Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree

Nancy Atherton

Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree

Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree

  • Title: Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree
  • Author: Nancy Atherton
  • ISBN: 9780670022434
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover

Cozy lovers favorite otherworldly detective cracks a classic country house case In Atherton s sixteenth mystery, Lori Shepherd returns from Down Under to her normal life in the village of Finch But Lori s normal quickly becomes anything but Her debonair father in law has moved to town and is renovating Fairworth House, a grand estate nearby William Sr expects a quiCozy lovers favorite otherworldly detective cracks a classic country house case In Atherton s sixteenth mystery, Lori Shepherd returns from Down Under to her normal life in the village of Finch But Lori s normal quickly becomes anything but Her debonair father in law has moved to town and is renovating Fairworth House, a grand estate nearby William Sr expects a quiet, small town life, but among the spinsters vying for his attention, shifty servants, and the discovery of a mysterious painting of a family tree in Fairworth s attic, he discovers that life in Finch is anything but quiet On top of it all, Lori and William are embroiled in a case of deception and false identity by one of Finch s own It s nothing the plucky Lori can t handle, but once things get truly peculiar at Fairworth moving furniture, strange sounds, and mysterious visitors she calls on Aunt Dimity for her otherworldly guidance and uncovers the shadowy past beneath the estate s magnificent surface Nancy Atherton s titles continue to delight fans who eagerly anticipate each new book Her latest will draw cheers and bring new readers to this charming series.

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Totally EnjoyedThis was my first Aunt Dimity book and it won't be my last.I loved the way the ghost of Aunt Dimity is portrayed. A very unique concept.And since this is my first book I read in the series it was like reading a stand alone yet at the same time I can read early books to find out how Lori and Bill met and how Lori discovered Aunt Dimity.So much book fun to look forward to.And an English Seed Cake recipe.

I liked this one more than several of the last ones. Finally, Lori has grown up and stopped falling for every man around. This one is set in Finch, so we get to see and hear some of the town's characters. I thought the plot was a little contrived. I knew as soon as Sally became Lady Sarah that the gentleman she had met was also pretending to be "better" than he was. The parallel of Frederick and Reginald was interesting.Still, keep the mysteries coming, Nancy!

This latest in the lite Aunt Dimity series is much like all the others. We read this series not for the mystery (non-existant) but for the weird characters that abound in the tiny hamlet of Finch, England. All the zany inhabitants are back, along with a few new ones, including William Willis, Sr. who has finally retired (sort-of) and moved to Finch to be close to his beloved grandsons.

I think this is the sixth Aunt Dimity book I've read/attempted. It's definitely on the higher end of the scale when it comes to rating the Aunt Dimitysbut still pretty low on my list of favorites, in general. I've always found this author to be pretty inconsistent quality-wise. In some places, she's brilliant; in others, there are obvious inconsistencies. No one is perfect, I know, but this is such a regular thing for this author that one would think her editor would be more on the ball. One thi [...]

Loved this great British cozy set in the small village of Finch. 4.5*

I love this series; it is like comfort food for me.No matter how much Lori Shepherd says her instincts tell her something I have to giggle since her “instincts” have gotten her turned so far around, she never comes to the correct conclusion without the helpfulness of her friends and family, not to mention her dearest companion Aunt Dimity herself.Since this is book number sixteen in the series, I recommend that you start at the beginning to find out who exactly Dimity is and how their lives [...]

How lovely that Nancy Atherton has bought Lori and Aunt Dimity home to the landscape that is very much a character of the novels. She's also brought Lori back to her basic family-centered, Bill-loving base, though Bill is still little more than a glorified support mechanism, conveniently being called away on business when Lori must become deeply enmeshed in the goings on. At least there is no awkwardly contrived almost-love-interest for Lori this time. I still believe that Lori would benefit fro [...]

If you are looking for a genuine, cozy mystery, one that will keep your interest without resorting to any of the blood and gore so often found now, even in cozies, look no further than Nancy Atherton’s latest installment in her Aunt Dimity series, Aunt Dimity & the Family Tree. Lori Shepherd is at her best, taking care of her family, helping her father-in-law at his newly renovated manor, and keeping one step ahead of the gossipy townsfolk. It’s up to Aunt Dimity to slow down Lori’s im [...]

More new characters are introduced in this episode, freshening things up a bit and keeping it one of the most enjoyable series available. Lori's father-in-law plays a larger part as he renovates an estate near Lori's family. Once again, I read this in one sitting. It was so much fun I didn't want to put it down, and these books are very relaxing to read.

Love this series. It is on the cozy side, but avoids being cutesy. Does have magic realism (or whathaveyou) but is fun, charming, and interesting. There are few murders in this series, but it still maintains the suspense level with the secrets held by everyone. Recommended if you're looking for a more lighthearted mystery and if you're a fan of the English brand of cozy.

