Only Revolutions

Mark Z. Danielewski

Only Revolutions

Only Revolutions

  • Title: Only Revolutions
  • Author: Mark Z. Danielewski
  • ISBN: 9780375713903
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback

Sam They were with us before Romeo Juliet And long after too Because they re forever around Or so both claim, carolling gleefully We re allways sixteen.Sam Hailey, powered by an ever rotating fleet of cars, from Model T to Lincoln Continental, career from the Civil War to the Cold War, barrelling down through the Appalachians, up the Mississippi River, acrosSam They were with us before Romeo Juliet And long after too Because they re forever around Or so both claim, carolling gleefully We re allways sixteen.Sam Hailey, powered by an ever rotating fleet of cars, from Model T to Lincoln Continental, career from the Civil War to the Cold War, barrelling down through the Appalachians, up the Mississippi River, across the Badlands, finally cutting a nation in half as they try to outrace History itself.By turns beguiling and gripping, finally worldwrecking, Only Revolutions is unlike anything ever published before, a remarkable feat of heart and intellect, moving us with the journey of two kids, perpetually of summer, perpetually sixteen, who give up everything except each other.Hailey They were with us before Tristan Isolde And long after too Because they re forever around Or so both claim, gleefully carolling We re allways sixteen.Hailey Sam, powered by an ever rotating fleet of cars, from Shelby Mustang to Sumover Linx, careen from the Civil Rights Movement to the Iraq War, tearing down to New Orleans, up the Mississippi River, across Montana, finally cutting a nation in half as they try to outrace History itself.By turns enticing and exhilarating, finally breathtaking, Only Revolutions is unlike anything ever conceived before, a remarkable feat of heart and intellect, moving us with the journey of two kids, perpetually of summer, perpetually sixteen, who give up everything except each other.

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Howdy there, O happy reader!It is of the utmostand most sincerest importancethat you understandwhat kind of adventureyou will bestow upon your selfby undertaking and reapingthe novel that HOUSE OF LEAVES'very own Mark Z. Danielewski has sown.Sam and Hailey and Hailey and Samare two star-crossed loversdriving across America andthrough time as their loveblossoms and grows and yetso do the country and timesthey invade most irreparably.It is the ambition and the braverythat makes this labyrinthian p [...]

For every bit of love I felt for Danielewski’s House of Leaves, which was quite a bit, I felt an equal amount of dislike for this one. For me this book embodies a word I have recently seen thrown around : Gimmicky. It was gimmicky with a capital G. Gimmicky with all caps. GIMMICKY. It was just bad, man. Bad, bad, bad. The book tells the story of Sam and Hailey, eternal sixteen-year-old road-tripping Romeo and Juliet types who drive across country and through history. Their story is told by eac [...]

This book was like a cross between Da Vinci Code and something by Palahniuk. And I mean that in the most insulting way possible.The summaries and reviews I read before getting the book had all focused on how it's the same story about two people told from each of their perspectives. Therefore, I hoped going in that it would have some interesting and thought-provoking juxtapositions.There were no interesting juxtapositions. When reading one character's take on a situation, the question was not in [...]

I really wanted to like this book as I LOVED House of Leaves, and furthermore, I wanted to be the elitist one that could espouse, "ohhhh, you didn't like it??? well, it was a difficult boooook"butI just didn't like it. I mean, I get the concept. I get the format, I get the epic quality. but I think the entire thing could have been done in half the length with twice the impact. After a while the "flip the book" gimmick because almost unbearable as I would get distracted and forget in which voice [...]

Alright. That's enough. Page 113 (from each end). Were I to finish it, it would be merely pro forma. So but anyway. If you're even in the least bit curious about his book, this object of the book designers' trade, probably not so much the novelists' trade(?), then my own very personal suggestion would be that ; lieber to be curious about either Larva: A Midsummer Night's Babel or Zettels Traum. Seriously. On the other hand, all best wishes to those who've made Only Revolutiions a meaningful work [...]

I have learned that something can be structurally interesting and yet completely unappealing. I read about 24 pages each direction before I realised that reading more would be a chore and not worth my time.

I dont mind working to read a book. I loved "House of Leaves" and I dont mind being a bit 'lost' in a book - Umberto Eco's "Focault's Pendulum" was a truly difficult read that required work to read and research to fully comprehend. But this one lost me WAY before it could hook me. I don't mind the gimmick, really. "House of Leaves" was gimmicky - but it had a great story, an interesting story, a story that sucked you in and kept you reading, and turning, and looking, and puzzling. "Only Revoluti [...]

