Everest: Mountain Without Mercy

Broughton Coburn

Everest: Mountain Without Mercy

Everest: Mountain Without Mercy

  • Title: Everest: Mountain Without Mercy
  • Author: Broughton Coburn
  • ISBN: 9780792270140
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover

David Breashears, the first American to scale Everest twice, was a veteran of nine previous Himalayan filmmaking expeditions when he agreed to lead what became his most challenging filmmaking experience The expedition was organized by large format motion picture producer MacGillivray Freeman Films and was comprised of an international team of climbers Their goal was to cDavid Breashears, the first American to scale Everest twice, was a veteran of nine previous Himalayan filmmaking expeditions when he agreed to lead what became his most challenging filmmaking experience The expedition was organized by large format motion picture producer MacGillivray Freeman Films and was comprised of an international team of climbers Their goal was to carry a specially modified 48 pound IMAX motion picture camera to the summit of Everest and return from the top of the world with the first footage ever shot there in this spectacular format A stunningly illustrated portrait of life and death in a hostile, high altitude environment where no human can survive for long, Everest invites you to join Breashears, his climbers, and his crew as they make photographic history Author Broughton Coburn traces each step of the team s progress toward a rendezvous with history and suddenly you re on the scene of a disaster that riveted the world s attention Everest incorporates a first person, on the scene account of the most tragic event in the mountain s history The May 10, 1996, blizzard that claimed eight lives, including two of the world s top climbing expedition leaders It is a chronicle of the courage and cooperation that resulted in the rescue of several men and women who were trapped on the lethal, windswept slopes Everest is also a tale of triumph In a struggle to overcome both the physical and emotional effects of the disaster on Everest, Breashears and his team rise to the challenge of achieving their goal humbled by the mountain s overwhelming power, yet exhilarated by their own accomplishment.

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Đây là quyển sách đầu tiên tôi đọc về chủ đề leo núi Everest cao nhất thế giới, thật là thú vị.Tác giả viết rất cẩn thận và chi tiết, với những bản đồ cụ thể, các giải thích các thông tin khoa học, địa lý, truyền thống địa phương, những hình ảnh thật của đoàn leo núi tất cả những gì người ta có thể quan tâm về chủ đề chinh phục ngọn núi nổi tiếng này. Một chuyến leo n [...]

For only the second time in my life I have intentionally bought a coffee table book. (By way of update and confession, I have yet to buy the table.) Everest: Mountain Without Mercy is a companion book to the IMAX film Everest. I also own and love that film. This book is an excellent supplement and a great work in its own right. Broughton Coburn is the primary author of this National Geographic Society publication. But there are supplementary articles and essays by scientific and medical experts [...]

This book is a mixture of Everest expedition, geology, religion, Sherpa traditions, cultural history, climbing history and stunning photographs and maps. I enjoyed all the climbing sections, the photography and the geology which was about earthquakes. I was reading this book a week after the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and a paragraph in the book was talking about earthquakes in the region which was quite sobering. The section on the actual 1996 disaster on Everest was pretty heartbreaking.

Everest : Mountain Without Mercy by Broughton Coburn (National Geographic Society 1997) (796.522) is a stunning book. It's the story of the 1996 expedition to Everest (led by David Brashears) to film an IMAX movie. The film project was put on hold, for the team was on the mountain during the terrible Everest tragedy when climbers from several parties were killed by a sudden storm. This is a wonderful book. My rating: 8/10, finished 2009.

I got this book from the library after recalling the tragedy on Everest the previous year. It was fascinating and I dreamed I was stranded at the summit after reading it. I took it out again when I got "Into Thin Air". Both books together made the tragedy so real. My feelings about guided tours to the summit as a wealthy but inexperienced climber are well aired in my review of "Into Thin Air".

I’ve read Into Thin Air & The Climb and wanted a third perspective on the May 1996 tragedy on Everest. This was a well written and excellent description of all parties involved. It gave individuals Ed Viesters and others from the IMAX expeditions voice in what took place. Though the story was tragic, it shows courage and sheer will as well.

I adore this book - an excellent addition to any 'Everest library'. The photos and production are breathtaking.Yep, it's a coffee-tabler, and it sits in my living room. It's a potpourri of Everest-nessif you have seen the Imax film, then this is a must have, and even if you haven't i can't imagine anyone being disappointed with it.

Slow start. I am sure some may enjoy the beginning few chapters but I didn't. I just wanted to hear about the climb.

Sweeping visual shots, interesting factoids, and a more objective view of the 1996 Everest disaster than I've read before.

