Angel of Mercy

Lurlene McDaniel

Angel of Mercy

Angel of Mercy

  • Title: Angel of Mercy
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780553570830
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Heather Barlow has always been idealistic, and now that she has finished high school, she s ready to make a difference in the world After graduation, she joins a mission group on a hospital mercy ship sailing to Africa However, Heather is unprepared to face the disease, famine, and misery she encounters.Ian McCollum is also among the medical staff in Uganda Ian has leftHeather Barlow has always been idealistic, and now that she has finished high school, she s ready to make a difference in the world After graduation, she joins a mission group on a hospital mercy ship sailing to Africa However, Heather is unprepared to face the disease, famine, and misery she encounters.Ian McCollum is also among the medical staff in Uganda Ian has left his native Scotland to help those threatened by a world of seeming indifference When Heather meets Ian her heart races and she feels happy to be alive But as the weeks pass, Heather finds her idealism vanishing the refugee camps and orphanages are overcrowded, and misery is everywhere Only Ian can see beyond the horror and help Heather understand that the world can be changed if people try to help those in need one by one.From the Hardcover edition.

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One of these things is like all the others. True to the stereotypical Lurlene McDaniel story, this novel is a tale of eighteen-year-old Heather’s search for the greater meaning in life after death. Heather, having left her family as a volunteer to go help small daycares and schools in Africa, immediately meets the strapping young Scottish man named Ian who teaches her how to handle the disease, death and misery she struggles to come to terms with upon coming to Africa. Strengthened by this man [...]

I read this book for the first time at age 13. It is one of the books that helped to shape me into the bookworm I am today. The story of Heather and Ian almost romance in the African bush is one of the most heart wrenching stories I've ever read. McDaniel is a master of drama, and this book is definitely one of her most emotionally fueled works. Angel of Mercy (and it's sequel, Angel of Hope) are beautifully written accounts of Heather and her sister Amber's travels to Africa upon the Mercy Ship [...]

Heather graduated high school and now she's going on a Mercy trip to Uganda to help those who are in need. She has always dreamed of doing something like this ever since she was little, so she was excited to be going. What she wasn't prepared for was the suffering she witnessed. I thought "Angel of Mercy" was an amazing book. I loved every single thing about this book. I would recommend this book for middle school and up because it's pretty easy to read and it's not that long of a book.

I really like this book because it shows the difference between cultures and how hard some lives are. "Angel Of Mercy" is about Heather going on a trip to Africa and realizing how hard people's lives are. I would recommend this book to Freshman and up because it's an easy book to read.

I read this book when I was in middle school and loved it, I decided to read it again now as an adult. I am an American living in East Africa, so there was a new connection now. However, I must say that I was very disappointed in some of the misinformation in the book. For example, Swahili is actually not that widely spoken in Uganda, the main languages are actually English and Luganda and While Swahili recently (after the book was written) became an official language, it would not be the langua [...]

In this fiction book, Heather, a charitable girl recently graduated from high school leaves the comfort of her wealthy home in Florida to spend six months assisting at a charity hospital in Uganda. She leaves on the trip with a desire to make a difference in the world, and though she does achieve this goal in the service she renders, an even greater change is made in her as she learns to reach beyond herself and see others for the children of God they are. The trip is physically and emotionally [...]

Laurlene McDaniel RequirementGenre: Drama/Death/Misery/Healing/RomanceThis novel is a story of eighteen-year-old Heather’s search for meaning in life after death. After having left her family to volunteer in daycares and schools in Africa, Heather meets Ian, who ultimately teaches her how to cope with the hardships she faces in this foreign land. Eventually, Heather learns to look past the misery she sees and learns to serve an orphan child with a young sister in desperate need of surgery. Ian [...]

I picked this book because it was set in Africa and I needed a quick read for sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office. Maybe I'm just 25 years too old for this book or maybe the book is wrong on a bunch of levels. I think I probably would have been swept up in the romance and adventure as an adolescent but there's no way I would let my daughter read this book. I don't appreciate the mixed messages. Heather says she didn't come to Africa to fall in love and then she does j yurt st that! [...]

Heather just graduated high school and wants to make a difference. Her parents are both plastic surgeons. Heather volunteers for the a mission trip to Uganda. She sails on the hospital ship with her fellow volunteers, including Ian, a doctor in training. She grows closer to Ian as they get closer to Uganda. They get to Uganda where Heather goes to work in a clinic working with Doctor Henry. She meets Kia, a young girl who is living with Heather's host family. Heather is able to draw Kia out of h [...]

