Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes

Jonathan Auxier

Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes

Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes

  • Title: Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes
  • Author: Jonathan Auxier
  • ISBN: 9780670064663
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes eBook Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is the utterly beguiling tale of a ten year old blind orphan who has been schooled in a life of thievery One fateful afternoon, he steals a box from a mysterious traveling haberdasher a box that contains three pairs of magical eyes. Welcome to Nimble CROSSWIND is pure performance Materials, process technology, design, and testing create the ultimate in aero, without compromise in acceleration, weight g set , or handling.It is the fastest and most tested bicycle wheel ever developed. Nimble Cloud Accounting Peter has been our accountant for nine years and helped us grow our business We value his honest straightforward advice Peter introduced us to cloud accounting which enabled us to stay on top of our complex financial operations and to efficiently manage our stores in different locations. Zesty Technology Home of the worlds smallest and lightest direct drive extruder, the Nimble weights less than grams It is the upgrade your D Printer deserves It is a Remote Direct Drive extruder for FDM printers. Roll Compendium DD th Edition Compendium Type to search for a spell, item, class anything Jonah Sachs Winning the Story Wars and Unsafe Thinking Jonah Sachs is an author, expert and speaker on storytelling and creativity He is the co founder of Free Range Studios His first book Winning the Story Wars was an international bestseller His second book, Unsafe Thinking, will be released early . Keeping it nimble at Kraft Heinz Supply Chain Management Feb , One of America s iconic food brands says it is investing to create an efficient and nimble supply chain that can respond to a changing consumer while meeting its customer s requirements A Rare Peek Inside s Massive Wish Fulfilling Jun , Through the engineering of its fulfillment centers, has built the world s most nimble infrastructure for the transfer of things We step inside to see how the formidable system works. A Marshmallow World A Marshmallow World sometimes called It s a Marshmallow World is a popular song that was written in by Carl Sigman lyrics and Peter DeRose music. Clifton Blake Asset Management Clifton Blake acquired the development lands for this state of the art LCBO store in Situated in the trendy Parkdale neighbourhood, the subject property is proximate to tree lined residential streets, boutique retail and abundant food and entertainment options.

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is the utterly beguiling tale of a ten year old blind orphan who has been schooled in a life of thievery One fateful afternoon, he steals a box from a mysterious traveling haberdasher a box that contains three pairs of magical eyes When he tries the first pair, he is instantly transported to a hidden island where he is presented with aPeter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is the utterly beguiling tale of a ten year old blind orphan who has been schooled in a life of thievery One fateful afternoon, he steals a box from a mysterious traveling haberdasher a box that contains three pairs of magical eyes When he tries the first pair, he is instantly transported to a hidden island where he is presented with a special quest to travel to the dangerous Vanished Kingdom and rescue a people in need Along with his loyal sidekick a knight who has been turned into an unfortunate combination of horse and cat and the magic eyes, he embarks on an unforgettable, swashbuckling adventure to discover his true destiny.

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What is the most telling difference between those works of children’s literature written long ago and those written today? Pose this question to a room full of children’s librarians and I suspect that the answers would be myriad. Books today are less racist. They’re willing to push more boundaries. They’re smarter, hipper, less didactic, and so on and such. Pose the question to a room full of kids now. What do they answer? Would they even know where to begin? I wonder since the memorable [...]

I’ve been looking forward to Peter Nimble since the moment I came across Jonathan Auxier’s website, The Scop. The site is simple, the sketches are fun and that might be the best “about me’ section I’ve ever seen. So to hear Jonathan was publishing his first middle-grade this fall, literally made me giddy. Then I found that this particular middle grade novel is set in a quazi-Victorian age, starring a blind-orphan-thief.Here’s what I need: books that I can look a kid in the eye and sa [...]

Dear Peter Nimble,I’m sorry, but you and me, that’s just not going to work.After an 86 pages long relationship I must admit you bore me. I know you are meant to entertain my inner child but either that child is on vacation or you’re not doing a very good job.Also I think you’re overdoing it. Seriously, is there anything you can’t do? You are blind, yet you learned to smell and listen to the world as if it was right in front of you. You even learned how to stop your own heart beat so th [...]

“Now, for those of you who know anything about blind children, you are aware that they make the very best thieves.”pg. 3When I read books like Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier, I get disappointed. Disappointed because mediocre books are hyped so heavily, while truly timeless books like this one don’t even hit my radar unless I have to read it for something (CYBILS). Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes is a truly magical read about a blind orphan, Peter Nimble obvs, wh [...]

