Drop Dead Gorgeous

Jennifer Skully

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous

  • Title: Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Author: Jennifer Skully
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Drop Dead Gorgeous Jul , Share this Rating Title Drop Dead Gorgeous . Want to share s rating on your own site Use the HTML below. Drop Dead Gorgeous film Drop Dead Gorgeous Rotten Tomatoes A wickedly colorful, twisted comedy, Drop Dead Gorgeous probes the heart of a small Minnesota town where a teen beauty pageant has unleashed a fury of very unladylike behavior. Urban Dictionary Drop dead gorgeous Get a drop dead gorgeous mug for your father in law James drop dead gorgeous unknown When you see a guy or gal on tv or in person and they are so incredibly good looking that you think you might faint Oh my god, Johnny Depp is drop dead gorgeous by tahareh May , . Drop dead gorgeous Idioms by The Free Dictionary The novel lacks fireworks but will appeal to dedicated readers who do not mind that the heroine does not get the guy, sometimes children s relationships with their parents are complicated, and a girl does not have to be drop dead gorgeous or a ninja to be worthwhile. Drop Dead, Gorgeous Drop Dead, Gorgeous was an American post hardcore band from Denver, Colorado.It consisted of frontman Danny Stillman lead vocals , Kyle Browning lead guitar , Jake

Where is love when you really need it Certain that she will depart this world at the tender age of twenty eight, Madison O Donnell is determined to experience breathless, passionate love in the two weeks left to her, no thanks to her stuffy boss, T Laurence Hobbs T Laurence is the perfect tax accountant, a man who likes his ducks in a row and his numbers in a column BWhere is love when you really need it Certain that she will depart this world at the tender age of twenty eight, Madison O Donnell is determined to experience breathless, passionate love in the two weeks left to her, no thanks to her stuffy boss, T Laurence Hobbs T Laurence is the perfect tax accountant, a man who likes his ducks in a row and his numbers in a column But there is no way he will sit by while the lovely Madison throws herself at the absolute wrong man If the only way to save Madison from herself is to make her fall madly in love with him, then it s up to T Laurence to make it happen And as he turns his number crunching skills to capturing his sexy secretary, he s beginning to think that there is to life than death and taxes

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This has to be Jennifer Sully's best book to date. It is funny, sexy and the heroine has a thing for her boss who is balding and an accountant. But it doesn't stop there. Madison has a stalker who cleans her apartment and along with the fact that she needs to fall in love before she turns 28 because she thinks she will die because her father did at that age. She has two weeks to find the right man. And when T. Larry, her boss finds out what she has planned, her makes it his goal to watch her lik [...]

I chose to read this book and the 'Drop Dead, Gorgeous!' (note punctuation on other title) because they were near each other on the chick lit shelf of the library. I thought it would be amusing to read and compare the two books, and brought them both on holiday with me.While the other book had a hint of scifi, was a screwball comedy with a lot of hot sex, this one went the more traditional romance route. In the line of boss/secretary of many years finally have an imperative to fall in love, this [...]

Madison O'Donnell is the bubbly secretary for T. Laurence Hobbs. She believes she will die of a stroke on her 28th birthday and so makes sure she lives life to the fullest no matter what. In this book she decided two weeks before her birthday that it is time to fall in love.We see her looking in all the wrong, sometimes even dangerous places when the truth is staring her in the face. Drop Dead Gorgeous was a funny romance with a twist of danger thrown in to keep readers on their toes. I love tha [...]

I fell in love with stuffy, balding, tax accountant T. Larry - what a great H - turned out to be a little alpha. He grew out of his need to plan for the perfect outcome and fell in love with Madison. I liked this book - it made me laugh. The side characters made me laugh too. The suspense revolves around a stalker of the h - a little OTT - but made for some good laughs. I needed a break from my usual. I'm glad I saw this as a 4-star from a GR friend and took a chance.

I read this as an eBook on my laptop and all though I wasn’t consistent with the read I still found this story a bit irritating and pointless. The name of the main character T.Larry (or nickname, should I say) was annoying. I can't imagine anyone using that as a nickname. Madison was just as bad, she was far to bubble and over positive, and sometimes she came across incredible stupid, just unrealistic for my taste. I thought the storyline was weak and very predictable.I wouldn’t have brought [...]

It has been a while since I have read a Mills and Boon. Anyway, this was a sweet, quick read and I did enjoy it. There were some quite funny parts in the book and I always love it when you get to see both main characters thoughts about different situations. The only thing that I was a little confused by was why the guy on the front of the book had a full head of hair whereas the character was going bald. A little bit of a #Fail right there.

Meh. The courtship of one dimensional characters having boring sex. And there's pubic hair. Sometimes I give chick lit a chance because of the pretty covers but often regret it. I found myself wishing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele would enter this story and both couples would make a murder-suicide pact and go away.

I want to grab a towel, some suntan lotion, and head to the beach with this one. I found this contemporary romance/comedy to be great! If you are looking for a very light read, a little break from reality, this quick little book is for you. Surprisingly, the characters had a lot of depth. The storyline was engaging. The sex scenes were pretty "wow."

All of the characters are extremely annoying. Madison is more like a bubbly twit than just "full of life" as the author tries to portray her. I kept questioning why I even took time to finish it. The stupid nicknames, the childish office, the very obvious criminalJust skip it

Clever and witty and laugh out loud funny. This was my first book my Jennifer Skully and won't be my last. Her characters had me cracking up and the story made it very hard to set the book down. I couldn't wait to see what happened next!

What a sweet, silly, and funny book.Such a refreshing change from all the billionaire hunk stories making the rounds these days. T Larry Hobbs is very, very hot in his own nerdy way, and Madison is just a lovely heroine.

Fluffy read I downloaded from the library to de-stress. The main female character needed a smack for being so trusting of people, but that's a nice change from the usual reasons romance characters need a smack.

Darling romance with enough zip to keep you entertained and reading.

Thank goodness it was free on my kindle!!

I really enjoyed reading this. The main character was quirky and an in the moment type of person. She loved to give people nicknames and try to see the best in every person.

First attempt at downloading something from overdrive and reading an e-book.

Fun story, a little slow to start but worth it to hang in there. By the end, I was hanging on every word and rooting for both the hero and heroine (as it should be).

Review coming soon.

It started out as a bit of a farce, and then became a great fun read with characters that I loved, or loved to hate.

Could (should) have skipped this one! Mindless, trite and obvious!

couldtnish.why do i keep trying to read jennifer skully books? *shudder*

Funny parts! Fun and easy read!

Okay for what it was a nice beach read or Sunday read when you dont have anything else to read

cheesy,predictable but good fun. an easy read that didn't make my brain hurt

Cute book. I am not sure I would read more from this author but It was a funny story.

This book is awful. Don't read it!

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