This book was about Heather Barlow traveling to Uganda to help out the local citizens to reach their nessessity. She travelled by ship to reach to Uganda. During the trip, she met a friend named Ian McCollum. Ian was with Heather whenever she is nostalgic for home and grieve when a little child died. Ian and her had faced obstacles that deals with misery, death, diseases and war.I think it is book was okay but wasn't as good as what I expected. But overall, I learned a lot about how people lived [...]

I grew up being a big fan of Lurlene McDaniel and yet this book was a nice departure from even her usual. I love missions and I've wanted to be involved with Mercy Ships which is a ministry featured in this story! What the characters are involved in and pursuing, in retrospect, contributed to a lot of what I have pursued in the years since (a litte uncannily so--I'm just recalling this book recently). A sick, little orphan baby--check. No plane crashes or time spent on Mercy Ships (though I have [...]

Category: McDanielsThis book is about a girl who sails o Africa on a mission to help those in medical need. She also strives to help people spiritually. The girl, Heather, has many spiritual experiences and meets a lot of interesting people on her journey. I didn't enjoy this book, because it was blatantly didactic and cheesy. I am touched by a book when it indirectly inspires me. I think that indirectness has a better ability to touch people, because they get to choose their feelings instead of [...]

Loved It! Fabulous!Theme: Love triumphs over all: hate, selfishness, cruelty, tragedy, deathTheme: Act kindly without seeking ultimate reasons. Practice random acts of kindness.Theme: Believe in yourself. To succeed, we must first believe that we can.Theme: One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm.Theme: Things are usually not as bad as you think they will be.Theme: People from other cultures are really very much like us.Theme: Look for the gol [...]

RomanceI didn't really enjoy this novel because it was so didactic. The main character is very kind and compassionate and decides to go to Africa on a charity mission. I thought it was a great idea but the way it was executed and written was just boring and unexciting. The characters were to easy to predict and there wasn't any real conflict that made me want to keep reading. I think many would enjoy this novel but I didn't.

Missionary Fiction. "Didn't like" it is an understatement. For a novel that criticizes the decadent West, the book sure promotes Western superiority. I couldn’t stand this self-righteous, pretentious book. Every time something went wrong, a quote from the Bible made it right. Horribly didactic. Horribly cheesy. I felt like I was reading a book from the 1950’s. Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War is more ethical. Awful, really.

Review:This was a great, quick read. I accidently read Angel of Hope around three years ago not realizing it was the sequel. Angel of Mercy was a very touching and heartfelt book. Lurlene McDaniel's style is one of simplicity but powerfulness. However, I felt the end of the book went by a little too quickly. It was very easy to see why Heather fell in love with Ian.

This is a book about a girl who wants to help the less fortunate so she goes on a trip to Africa. As she sees more and more sick and starving children she begins to lose hope, but a boy she meets restores iti really like it so far and reccomend reading Lurlene McDaniel books, she's an awesome author.

A Christian type novel, love story, and a death occurs towards the end. The book was intriguing for a one time read, but I would not read it again. I learned about other beliefs, but the death at the end was disheartening. Lurlene Mcdaniel writes books that deal with tragedies, but tend to be popular among Christian teens.

Heather Barlow travels to Africa on a mission trip where she meets Ian. She begins to feel discouraged with the refugee camps and orphanages being overcrowded, Ian is the only person who makes her feel better. This book will help students be thankful for what they have and teach them about the struggles in other countries.

I thought this was a very good book. I really enjoyed reading it. I loved Heather as a character it was a very touching, heartwarming, and heartbreaking book. It was a great book about self finding and young love and the sting of heartbreak when losing a love one. I also love Ian as a character as well.

It was really good! I read it when I was a freshman in high school and I really liked it then, It's a teen book but it teaches you things that everyone should learn and that's love to serve others. I wanted to read this book again because well I wanted to read a really good book.

It was awesome to have my favorite quick read lurlene again. Especially after breaking dawn :P I really enjoyed this one! Although it wasn't my favorite. She doesn't make you love these characters as much as she does in other books. This book was very inspiring, though.

A novel that inspired me when I was a young child and is also still expiring me today. Mission work, spreading the love of Jesus, is something that can be difficult and even dangerous; however, no matter what comes against you, you must remember who's word you stand upon.

This book is definitely a good read for high school students especially if they are interested in the mission field. Although it is cliché in that Heather travels across the world, find love, and then loses him, it still teaches a great lesson and shows the difference between cultures.

So I thought I was all cool because I read the info about this book on and it sounded right up my alley.Well, I went to the library today and read the back of the book, and turns out its so cool and so up my alley that I've already read it lol.

keep writing lurlene

This book made me cry.

I made me cry. It is a great teen novel about life and our relationship with God. I loved it!


I loved it 5 thumbs UP!!!!

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