Jonathan Auxier’s debut book, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, released August 1st by Amulet Books, is an imaginative attempt within the Young Adult (YA) fiction genre. But what appears to be the beginning of an action-and-adventure-filled series starring a persevering and original cast of characters is in reality an imaginative but half-hearted tale foiled by an amateur voice and copycat style.By his own admission in the book’s acknowledgments, Auxier is a thief like his protagonist Pet [...]

The storyline is just ridiculous-crazy. Things happen so fast and so out of the blue, it’s almost delightful. At first the adult in me was putting up a fight and going “Say whaa?”. Pretty soon, I shelved that irritating grown-up sixth sense and just immersed myself in the fantasy that is Peter Nimble. The creatures he meets are truly weird, his companions are funny, and his enemies are deliciously nasty! For me it was like reading The Phantom Tollbooth meets any Roald Dahl book meets Peter [...]

Initially I really enjoyed this book -- the writing is clever and amusing, but I felt the story had several parts that were just jarring, considering that this is a kids' book. Peter Nimble is found as an infant, floating on the ocean in a basket. His eyes have been pecked out by a raven.Okay, what?!Things get no better for Peter after he's rescued by sailors -- he's left at the nearest port town, where officials name him, then abandon him again on the streets to fend for himself. As a baby!! No [...]

Excellent and imaginative Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure.1/13/18 Kindle version on sale today for $2.99.

What a grand adventure; funny, scary, prophetic and imaginative. Peter Nimble has been blind all his life. Because he is blind, his other senses provide information the rest of us don't even notice - the smells of stones and of wealth, the sound of beating hearts and of friendship. These abilities lead him to becoming an extraordinary thief; perhaps the best thief in all the world. He can pick any lock. At the end of one particularly difficult lock-picking challenge he discovers a box containing [...]

4.5 starsPeter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is one part fairy tale, one part epic adventure and one part magical. It's charming, witty and is definitely an unforgettable read. With everything Peter Nimble's story entails, this book has the same feel as the classic, ageless fairy tales I grew up reading or had read to me. Jonathan Auxier's fresh voice combines an array of timeless fairytale elements, and yet creates a story that in unlike anything I've read before.Peter Nimble is a character who [...]

I read this aloud to my two children (age 7 and 10). It did a great job holding the attention of my 10 year old, but not so much my 7 year old. I cannot imagine many children younger than 10 years old reading the book on their own as many words are fairly complex, even for some adults. Despite that, it is a very fun, whimsical book. As an adult, you have to lose your grip on reality and just go with it.I loved Peter Nimble's character and he has to be the best thief that has ever lived. He had a [...]

"Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes" is an adventure and fiction book filled with twists and turns. In my opinion, "Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes" is a book, which I enjoyed very much, and had many unexpected events, such as Peter going from a thief to a king. Also, it was interesting to follow the adventures of a blind person. "Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes" is a book I would recommended to many of my friends and even to you. "Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes" takes place in Pet [...]

The book is divided into three parts: Gold, Onyx, and Emerald. The first part Gold is very strong and I was enjoying the story. There was a dark quirky humor to the story that was like Pullman's I Was a Rat. Examples: "One problem with a life of crime is that it lowers your chances of social advancement.""You see, when it rains, rich people seldom come out for fear of melting."Unfortunarely the book goes on to epic length without having a story to support such length - the book is 381 pages long [...]

Peter Nimble, a boy who was abandoned as an infant, is the greatest thief in the world. Despite the fact that he is blind, he can pick locks and sniff out loot better than any other thief. He finally stumbles into an adventure that sends him to a lost land to save a bunch of people from some bad things that are happening. I'm having a tough time figuring out what I liked and did not like about this story. It took me over two weeks to read this whole book, a snail's pace for a determined summer r [...]

Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers: thebooksmugglers/2011/08/jREVIEWFirst Impressions:Ana: I am just going to be upfront and start by saying: this book broke my heart. I love stories with thieves as protagonists and I was most intrigued and happy to see a blind kid as the main character of this story. And I was delighted with about 99% of the book: it is a fun book, it is wonderfully written, the story itself has awesome twists and turns and right up until the very ending I was a very hap [...]

A fairytale. Written like a Classic. with Updated Bonus Materials. So many things in this book made me reminisce of so many things in other books; I could say “it was like ______ “ with at least 11 (just counted) separate things, but in the end it’s not really like any of them. In the end, it is it’s own. It’s own wild adventure of friends and family and children and imagination. And I laughed and I cringed and I got confused and things made sense. I’m really glad I liked the cover. [...]

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is a classic hero-on-a-quest novel, yet it manages to be anything but predictable and boring. The archetypal characters are fresh, funny, and smart. What I loved:--The fly on the wall narrator, who tells the story with wry asides and witty wordplay.--The view of the world, reminiscent of Roald Dahl's children's novels, that adults are evil and stupid, for the most part, and children are the smart, brave heroes who can be trusted above anyone else.--The author' [...]