Zero stars. That's right. Zero of them. This is the worst book I've ever read. It was appallingly bad. Again, it was the worst book I have ever read.Here's my longer review of it:Writing by Numbers:Mark Danielewski’s Only RevolutionsThe age-old love-struck teenaged social pariah theme gets a new spin in Only Revolutions, Mark Z. Danielewski’s latest meretricious undertaking. Told by two sixteen-year-olds, Hailey and Sam, the book begins from both ends, “allowing” the reader to flip it ov [...]

reread: may 14, 2011-(1/1/07): the best book i've read in a while is now out in paperback and as an audio book and mzd has announced his fall tour. what better time to update my review of this gorgeous, personal, political work? plus, who doesn't love a book that so prominently features american cars and asks to be read like a steering wheel?only revolutions succeeds at a nigh-impossible feat: it is a modern epic poem. it is a novel. a love story. a history. a myth. it is lewis carroll, jack ker [...]

Oh, what a gimmick! Two stories, sharing the page, meeting at page 180, and continuing on to page 360 where the ending of each story is also the beginning of the next. If you follow the publisher's recommendation, you'll turn the book over every eight pages to weave the two stories together. There's different colored ink, puns and riffs that would make Joyce jealous, and a list of dates in the sidebar that serves as a kind of Cliff's Notes of American History. It's all very exciting and exhausti [...]

I’m on the bus for 2 hours a day. It’s where I do all of my reading. It’s like being in the bathroom and reading the back of shampoo bottles – Almost anything is better than just looking out the window – But not this book. I really wanted to like Only Revolutions. I thought the idea was great. The same story told from the male and female perspective. You read 8 pages of the male side then flip the book over and read 8 pages of the female side. But I thought I would be reading prose - n [...]

I think I'm one of very few people actually set up to love this book. Obtuse pointless internal rhymes, a romp through history for some vague reason hanging on the Kennedy assassination as fulcrum, an obsessive parallelism as metaphor for love, a total overstuffing of reference as a way of talking about Americanness, and a bunch of Finnegans Wake references--yes, this is one of those things where taste is defined by what kinds of silliness you'll tolerate.But for me, anyway, it's like reading a [...]

An epic poem, told from the point of view of two people, with lots of annotation and other Danielewski tricks anyone who read the interesting, if flawed, 'House of Leaves' will be familiar with. When I read this book I felt like it would probably be good for me to finish it, like eating Cheerios or Wheaties, but that's not why I read books (as a general rule). It's also supposed to be read 10 pages at a time, from each protagonist's point of view, and that definitely got annoying after about pag [...]

I think a lot of people pick up Finnegan's Wake and fall in love with the perverse but precise architecture of that book and figure, "shit, I can do that."Well, they can't.I positively adore Danielewski's House of Leaves equally for its compelling structure and the stories stretched up on those frames, but this one is all stretcher and no canvas. It's a he-said she said, both stories glind through the book, upside down from each other. The letter O appears in green everywhere in the book. The fo [...]

She knots up my hair, slurpson my shoulder, so sobsloppilytortured with shame andremorse, though I'm the onlyone here to blame of course.***My guts turning, splashes & sweats,DTs to kicks. I'm all dreck. Wreckingeverything. Remorsefully.Ashamed. Tortured. The only onehere to blame, assured.

Make no mistake about it--this book is *not* for everyone. Even those who managed to conquer Danielewski's House of Leaves (or at least finish it--conquering it is perhaps another matter altogether), may find themselves ultimately beaten or annoyed by Only Revolutions. Taking structural formalism to an extreme, Danielewski weaves the story of two seemingly immortal and un-aging sixteen year old kids, Hailey and Sam, as they trek across the United States on the run from the enigmatic character Th [...]

An incredible reading experience that works more as a novelistic slam poem than a typical novel. Danielewski creates two timeless characters whose youth never dies as their love continues to grow. Written in perfect rhythm and pace, reading the book outloud adds to the experience. The movements of the words and the power of Danielewski's language could be dampened by just looking at the book and letting it work interiorly. However, by saying the words, the story is brought to life even more to l [...]

America, its history, its ideals, as quadraphonic epic poetry. Extremely ambitious and probably brilliant, but I'm not exactly up to the task of determining this for myself. The one real complaint I feel fairly up to making is that unlike, say, Pynchon, where the references echo, riff off of, and bolster the content, here there virtually is no content outside the references. I'm not even convinced that all the references refer to anything at all. The design, however, is utterly gorgeous.Or maybe [...]

