Tired of Being Tired

Jesse Lynn Hanley Nancy Deville

Tired of Being Tired

Tired of Being Tired

  • Title: Tired of Being Tired
  • Author: Jesse Lynn Hanley Nancy Deville
  • ISBN: 9780425184592
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback

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Do you diet but still find it impossible to lose weight Do your crave candy, sodas, popcorn, bagels, pasta, chips, cookies Do you have trouble sleeping through the night Do you awaken exhausted in the morning even if you ve slept Does it take a cup of coffee or to get you going in the morning In today s high stress world, many would answer yes to at least one of theseDo you diet but still find it impossible to lose weight Do your crave candy, sodas, popcorn, bagels, pasta, chips, cookies Do you have trouble sleeping through the night Do you awaken exhausted in the morning even if you ve slept Does it take a cup of coffee or to get you going in the morning In today s high stress world, many would answer yes to at least one of these questions Irritability, insomnia, weight gain or loss, recurring colds and flu, environmental sensitivities, and low energy are problems that are becoming commonplace every year, and can develop into serious health concerns such as heart disease and type II diabetes.But we don t have to live like this Anti aging pioneer Jesse Lynn Hanley, M.D believes that the lifestyles we ve grown accustomed to are responsible for our burned out systems and tired adrenal glands that were not meant to function under constant duress Her Ten Simple Solution program can show anyone how to repair a lifetime of damage and experience the best health ever Eat, Eat, Eat, All Day Long Exercise Less Calm Your Central Nervous System Pay Off Your Sleep Debt

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This book is challenging, particularly to someone who qualifies by all her metrics as a Driven Perfectionist. However, it's what I needed to read right now.Some of the reviewers have said that this book is basic common sense, but I beg to differ. These "small changes" are not small at all, they're enormous and difficult shifts in thinking for me. I'm adrenaline addicted (I could have told you this before the book) and LOVE pressure. I set up projects specifically anticipating the time crunch, la [...]

I wanted to look into adrenal fatigue after reading about it on Crystal’s blog, so I picked up Tired of Being Tired since the library had it. I have some of the symptoms listed, and felt like lots of the advice was good (cut sugar, reduce caffeine, sleep more, don’t over-exercise) but some of it was flat out weird. When the rationale for using some sort of magnet therapy is that Cleopatra wore a magnet on her forehead to reduce signs of aging, you’ve lost me. I mean, even if Cleopatra did [...]

A decent read that just reinforces what I've always believed: those who thrive in lifestyles that are filled with constant stress will eventually face the consequencesnal burn-out according to this author. The basic premise is that our adrenal glands are working overtime though adrenaline was only supposed to rise during life-or-death situations. Believable.The author recommends eating whole foods, getting plenty of sleep (more than 6 hours), exercising in moderation (but not OVER-exercising), t [...]

This book changed my entire outlook on diet, health and fitness. She advocates eating only "real, whole food" as oppossed to processed junk, which granted isn't revolutionary, but she got me thinking about this topic in ways I never had before. I read all the time about eating whole foods and how whole foods are so good for you, but not until I read this book did I understand exactly what whole foods are and why they are good for you. I've been trying to make all my own food ever since!

I picked this book up at my library for $1 because the title pretty much screamed at me. I'm "Tired of Being Tired" has been my mantra almost every day for the past year and while I knew something had to change, I couldn't figure out exactly what, or find the motivation to start. This book gave me both of the things I needed: direction and motivation. I don't think I will implement everything that this book recommends, mostly because it would be too difficult, and too expensive. However, the con [...]

I like this book. A lot. This beautifully blends historic wisdom with biochemical science. It is grounded in fact and good science and encourages the reader to make a series of small changes that can be revisited and deepened as personal progress is made. This book is not for everyone. If you normally lead a balanced life, this book will make no sense to you. If, however, you are driven, type A, addicted to stress and stimulation and have perfectionistic tendencies, this book will shed light on [...]

I like it. lol. just like i checked in the box. what i liked a lot? her descriptions of taking care of oneself, getting good sleep, not driving so hard were appreciated. her food with lots of animal products, fats like butter, cheese, eggs, goes against many books i have read. i had to laugh when i got to her further reading suggestions and found a book i had heard about so many times that suggests the same diet. she does say you can be vegetarian, so great, but the weekly menu has meat/eggs in [...]

"Tired of Being Tired" was an interesting read. Although I think the author encourages self-diagnosis and paints every ill with the same cause, there were some real gems in this book that I haven't seen in medical help books before. Fairly well written with valuable advice for all who have lived a high-stress life, I would possibly recommend this book as long as the reader were savvy enough to recognize that not all health problems are due to adrenal fatigue. This book definitely should not repl [...]

Read it with a grain of salt. First of all, it's aimed primarily at high-powered over-achievers who never sleep or eat; though there's plenty of great info for those of us who eat, sleep, and still feel chronically fatigued. Also, some of the recommendations are a little off the rails, such as taking medical leave from work if you're suffering from adrenal burnout, or taking a flight of expensive supplements throughout the day. All that said, I learned a some good info and tips that I have incor [...]

I tried to give this book a chance and finish it. I really tried. But this book is quite difficult to read. It is essentially an endless list of assertions without proper citation. It is very difficult to tell whether there is any scientific validity to anything the author says. If what she says is true, then she has shot herself in the foot and done an enormous disservice to readers. I don't have the time or inclination to line up the paltry list of sources with each of her assertions.

I'm not completely sure that I believe "adrenal burnout" is a real thing, but I found this book very interesting all the same. I think it has some sound advice for anyone living a high stress life (which is pretty much everyone, right? LOL).

Not bad. It's a well-rounded and informative book if you haven't already dug into this topic. If you have, then a lot of the information would be repetitive. If you haven't, use this as a starting point.

An interesting look at diet, exercise, sleep, and adrenaline, and what small, gradual changes can lead to better balance and long-term health. I don't agree with everything, but there are lots of suggestions.

This was a great book to understand why no matter how much caffeine I had, I couldn't get myself to feel awake! After cleansing myself of all the processed food and having realistic expectations, I am no longer struggling to stay awake each day!

A good book, in that it hits home on certain issues, but tends to be very repetitive, which is annoying. It does contain some good useful information and is worth wading through the repetitions.

An excellent understanding of adrenal function and dysfunction. I really liked how she breaks it into stages that allow for different strategies of clinical intervention.

About adrenal fatigue.

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