I generally love a story with a quest. But Our young hero, ten-year-old Peter Nimble, who is blind, is sent on a vague quest to save an unknown someone from something in a place that no longer exists. The characters are quirky and Peter has to figure out who the good guys and bad guys are and then fight for what's right.There was actually a bit too much carnage in the story for me. Lots of people and animals getting slaughtered left and right. I thought it was overkill (ha!). And a personal pet [...]

This book is exactly what you would expect from the cover. What about the "fantastic" eyes? I'll tell you, they are magical! They get Peter - and cast of characters - out of harrowing situations, they put him in harrowing situations, but most of alley take him for a wild ride. Fun fantasy suited for upper elem and middle grader! Language is challenging for the smarty-pants, and the adventure will keep every kid tuned in. I hate to say that this book is perfect for a male reluctant reader (you kn [...]

This is a very enjoyable YA book. I could not put it down and give it at least 4-1/2 stars.The main character is Peter who was found floating in a small crib with his eyes pecked out by ravens. Kind of a rough start. Following that was a very rough childhood that lead him to become a great child thief. Then he is suddenly sent toward his destiny on a mission with a most unlikely companion. I liked the subtle humor that the author has sprinkled throughout the book. There are impossible characters [...]

This is the first book I have ever pre-ordered before publication. Can't wait to get my hands on it in August.


"Kadang-kadang, keadilan menuntu lebih daripada yang bisa kita berikan."--p. 340Bintang dua bukan karena ceritanya jelek, tapi karena karakter Peter Nimble yang kurang matang dan beberapa ketidakkonsistenan lainnya.Ulasan lengkap >> celoteh-ainini/

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan AuxierPages: 381Release Date: August 1st, 2011Date Read: 2012, April 9th - May 8thReceived: Audiobook from libraryRating: 5/5 starsRecommended to: 10+SUMMARY -Peter Nimble is nothing but a blind thief. He steals from pockets, purses, and shops. He is light on his feet and smart with his fingers. He has a gift for thievery, and that's all he's ever doneBut when a strange man appears in town, showcasing something marvelous, and blackmails Peter into [...]

PETER NIMBLE AND HIS FANTASTIC EYESBy Jonathan AuxierWhen a book starts with a small infant baby boy having his eyes plucked out by a raven it really must be read to completion. And so that’s what happen when I choose Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier for my before bed read. But ahead of getting way into the story discussion let’s talk about how this book came into my hands in the first place.While attending ALA11 in New Orleans one of our biggest “Have To’s” was I [...]

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes begins with a basket bobbing next to a ship with a small baby inside. This little baby with no name was left with nothing but a large raven on his head, which quite possibly was the one responsible for pecking out his eyes and rendering him blind. Having some pity on him, the sailors took him to a neighboring town. Things don't go smoothly in town, for they leave him all alone to fend for himself."Now, for those of you who know anything about blind children, y [...]

This was a ridiculous book. I need to gather my thoughts before I can really say anything more . no sense blasting without some sense behind it!! OK. It's been a few days now, enough to get the anger out of my 'voice'.So I'll reiterate . this book is ridiculous. To the extreme. Now, don't tell me - 'well, what do you expect? It's a book for kids. What are you doing reading that sort of tripe anyways?' I hold to the personal opinion that ALL books can be well written, regardless of the intended a [...]

"Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes" is an amazing twist on a classic fairy tale. The emotion and detail was mind blowing as it transported me to this adventure filled with peril and magic. The captivating adventure also included revenge and reunion. The descriptive sentences would sometimes leave me shaking as the emotion wafted from the pages. I simple could NOT put it down. I haven't finished a book completely, that wasn't for school, in over 2 years, but I finished this book in 4 days! In s [...]

Peter Nimble is a Dickens-like urchin with a miserable life, until the day he steals a box from a traveling salesman. Within the box lie 3 sets of eyes. The first will transport Peter to another world, where he is given a quest that will fulfill his destiny.I heard the author at Wordstock and was struck by his articulate speech, causing me to seek out Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes. True to form there is great language and description within the story. I also particularly liked that althoug [...]

Peter Nimble è un piccolo gioiello della letteratura per ragazzi, con tutte le caratteristiche che non possono non affascinare i giovani lettori: personaggi bizzarri ma ben caratterizzati, con un protagonista che pur nella sua sfortunata sorte di bimbo cieco, è abile, scaltro, intelligente, forte e determinato nell'aiutare i bisognosi e la sua spalla, il buffo Sir Tode, che aggiunge un tocco di ilarità a tutta la vicenda; un narratore brillante che rivolgendosi direttamente al lettore, lo coi [...]

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