Well written and beautifully photographed recounting of the filming of the IMAX movie "Everest".

National Geographic brings us Everest: Mountain Without Mercy which is a fascinating book. It tells the true story of the disastrous 1996 Everest climb while making the highest ever grossing (152m dollars) documentary IMAX film ‘Everest’. As well as the story the book is full of stunning colour photographs and updated information about recent Everest events, climbs and notable climbers. It captures the majesty, danger and power of this awe-inspiring mountain in words and the accompanying bea [...]

Everest: Mountain Without Mercy which is a very good book. It tells the revised and updated true story of the disastrous 1996 Everest climb which claimed more lives than previous expeditions. This happened while crews were shooting the documentary IMAX film ‘Everest’. Experienced climbers, guides and clients died during that time and the book tells the story of the events that lead up to the tragedy and how the survivors coped with the horror, loss and grief that they had to bear. The book a [...]

A large-format book which makes an excellent companion piece to Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air," as well as the IMAX film "Everest," which it is intended to complement. There's a lot more here than just an expedition to Everest. The IMAX expedition took place in May 1996 and had to be postponed for a while due to the tragedy that took place on May 10-11, where several climbers from different expeditions were killed. There are photos here of the authors of this book trying to talk Rob Hall, one of [...]

When I started reading this book, my first impression was this was coffee table material for the amazing photographs obviously highlighted and the inserts of one-page topics and quotes highlighted which I found a bit disruptive to my reading experience. However, the story itself of the tragic 1996 Everest climbing season along with references to many other deaths on the mountain drew me in completely. Based on the riveting story which provided an understandable background to motivations, the hum [...]

Coburn begins with the Nepal culture and religion and discusses Jamling Tensing Norgay and his desire to climb the Himalayas, despite his higher education in America and his father's wish for an easier life for his children. Coburn describes the Himilayan Trust and the commitment to sustainable living by the sherpas and the government. Climbing and treking teams can no longer cut wood for their fires and if a tree is felled then it cannot be more than one in an area. He continues his background [...]

For anyone who got hooked on Everest books after reading about the 1996 tragedy, this is an excellent book to get. It supplements what people who got caught in the storm have written by adding the more removed perspectives of experienced climbers who witnessed what happened and got involved in the rescue. But it's more than a book on the storm and the rescue. It has loads of well-written articles that get into details like going without oxygen on climbs, how altitude effects weather, dealing wit [...]

Recently re-published, likely to take advantage of renewed interest after the movie Everest came out last year, this story about the IMAX crew and their interactions with the others on the mountain on the tragic days in 1996 was interesting and beautifully illustrated with photography from the mountain. Interesting to read it after reading Into Thin Air.

The story is okay but to me doesn't have the appeal of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. I wish we had the story of Mallory and Irvine the film from their Brownie camera. For the best information read the sidebars and watch the movie. The mountain is the main character, amazing in all its moods and aspects.

Fascinated with high altitude climbing, always have been. This is about the 15th such book I've read. While my chances of getting to Nepal or Tibet are slim to none, I nevertheless am always intrigued by the passion (and stupidity) of those who feel compelled to climb, not to mention some groovy mountain photos. Can't go wrong with a National Geographic book!!

This was based on the Nat Geo IMAX movie. I thought it would be more of an account, but it was more of how they made the movie - which is still interesting. But I was just a little confused cuz it followed the expedition to make the movie but also followed different accounts but the timeline felt off.

One of the worst years in the mountains history happened when David Breashears went up the mountain with a crew from IMAX. This book is about that time and also has loads of information about what it takes to get to the top of the world. Amazingly beautiful pictures, maps, and heartbreaking stories of the lives lost.

Great companion book to Into Thin Air (Krakauer) as they both present different perspectives on the Everest climbs going on at the same time, this one from the perspective of the IMAX crew trying to make a movie at the same time. Of course, this book does a better job with the photos :-)

A review of this wonderful book here lindasbookbag/2015/11/08/e

This book is about more than just mountain climbing; Coburn has also included fascinating information about Nepal, Buddhism, and the Sherpa culture.

for a coffee table book, not that many good photos

This was the book that started it all for me fascinating and just a taste of the drama that happens on. Mountain without mercy!

A mix of information and storytelling. Fascinating story and photos.

Book's not so great, but photos are AMAZING!

Beautiful photos; the story of the IMAX Mt. Everest team and the tragedy in 1996.

I am fascinated by stories of Everest. This one chronicles the filming of the Imax movie the same year that many people died in a large storm. The pictures are stunning.

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