to become a mail order bride. Luckily, she got a good husband, although it took her a while to figure this out. At the end of the book, her husband, Donnigan, decides their children should learn about God even though neither him nor Kathleen have ever gone to church and know nothing about religion. His trying to find out what he should be teaching his children is sweet and humorous. I really [...]

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