Dating Can Be Deadly

Wendy Roberts

Dating Can Be Deadly

Dating Can Be Deadly

  • Title: Dating Can Be Deadly
  • Author: Wendy Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373895120
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback

Some gifts are easy to return like the parrot earrings from Aunt Ruth but when your gift is clairvoyance, Tabitha Emery finds there is a definite No Refund Policy Now she s having visions of black magic rituals and dismembered bodies, and she s not sure what to do She didn t ask for this talent and certainly doesn t want it, but it clings to her like a thong and is justSome gifts are easy to return like the parrot earrings from Aunt Ruth but when your gift is clairvoyance, Tabitha Emery finds there is a definite No Refund Policy Now she s having visions of black magic rituals and dismembered bodies, and she s not sure what to do She didn t ask for this talent and certainly doesn t want it, but it clings to her like a thong and is just as uncomfortable.Tabitha s goals are simple ones A to rise above law office receptionist B to spend Friday nights uncovering the mysteries of butterscotch schnapps with her comrades, and C to procure than a passing glance from Clay Sanderson Greek god type lawyer.But her second sight has turned her life upside down and now she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation where the only clues are in her persistent premonitions making her not only the key to solving the mystery but perhaps a suspect, as well On the plus side she could use some legal advice, so now she and Clay have something to talk about And somewhere in the middle of all this is the real culprit, the mystery man, who wants this clairvoyant dead.

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This book started off pretty good, after having read the Ghost Duster series, I had high expectations for this book. Unfortuneately, those expectations fell flat. There were a few humorus moments here and there, but for the most part, the main character seems more focused on getting drunk than anything else. I grew to really dislike the characters. After 167 pages, I decided to close the cover for good on this one.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. One of my favorite lines 'the butcher, the baker, the candle-sex maker'. LOL, you have to read it. I laughed a lot with this book, despite the mystery of the pentagrams. I don't often, but I did end up reading parts to my husband. He laughed too.This is about friends. There is some family, but it isn't a lot. Mostly it is about a girl and her trying to figure out life and navigate the pitfalls of her 'gift/curse'.

I was not 100% crazy about this book. When I put it down I was not compelled to pick it back up. However it was not a bad book.just nothing special. It was about a woman who was clairvoyant and just wanted a normal life. However she gets bad feeling and runs into a sadistic cult. This leads to her finding a mutilated cat and a dumpster that has human blood in it. Her visions give her information that the police can not understand her having unless she was there when it happened. Now she might lo [...]

I liked this book. The heroine has weird feelings when things are going to happen. She doesn't understand them and she doesn't like them, but her friends think they're cool, which is how she gets tangled up in a murder. She gets a feeling and her friend won't walk away like the heroine wants, instead walking straight up to the dumpster the weird feeling is centered on, and finding a body. The heroine just wants to do her job and maybe find a boyfriend, hopefully the hunky lawyer at the firm wher [...]

DNF at Chapter 4. I set it aside thinking that maybe I'll have the motivation to pick it back up and finish it later, but with so many other books I actually WANT to read, I can't be effed to bother with this book. I really enjoyed Wendy Roberts' first Ghost Duster Mystery book, so I might head back in that direction at a later time.Otherwise, so far I'd been finding Dating Can Be Deadly kind of amateurish in writing. The characters are unlikable and Tabitha got on my nerves almost immediately. [...]

I started this book and finished it about 2 hours later.The writing appears to be a very freshman venture. I've overcome such writing before and hoped to do the same with this book but was unable to. I read the first 5 chapters and then decided to start backwards. I went to the end of the book and counted in about 4 chapters. I read one and decided that I didn't care about the end of the book enough to continue reading.My main complaints are the characters--they are flat and lacked the depth nee [...]

Tabitha Emery is clairvoyant. But she doesn't actually want the gift. It led to the break-up of her parent's marriage and it hasn't helped since. In fact, right now the gift is only showing her pictures of death. Her friends are ecstatic but Tabitha is not, especially when having knowledge of the crimes is just making her more of a suspect which then leads to her being fired from the law office where she works for a dreamy lawyer. But she's also interested in the brooding owner of a paranormal s [...]

I actually really enjoyed this book. The editing was pretty terrible and the main character was annoying at times but, despite that, it's a pretty good (and easy) read.It's funny, it keeps you guessing, and there are several characters that are likeable. Yes, even Tabitha.The ending wasn't something I was expecting, although all the signs were there. WHY DID I NOT SEE THEM.If you don't take this one too seriously (and don't expect some stunning display of literature), you'll probably enjoy it a [...]

Definitely a cute, lightweight read designed for twenty-somethings who are into drinking, dating, and maybe even a bit of the paranormal-type genre. Tabitha, the protagonist, is a receptionist at a law firm; she has visions that help solve a crime, and two guys who seem to be interested in her. Friday night drinks with friends, a kitten, and car (and money) troubles rounds out the rest of her life. But can she solve the crime before she becomes its next victim?

flew through this one. loved it

The book needed better editing. I gave it 3 stars for the humor. Right off the bat, I had no idea what Tabitha looked like. I knew what everybody else looked like, but I never had a clear picture of Tabbi. She did come off as whiny and an alcoholic, but since this was a first book, I am willing to let all that slide. I am glad I found her Ghost Duster mysteries first, because her talent does shine.

So far, I'm enjoying it - the characters are fun and the dialogue is funny and smart - but I wish SO MUCH that this book had had a better editor. I keep finding grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; to the point where I almost started crossing things out and putting in commas. I hate when bad editing makes a good book not as much fun to read.

Tabitha is a clairvoyant who hates her gift.cially when it causes her to see the grizzly details of a murder. I was pretty bored with this selection from the beginning, but I kept reading in the hope that it would get better. It didn't. The ending was especially weak.

Was expecting a great 'duster book, but was sadly disappointed. Had a great start and ended up as a sappy romance novel. All the characters were weak and the story was shallow. Hope for better on her next offering.

This one is just ok. I didn't care a whole lot for Tabitha, she seemed very selfish to me. I did like the group of her friends and the way they supported her. The story was a very much chick lit with a paranormal twist and not all that interesting.

I loved this book. The humour mostly missed the mark-- but the paranormal element to this mystery more than made up for it. I loved her character development. And it make me very sad that this was a stand alone book.

Amazing novel which mixes crime, visions and a handsome bookshop owner(dream guy in my opinion since he owns a bookshop). My first novel in this genre and the best I read so far.

I actually quite liked it. It has just the right balance of humour, suspense and sexual fantasy. A good novel that I simply could not put down.

Wow! What an amazing book, not at all what I expected from the title. This book has it all murder, mystery, romance the occult. You are sure to be keopt guessing right up to the last page. I was!

I really enjoyed Ms. Roberts other books (series). But this just seemed to drag, and then left you hanging.

My rating: 2.5

Overall the book was good but I kept waiting for something riveting, shocking or earth shattering to happen but it never did

I liked it, but didn't love it. I would be interested in more related stories.

It was all right for a first novel. I like the Ghost Dusters series better. She certainly has improved as a writer, and I look forward to others in the Ghost Dusters series.

This was an easy, fun read.

Funny, witty and light reading. I liked this book very much and will definitely read another book from the same author.

Interesting story. The writing was okay. If you are just looking for something to pass the time, this book should be fine but it isn't anything that I would look out for.

Cute, fun fast read. Enjoyed.

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