Broken Wings

Melanie Nilles

Broken Wings

Broken Wings

  • Title: Broken Wings
  • Author: Melanie Nilles
  • ISBN: 9781452818023
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback

One Shirukan, an elite soldier of the Shirat Empire, came to Earth for Raea s Starfire shard and failed Aware of the possibility of another attack, Raea trains to use the shard s power to protect it while preparing to graduate from high school But she discovers that the Keeper training her has betrayed her trust and must decide where her heart belongs She never imaginedOne Shirukan, an elite soldier of the Shirat Empire, came to Earth for Raea s Starfire shard and failed Aware of the possibility of another attack, Raea trains to use the shard s power to protect it while preparing to graduate from high school But she discovers that the Keeper training her has betrayed her trust and must decide where her heart belongs She never imagined that distance from him would mean a universe apart.After the Shirukan attack, she wakes up on the Inari homeworld among those whose loyalties she questions To return home, she must reach the Crystal Keeper known as Saffir First, she must elude the thousands of Shirukan between her and freedom.

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Wow!! I mean . . . . Wow!! What a great book!! Raea is falling in love with Elis but freaks when his cousin reveals that he is bonding with her. Bonding is a life long commitment and they are only 18. Raea is frightened by such a huge commitment and wants some time apart from him, to be able to examine how she feels. It has been a life changing 6 weeks to find out that she is an alien, not human, to be attacked and rendered unconscious by an enemy, to find out that whilst she was unconscious she [...]

Well this one was slightly better than the first one. Raea is still a holier than thou, naive, idiotic brat. I really detest her. Not sure what happened with Elis as a character in this book. His demeanor changed a lot from the first book and I wasn't so fond of him anymore. The only ones that remained the same was Josh and Raea.I had a hard time trying to figure out why it was necessary for Raea to tell Cris that he and Leks were "attractive" before letting them know she was in a relationship. [...]

Raea is kidnapped by the Shirukan and finds herself being rescued by a bunch of misfits on Inar ‘Ahben. She races to get away from the Shirukan and makes her way to the only person who can successfully send her safely home back to Elis. The pace of the story is initially excellent and draws you right into the story. Unfortunately half way through the book, I kind of got bored because there was no immediate threat and so if felt more like a group of friends on their way to a picnic than someone [...]

I liked this book. It wasn't quite as good as the first one, but that's because I wanted more of Raea and Ellis together. Raea is shocked to learn that Ellis has been keeping a secret from her, and she feels betrayed. She asks to have a little time away from him (even though it kills her) to sort out her feelings. Unfortunately, Shirukan come to kidnap Raea while Ellis is away. She is taken to the Inari homeworld to give up her Starfire shard--and her life. The Rebel forces fighting against the [...]

Incredible! A sequel that is even more exciting than the first book! Since I finished the book long before bedtime I needed to read more by Melanie Nilles. So I started When Angels Cry. That one started exciting so I had to fly through about half the book before finding a good place to stop and sleep. This morning I bought number three in the series.I will admit that there are formatting issues that are confusing. I don't know how I would have fixed them myself. There needs to be some way to dif [...]

Loved this seriesI am a hard person to please and although the books and series are not perfect in every aspect, I felt compelled to give it 5 stars. The premise, worlds the author creates, and characters were imaginative and well written. I had not trouble envisioning foreign lands and nefarious enemies. I was so emotionally invested that I had to see the series through, angry when I thought some key people were dead or when friends proved to be enemies, happy in the end, you get the gist. I re [...]

NO WAY AS GOOD AS THE FIRST. It started of just like the first, really cool! Then Raea is captured you think GREAT! THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOO COOL! SHE IS CAPTURED AND EVERYONE WILL BE RUSHING TO THE RESCUE AND THERE WILL BE LOTS OF COOL STUFF! Well, no. It turns out she is saved as she is being captured and it just goes downhill. This is the first book where I actually had to skip to the end because I wanted to know if it was worth it. I wasn't.

This book was MUCH better than the first one. It drew me in from the beginning and kept me interested. I finished this one in about 1/3 of the time of the first one as well. All the characters grew in this one and I am growing even more attached to them. I don't usually do sci-fi type books, but these ones are pretty good and keep me coming back. I moved onto the next book as soon as I finished this one.

A brilliant sequel to Starfire Angels! Again it's full of suspense and thrilling action. Nilles does well in creating a different world, I could imagine Raea and Elis' homeworld when it was being described. I give it 4 stars because there are several times where Nilles repeats herself and it is quite annoying. But apart from that, a brilliant read that had me turning the page, or tapping my iPod in my case!

I loved the first book. This one kinda had me a little confused. it was interesting and I liked the new characters. it wasnt lacking in excitement or betrayal, which kept me reading. Josh found out, finally, his reaction was funny. The action scences were good. nothing was ever easy, but thats what had me glued. All in all i liked this book and i will pick up the next one.

I loved this book and its series because I loved how it progressed and also what happened and that different and unexpected and also that there wasn't just one bad group of people and it took you a little while to figure out sometimes who the baddie was all the same.I read this a while ago but the story was too good not to remember. :D

For fun I have included a full length review on my blog kristineandterri/This was a good easy read. Not quite as good as the first one however I think that is due to the fact that the love story is not predominant in this installment. I am already on to the next one in the series.

I like the concept of this series, but I'm having some issues with how the author constantly repeats characters thoughts (i.e. I miss Elis, Debbie is gonna kill me, I don't trust anyone, etc.). I'm just happy I found a fantasy YA novel series that didn't include witches, werewolves and vampires!

Another great read by Melanie Niles! So much action in this book and it was great to continue learning more and more about the culture of the Inari. A great adventure for Raea and it keeps you guessing to the end whether she'll make it out and who is really on her side.

This was a great follow up to Starfire Angels. Alot of adventure and background to the story. I love the characters and their interactions. Love, love, loved it. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

I love this series. Melanie Nilles is a really good author.

I loved this whole series and gave it to my 12 yr old niece. Although young adult, it is a quick read with some theological twists that kept me thinking.

How can I read this book?? Everyone's saying they're reading it but it isn't available on this app so how?

I liked this book a little bit better than the 1st book, but this book was confusing and I was often forgetting characters names.

Again, not disappointed yet! It's interesting to see how much more can occur for these characters.

This was a really good book that I just couldn't put down. It made me feel like I was really a part of the story. Just like the first one!

2.5 stars

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

I LOVED it! This book was awesome and I can't wait to read Crystal Tomb!

Loved this book <3

The series just keeps getting better. I love the twist at the end, I hope Raea and Ellis end up bonded.

Can someone tell me where i can download this for free!!!!

As the second book we see Many more obstacles an struggles as Ellis an Resea fight to save the shard of Starfire from falling into the wrong hands

I haven't finished but it is awesome

Sometimes the second book in a series feels like a flop. Not so with this one! I loved seeing the other world and meeting more "angels."

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