Being Taught

Ethan Stone

Being Taught

Being Taught

  • Title: Being Taught
  • Author: Ethan Stone
  • ISBN: 9781615815425
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook

I m a virgin I think I want that to change tonight I want someone to fuck me, but I also want to be shown what to do I want to be taught I might get nervous, and I need someone who won t get angry if I say stop No names No feelings When it s over, we say goodbye and never see each other again We both get something out of the deal.

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This was a hot little story with a touch of sweetness to it. It's basically an extended sex scene involving an 18 year old virgin who picks up a guy at a bar and asks him to take his virginity. I liked the pragmatic Chett, and although the situation was dangerous for him, he made the right choice in his partner. The sex was well written and pretty unsentimental - no purple prose here - and the ending satisfying. It brought a smile to my face and I'd recommend the story if you're looking for a de [...]

This was a very short, very hot story with a very nice ending. Even though we only find out the names of the characters at the very end, I was involved with them from the beginning. Mostly with the narrator, but, through him, also with his partner.

3.5I wasn't sure when I started this short story, of a young man's first sexual experiences, whether I'd like it or not because I like plot with my sex (and since this is only 20 pages,wasn't sure I'd get more than sex). Stone exceeded my expectations! I read about a wonderful first time experience with feeling and depth, this coupled with a well thought out ending that gives you a glimpse of the future, made a very enjoyable short read.

For a 16 pages story, this one is highly sensual with a very, VERY nice sentence to end it. This story is about an 18-year-old virgin who wants a guy to help de-virginized him. It's basically one whole scene of what happens that night between him and the guy he chooses. It's very involving and in the end, satisfying.

Awesome story!!!!!I loved it!!!!First time with an older man, sweet, hot and tender sex - it was all so amazing, but the second part I loved even more, how these two man got together for good! Fantastic read, just pushed all my buttons with its hotness and super sweet HEA :)Highly recommended!!!

Very sexy little story about losing one's virginity. Hell, it's almost a primer! Lovely resolution. Looking forward to more from this author.

Unexpectedly sweet, sexy short story about a young man having his first time, and by the end a whole lot more. 3.5 stars

3,5 stars

Loved it! Smokin hot! Well done!

Ethan Stone can write a short story for me anytime! It was hot, sweet, and delivered exactly what I expected.

3.5 Stars. Sweet short. Basically as advertised in the blurb with a little HEA thrown in, but it's too short for any real connection.

I remember wanting to read a short story about something regular - like two people having first sex.Usually I need something more in my books - something paranormal, some bdsm here or there, some noncon, maybe dubcon. Something MORE that would satisfy me in case the regular stuff failed.Unfortunately the regular type of books/storiesonly keep me hanging lately, leaving me completely unsatisfied.This story is no different.Now, please► What I loved:(view spoiler)[1) Nice change from what I usual [...]

4.5 starsFrom the very first sentence this short but super hot story kept me totally engaged. Despite it being not much more than an extended sex scene the author's writing style brought the protags to life for me. The last sentence left me with a happy, satisfied smile on my face. A total "aww" moment. Overall a very entertaining story and a definite must read for fans of the author. I debated a bit on the rating so I reread the story again. I was just as entertained and happy with it the secon [...]

Really great MC. What starts out as losing his virginity turns into something so much more. Chett and Richard were hit as hell. The last sentence made me smile. I was amazed with this short story. It had a HEA which was even better. I would have cried if there had not been one.Highly recommend it!

Great little short story about a young man loosing his virginity. Although only 20 pages the writer pulls you in and you can really grasp the narrators fears and determinations. Very hot and incredibly sweet as well. Would recommend this to anyone with a few minutes to spare.

18 year old Chett decides he’s going to have sex and picks up older sexy tattooed Richard to show him the ropes, all of them. That’s pretty much the whole story. It’s very steamy though and sexy yet sweet and tender with a bit of a twist. If you’re looking for a fast hot read I recommend it.

Very short, very hot, with a syrupy sweet ending that'll make you have to visit the dentist. :D

This was my first m/m book. It was really yummy! :)

18yr old Chett decides to rid himself of his virginity, he finds Richard to help him out! Lots of sex and a smile worthy ending to this very short story.

Lovely, with a super nice HEA.

Very short but fantastic! I just loved it!

Quick and hot read. Perfect inbetween or bedtime story.

This is the story of a young man seeking someone to help him shed his virginity and what happens when he finds that man.This story is short and sweet and sexy. Three good "s" in my opinion!

Brilliant but way too short.

This is a very hot & sweet short story. I want more

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