This read like a dream. It was confusing, then clear and then confusing again. The story seemed to inch, jut, and leap forward, and then with a flip of the book an instant replay revealed a different perspective. I loved Danielewski's use of two voices to tell a story. His understanding of the two main characters and their insatiable need for each other showcased the madness of love in a remarkable form of suggestion, saturation and passion. I was often confused and amazed by the intricacies, la [...]

Ну что, с одной стороны ничего нового, с другой — эксперименты хороши в свое время. Читая Данилевски, вспоминаешь «симюльтэн» — симультанизм Анри-Мартена Барзана (его «Эпоха драмы, 1912) и его последователей (хотя как посмотреть, многие считают — сверстников) Робера Делоне и [...]

After Danielewski's first novel House of Leaves, my expectations were high for Only Revolutions. Unfortunately, I was severely disappointed.The book is about two young lovers, Sam and Hailey, who each tell their own side of the story (you flip the book upside down to switch between their viewpoints.) Their story takes the form of a poem, with arbitrary line breaks and indentation, puns, inconsistent rhyme, alliteration, intentionally misspelled words, made-up words, and so forth.It's an interest [...]

I've been thinking about this book for days. What would I rate it and why. I'm not even sure that it's 3 worthy? Maybe 2 1/2? (finally settled on a 2) I know for a fact this might turn into less of a review and more of theories I have about this book.The love story between two sixteen year olds, Sam & Hailey.This book was sitting in the FREE section at a local used book store. And, hey, free is free. So I double checked that it wasn't a mistake because the paperback was going for $12/used an [...]

House of Leaves was and still is one of my favorite books when I read it around ten years ago. The House was my introduction to postmodernism, metafiction and ergodic literature; and while it took me an embarrasingly long time to make even a sliver of sense of that behemoth, I still fondly remember countless summer days spent with Johnny Truant, Zampanò and Will Navidson.I read The Fifty Year Sword in 2013 - still in love with Danielewski's concepts, even if the quintiphonic ghost-story itself [...]

Exactly halfway through this book, my opinion of it changed completely.Up to that point, I wasn't enjoying it. I was tired, as I am always tired, of arrogant adolescents getting into misadventures, scampering about having sex and consuming exorbitant amounts of drugs (aside: when you teach high school, glamorous nostalgia for the teenage years kinda loses ANY AND ALL power). I was irritated with the writing style -- choppy sentences and constant references to wildlife (what? I still don't get th [...]

This book is somewhat irksomet for reasons pertaining to its "prosetry," rotating, double reading, etc; but because I really want to like this book, but can't quite bring myself to give it a sterling review. I liked the themes, and the concept -- tying together American history with flora and fauna with rebellion, youth, travelling cross country, sex, minorities, love, written to show how these things revolve around each other, work upon each other, and are even ingrained within not only the cha [...]

Reading this book was like an acid trip, or being schizophrenic. It is the story of two 16 year olds, Sam and Hailey. They are timeless, and they are on a road trip, and they are in love. It is written in some type of prose? I don't know what to call it. It's not like a regular story. The stories start from opposite sides of the book, and you read 8 pages of a time, then flip it, then read 8 pages, then flip it. Each pair of 8 pages retells the same story. I noticed some parts of the story that [...]

this is one of those books that i desperately wanted to love. i wanted to praise it and find it a place deep in my heart, but at the end of the day it's like the middle child of the brood, you know? sorry honey, you're just not my favorite kid. mommy doesn't love you. one of these days you were going to grow up and find out so why not just own up now. (oh, that and you're adopted.)No but seriously. it's wonderful in concept: some sort of elliptical, intertwining he-said/she-said love story takin [...]

Clever in concept; awful in execution. The characters are as thin as the gimmicks are thick. Revolvings devolve into revolting. Only Revolutions can't really make up its mind what it is -- bad fiction or bad poetry -- circling tediously from cartoon to pornography to B-movie dialogue to quest narrative (though what is sought is never made clear and I use "narrative" losely), to alternative and parallel worlds. The idea of a book that can be read in both directions has potential and the flip-book [...]

Oh, God. This book.It's not a 3, it's a 1 and a 5 at once. It's brilliantly conceived, wonderfully executed, covering a depth and breadth ofI don't know what only made possible by the advent of the internet.And I kinda hated it. I mentioned by Danielewski's other book that whether you love or hate House of Leaves depends on how much you accept the gimmick.I couldn't this time around. I just could get beyond the gimmick.In terms of discussion and wonder and exploration, this is a great book to ta [...]

Not nearly as impressive as House of Leaves. Some neat ideas, but most were gimmicky. I may try to tackle this again later.

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