This has been one of my favorite series, but I truly believe that it has run its course. The last five or six just haven't been as fun to read. Lori is becoming close to hysteria in her obsession for jumping to conclusions that are nearly always wrong. And I miss the covers with Reginald!

Ah, an Aunt Dimity book. A guilty pleasure. This one seemed a bit predictable to me, but then again, it is something like book 16 in the series so perhaps I'm finally catching on but do I read it for the "mystery,, or to keep up with the characters? Ah well, I enjoyed it, anyway.

There is something about these books that entice me to chuck it all and move to the Cotswolds. Once there, I'm sure I would go crazy, so it's nice to have these books as a temporary escape.

If you're looking for a sweet mystery series, give Aunt Dimity a try. #16 involves a romantic charade and family heirlooms.

It's quite refreshing to read a mystery that doesn't include a dead body! Several parts of this book made me laugh out loud. If you love the Aunt Dimity series, you'll enjoy this one.

Someone save Willis, Sr from the village widows!

Adorable!!!!! I just love all the characters. They are simple but colorful and fill up the small town of Finch with stereotypical small town people. Which isn't a bad thing! This was my first Aunt Dimity novel so she was quite the surprise. And "Lori" I still have my childhood mouse sitting on my bed! I love the ending. It's nice to read a story with simplicity and a happy ending. It was like a cup of tea!

I'm sorry to say this, but despite the potential of Aunt Dimity's story line, this book was awful. I want my time back. I'm really sorry to say this since I always try to give books a chance. It was repetitive, nonsensical, uninteresting and difficult to get through. I don't think I'll ever read another in this series again.

An embellished story while on vacation involving a handsome stranger, a miraculous, too good to be true couple arrive as housekeepers and nosy neighbors in a small English village.what more could you ask? Add in great characters and a fun plotd your afternoon is gone, but the book is finished!

This was a fun Aunt Dimity! Just love a mystery that keeps me guessing, not to mention laughing, especially in the sometimes-so-obvious-world of Aunt Dimity! When Lori’s father-in-law refurbishes an old estate, chaos ensues on many levels. One of the better Dimity’s!

Loved this one!

I love the Aunt Dimity books. Such a fun group of characters and intriguing mysteries. Always a fun read.

The first few Aunt Dimity books were fun. In the beginning, you could sort of tell that the author was laughing along with you at the tale and its fanciful turns. I don't know why I keep reading them, however. They haven't raised that feeling of fun and whimsy since probably the third book. In the Cotswolds of England, Lori is the protagonist. An American transplant to the little town of Finch. From the start, I could accept the idea of her "aunt" writing from beyond in her blue journal as a fun [...]

Having returned to her adopted village of Finch after her adventures in New Zealand, Lori is busy aiding her father-in-law to restore a run-down estate, Fairworth House, and to avoid the village spinsters who have developed a most avid interest in his activities and future plans. Lori's life becomes even more hectic when she's drawn into a harebrained scheme by Sally Pyne, the local teashop owner, who told a few "little white lies" to a charming Mexican man on a recent vacation that have come ba [...]

The book equivalent of a sit-com. Entertaining and great for a break from the stress of life. The plot is nothing new or exciting, but it's entertaining.

There are people who do not love the Aunt Dimity books, which I find nearly impossible to understand. I suppose that having the title character already be dead might be a turn-off, but really, well-bred and smart Aunt Dimity is not very intrusive: she waits to be consulted, no haunting for her. And the bad guys are seldom bad at all -- mostly just self-centered and occasionally irritating. I suppose some people miss that in a book. These people are way too serious, in my opinion. So if you want [...]

Lori Shepherd is thrilled that her father-in-law is moving to Finch to be closer to his son and grandsons. William Shepherd, Sr. is a wonderful addition to the community. He has bought Fairworth House and spent an excessive amount of money fixing it up. The community is all a buzz with the modifications and restoration of this historic home, but a lot of the members of the community are just buzzing about William himself as an eligible bachelor!After William, Sr. hires the Donovans to run his ho [...]

The Aunt Dimity series is one of my very favourites, and this installment delighted me just as much as the previous editions have!This series [which you can learn about by reading the descriptions] has a sweetness, charm and fun that is just plain unadulterated entertainment. This is the series I go to when life gets too busy or stressful for me. These books, and the characters who inhabit them are like dear - if interfering - old friends, whom one goes to when one needs to be coddled and comfor [...]

Loved it!

"Aunt Dimity And The Family Tree" is another book in the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton. Lori Shepherd's father in law, William Willis Sr. has moved to England and bought Fairworth House Estate. He is in the process of renovating the house, gardens and moving in. Sally Pyne receives an letter from Mexico. It seems the gentleman, Henrique Cocinero, she met in Mexico during the vacation she won is coming to Finch. It turns out that Sally pretending to be Lady Sarah while she was in Mexico. N [...]

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