Thanks a Million

Nikki Grimes

Thanks a Million

Thanks a Million

  • Title: Thanks a Million
  • Author: Nikki Grimes
  • ISBN: 9780688172923
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover

What makes you thankful A book Weekends Your family How do you say thanks With a flower With a chocolate bar With a surprise In sixteen extraordinary poems that range in form from a haiku to a rebus to a riddle, Nikki Grimes reminds us how wonderful it is to feel thankful, and how powerful a simple thank you can be.

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Poems of gratitude! Love!My favorites:Even the TreesTrees, arms raised in praise,demonstrate the attitudeof gratitude. Look!Reward"Thank you" is a seed I plantin the garden of your heart.Your smileis the flower.A slow and sweet surprise,it blooms before my eyes!And a sad but lovely one:ShelterI wish these walls were ours.I wish this bed were mine,that dinnertime meant just us three,my brother, mom and me.I wish I had a roomthat I was forced to clean.I'd gripe to my best friend, then say,"Come to [...]

very diverse book

Great for teaching gratitude. Poems were very relatable for my 5th graders.

Thanks a Million is a collection of poems in various forms revolving around the theme of thanks –the power of the words ‘thank you,’ the emotion of gratitude, and being thankful for simple things. Thanks a Million would make a wonderful gift or read-aloud for a child. Grimes’ poems tend towards the sentimental, but considering the theme of the book is a sentiment, Grimes does not become overbearing. The narrative poems, like “Shelter” in which a homeless girl wishes for a home but ex [...]

The power of gratitude is explored in this collection of poems by NCTE Award Winning poet, Nikki Grimes. The phrase "thank you" is not only the theme, it is the study in this collection with touching poems about paying tribute to fathers taken for granted in "Shoe Surprise." The poem, "Shelter" will no doubt invite younger readers to think about other blessings that go unnoticed by some on a day to day basis. "A Lesson from the Deaf" is an invitation to learn to say "thank you" in another way, b [...]

Thanks a Million by Nikki Grimes is poetry. The theme is thanks. I liked the one to the teacher when the boy Dave said: I only do not like math 1/2 as much as before! Also, I liked the poem weekends. The boy said He wished he had more weekends! I liked it after thanksgiving. I am thankful for weekends to.

"I tripped, / humiliated by / a loose lace. / Laughter scarred every single face / but yours. / Scout's honor, / I'll carry your backpack / forever." Grime's 16 poems are perfect reminders of all the big and small wonders we have to be thankful for; slam-dunking Papas, a spot on the swim team, help with the dirty dishes, math tutors, love notes in lunchboxes, weekends filled with skateboarding, and the kindness of strangers. Grime's inspires us to create our own pictogramic "thank you" collages, [...]

Grades K-8This beautiful picture book is a collection of poems that express gratitude to all types of people and things. The poetry forms are as diverse as the characters and images in Cozbi A. Cabrera's incredible paintings. Poetry forms include lyrical, acrostic, poems for two voices, and letters. The poems' subjects include friends, strangers, mothers, fathers, authors, places, God, and surprises like weekends and flowers. This book is a celebration, and will inspire children to give thanks i [...]

While not a Thanksgiving book, this is a good one to read at Thanksgiving to remind us to be thankful for people and things around us. Nikki Grimes has written a group of poems about people in various situations, such as being in a homeless shelter or grieving the death of a loved one, being thankful. My favorite is the first poem, "Reward":"Thank you"is a seed I plantin the gardenof your heart.Your smileis the flower.A slow and sweet surprise,it blooms before my eyes!Lovely. The final poem, by [...]

Thanks a Million is a wonderful book for children and maybe start their day. We all sometimes forget how grateful we are to have some of the people and things in our lives. This book shows children how they should be thankful and think about what is most important. The illustrations are beautiful and describe the poems well. Each turn of the page introduces something else to be thankful about. It might just remind kids to say thanks every once in a while.

Such a great poetry book about the power of "thank you." I think this would be a great example of poetry that students could write. I could use read this aloud as a mentor text and students can choose someone they would like to say thank you to, or they could write about a time when they said thank you to someone in an unconventional way (buying them a gift, doing a chore for them, etc.). I loved this book!

In Nikki Grimes's Thanks a Million, each poem presents a different way to say "thank you" and a different reason to do so. Cozbi Cabrera's bold bright paintings depict a multicultural cast of grateful children, who are aware of the everyday kindnesses they receive, and eloquent in acknowledging them.

Thanks a Million by Nikki Grimes and Cozbi A. Cabrera is a book of short story collections (poems) about thankfulness. My favorite poem was Weekends. I also liked The Good Neighbor. I was pretty good. I a thankful for a lot of things to like Mom, Dad, and my brothers. This book reminded me of thanksgiving (yesterday).

This lovely book of poetryying thanks for all different thingsjust kept growing on me. I ended up being disappointed that I can't seem to get a copy of it for myself! Well, I did like the first poem--Reward--right from the start! Other favorites are: Dear Author, Even the Trees, and Shelter.

This contemporary poetry book features people of varying backgrounds finding and expressing gratitude in unique ways. It will inspire your children to be thankful for things they may not have recognized were such great blessings.

Year Published: 2006Grade Level: 3-6This book is full of poems about saying thank you. Nikki Grimes writes beautifully throughout this book to create the right words to say thank you and also to write beautiful language to show how you can say thank you!

This book consists of 16 different poems, with each of them discussing thankfullness and gratitude. The poems also have a story line. This is great for children to read so they are able to write down what they are thankful for.

This book is a wonderful collection of poems in which gratitude is expressed in different ways. The illustrations are nice, and the overall theme of giving thanks makes this a great book for children ages 6-9.

A wonderful assortment of poems of heart-felt thanks, ranging from haiku to rebus to riddle to free verse.

Poems for children about ordinary things like books and neighbors.

Poems for children by Nikki Grimes. Some good, some just okay.

Poetry. Try again when they are older

Loved these poems about the power of and different ways to say thank you!

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