The House Between the Worlds

Marion Zimmer Bradley

The House Between the Worlds

The House Between the Worlds

  • Title: The House Between the Worlds
  • Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780345316462
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

World Walker or TweenmanFenton was only a tweenman, without body or shadow his body lay back in the laboratory where Dr Garnock was experimenting with a new drug Yet Fenton was in the fiary world of the Alfar, helplessly watching the Faerie Queen of the Alfar attacked and captured by the hideous, goblinlike ironfolk And he was fading, irresitibly being drawn back toWorld Walker or TweenmanFenton was only a tweenman, without body or shadow his body lay back in the laboratory where Dr Garnock was experimenting with a new drug Yet Fenton was in the fiary world of the Alfar, helplessly watching the Faerie Queen of the Alfar attacked and captured by the hideous, goblinlike ironfolk And he was fading, irresitibly being drawn back to his obdy.He had to return to save the Faerie Queen and to save his own world from the ironfolk But not even Sally Lobeck would believe him Garnock refused him drug and confiscated the tailsman that would let hem return in his body as a worldwaker, free to move through the Gateways between worlds.His only hope lay in finding the mysterious House between the Worlds but the House could only be found when and where it wanted And apparently, it didn t want Fenton to find it

Recent Comments "The House Between the Worlds"

I did really enjoy the first 60 or so pages, but then the book just seemed to get bogged down in strangeness.Maybe if I knew anything at all about Dungeons and Dragons I would have enjoyed this book more, but I don't so I didn't. LOLAh well, on to the next.

This is basically a swords and planet story updated to the seventies. The world is slightly different than ours. Besides the Berkeley name change the author mentions in the preface, cars run on alcohol, and Dungeons and Dragons is played on a board.The researchers in The House Between the Worlds are the worst caricatures of the unscientific wishful parapsychologist. The ones who complain that you should only count the times they got it right, not believing statistics mean they will get a good ru [...]

What a thrilling ride! This is a real gem of paranormal fiction! As both a parapsychologist and a SCAdian, this was a treat to read - to see the fledgling view of both, the beginnings of a dream and a delightful fantasy blended together by an artist's hands is truly a wonderful thing, and the imagery and research put into this book were phenomenal. How wonderful it must have been to be a part of all these things, taking place at the epicenter of some of the most liberal ideas of the time!

This is the only novel by MZB that I found tolerable.

Copyright 1981. This has always been one of my favorite books, but it's illuminating to read it again with new eyes. Some of the messages there. Learned them at 10 as fiction. Learning them again at 45 as more than fiction.(Possible spoilers in the quotes.)The gnomes message in the rock world about all life being one. "Others having forgotten that all life is one, and meaning harm to dance-world, tree-world, light-world. So making them, in pain, one with self-substance, showing them once that al [...]

La casa tra i mondi, in originale "The House Between the Worlds" è un romanzo fantasy del 1980 scritto da Marion Zimmer Bradley, famosissima in tutto il mondo per i noti cicli di "Avalon" a sfondo fantasy, e di "Darkover" a sfondo fantascienza e pubblicato per la prima volta in italia da Fanucci nel 1997.La trama è presto scritta: sono i giorni radiosi degli studenti e della contestazione, e ci troviamo all'Università di Berkeley, negli anni settanta. Cameron Fenton è uno studente che fa pra [...]

This science fiction/fantasy story has an interesting concept about alternate worlds and how they affect each other. The main character is able to cross through to another universe through the use of a drug involved in a parapsychology study. He faces personal difficulties as he comes to believe in the therory of alternate worlds and attempts to convince those involved with the study. He also becomes emotionally involved in an ongoing conflict in one of the worlds. As all the worlds start to ove [...]

Typical Marion Zimmer Bradley, well crafted characters and a story well spun.

I'm a big fan of Marion Zimmer Bradley's work, so when I ran across this book in a bag of donations I was quite excited. A piece I'd never read before: hooray!Well, it just wasn't as good as some of her earlier (and later) work, in my opinion. "The House Between The Worlds" is the story of Cameron Fenton, a PhD researcher at UC Berkeley's fictitious Parapsychology Department. While conducting a supervised trial of Antaril, a drug that enhances ESP, Fenton finds himself in the land of the Alfar - [...]

It was oke whole psychological fantasy/SF thing kind of drives me crazy. Mental powers and drugs and all that. Can't we just go to fairyland without taking illegal mind-altering substances? : ) At least it had a strong female character. But the political chitchat about marijuana being legal in CA and filling up cars with "alcohol" kept breaking my concentration. Instead of actual action, a lot of the plot was taken up by the main character's agonies, first over whether anything he experienced wa [...]

I am really enjoying this book! It's not, you know, Great Books or anything, but it's a fun rideWell, after actually reading the whole thing, I agree with someone else here who said this was a long, drawn-out short story. I hate it when authors repeat themselves. when the character continually "remembers" and reflects on things that happened earlier in the narrative. FILLER! Yawn.

A nice read from MZB. I don't like it as much as her other books, the personal journey most of her characters depart on was less apparent here. Though it becomes more and more clear to me that the theme of the 'scientific rational person' who learns about paranormal and magical realities and learns to open his or her mind is a recurring one in all of her books on many levels. The character development in this book wasn't that strong, but it was still a nice holiday read

Bought and read this many, many years ago and can't find it amongst my books, which means I either loaned it and never got it back OR it's buried in a box in the attic. Either way, I need to procure another copy.

Another insipid Bradley male running around after promising women about whom we never learn much. She builds interesting worlds and good plots, and I like her writing. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give up for a while until I determine which of her books have more appealing characters.

A university professor during an experience with some drugs supposed to enhance ESP finds himself in another world, where "elves" and "monsters" exist. But when he wakes, how could he know whether all was real, and he should indeed save every world from destruction?

An experiment in parapsychology involving a new drug lands the test subject in an alternate reality. When he returns, his fellow researchers doubt the reality of his experience, but he is sure of it. A blend of mythology, psychology, philosophy and Dungeons & Dragons.

A little slow in the beginning.By the time I had only two chapters left I was totally into the book.I wanted more when it ended.

This is another book I have owned for a long time, I re-read it every few years. A good travel to different worlds theme.

My favorite MZB book. Before the Leaky Cauldron there was the house between the worlds. Really - great book. Great ideas. Love it.

One of my favorite books by MZB, and cleverly written with very human characters and interesting connections.

She's good at sticking to certain areas. I do rather like her contemporary fictions.

This is one of my favorite Fantasy books. I bought it as a teenager back in the 80s and I've read it multiple times over the years. I just reread it in 2011 and still really enjoyed it.

Not one of MZB's better books. What starts out as a parapsychology experiment turns into a generic fantasy of fairyland being attacked by orc-like creatures.

While clearly written many years ago, this story stands the test of time and remains applicable and appealing today. I truly, truly enjoyed this read.

There isn't much to the book. It's worth skimming, but it's not deep.

Grade C-

This is one of the few books I have read multiple times. This book is complex and engaging.

Another favorite which has been read and copies worn out over the decades

My favorite fantasy book EVER!!!!

This book is not a Darkover book. However, it makes a great read. As far as I know, there isn't another about these folks, but don't let that stop you.

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