Sweet Dreams

Michael Frayn

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

  • Title: Sweet Dreams
  • Author: Michael Frayn
  • ISBN: 9780571212712
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

A man who dies and goes to Heaven nowadays expects something a little sophisticated than gold streets and angels playing harps He wants a place designed for his own individual needs and tastes somewhere that allows for personal development and rich human relations somewhere you can win Here s Howard Baker s heaven It may be yours.Long regarded as a classic in GA man who dies and goes to Heaven nowadays expects something a little sophisticated than gold streets and angels playing harps He wants a place designed for his own individual needs and tastes somewhere that allows for personal development and rich human relations somewhere you can win Here s Howard Baker s heaven It may be yours.Long regarded as a classic in Great Britain, Michael Frayn s comic fantasy Sweet Dreams 1973 returns to print in the U.S for the first time in decades in this edition, which features a new introduction by the author.WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING Frayn has a most unusual talent His books seem so deceptively simple, but they linger in the mind for years, and can be re read with the greatest pleasure Sweet Dreams is no exception Margaret Drabble, New York Times Book Review May go down in history as one of England s special contributions to the twentieth century Times Literary Supplement Frayn is an impeccable writer his novel is a kind of Candide a vividly contemporary Candide full of the most serious high comedy and the most enormous belly laughs New Yorker

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An utter delight.Even though it was written in the 1970s, it still feels completely fresh & topical today. It's a lovely, optimistic satire of man & covers many of the Big Ideas. I know when Life of Pi was so very popular, various reviews said it would affirm/renew your faith in God (a claim that left me mystified), but Sweet Dreams *is* actually one of those entertaining, sweet (& a teeny bit bittersweet), humorous stories that will affirm/renew your faith in God (a fun read even if [...]

My favorite book. The only one I've read five times. It's simply bloody marvelous: light, funny, elegant, wise, brief yet full of perfectly intricate little details. Frayn achieves such a delicate balance between innocence and cynicism that he leaves you optimistic, light-hearted, but not naïve. The tone of this book is comic but not boisterous; satirical but not biting; affectionate but not cloying. It’s one of the most perfectly realized books I’ve ever read–and probably the only book I [...]

this is the ultimate comfort-food for the very-down mind: light, seriously fun, beautiful description of just what Heaven is- for anyone, ever, though this in particular is a satirical but affectionate rendering of Heaven for a middle class briton circa 1972…

Howard Baker is sitting at the wheel of his car, waiting for the traffic lights to change. His mind begins to wander from one trivial subject to another, until eventually he catches the eye of a beautiful woman standing across the road. The distracted Baker drives forward when the light is still at red and the next thing he knows he’s on a very different road, a ten lane expressway on a warm midsummer evening, and he’s heading towards the capital city of Heaven. Certainly the most interestin [...]

Michael Frayn is a remarkably prolific playwright, novelist and newspaper columnist (from which half a dozen collections have been published). As such, just because I've scarcely heard of him doesn't mean he should be described solely in comparison to writers I am more familiar with. Nonetheless, for me this 1973 novel evokes Donald Barthelme and Italo Calvino (including the fact that it starts and ends with the same few paragraphs). It's a cleverly surrealistic critique of the mores of 60s and [...]

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This is the fourth book by Michael Frayn that I've read. Of the four, 'The Tin Men' definitely remains my favourite. 'Sweet Dreams' is a satirical account of heaven from the perspective of a bourgeois man. Although it worked very well as such, my lack of identification with the main character (and especially his treatment of women) reduced the book's appeal. The overall message seemed to be that true heaven for such a man is being taken seriously by everyone. It is clear, though, that his behavi [...]

Gave up after Howard met the woman. Such a whinger

A work of marvellous imagination, one man’s vision of eternity. It follows the adventures of Howard Baker and starts as he is sitting in his car waiting for traffic lights to change. He is distracted by a woman he thinks he knows walking on the other side of the junction but the lights change and he drives away, unsure if the woman was an acquaintance or not. Howard drives on to a town which is vaguely familiar and meets people who are also vaguely familiar. It is not clear why he has travelle [...]

From what I remember of this book I thought it was too clever for its own good and not really that funny. Let's have some lions and tigers and bears in the streets? prefiguring Mary Doria Russell's "The Sparrow" really - and that novel's line about 'we don't have dangerous wild beasts in our cities' led to the retort on this reader's part, "no, but they didn't build the cities", and thereby to Slartibartfast's line in The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy about "the mice were very upset [the du [...]

I just couldn't get on with this at all which is surprising as I have enjoyed (sometimes very much so) all of the Michael Frayn novels I have previously read. I only saw Sweet Dreams through to the end as it is so short and I knew that Anthony Burgess very much admired it! This is a liberal, Cambridge-engineered view of heaven but I didn't find it either interesting or intriguing and, crucially, I also didn't find it funny at all. Perhaps it would have made more sense had I read it in the mid-19 [...]

Highly original and amusing satire of a bespoke heaven for boyish, middle management men of early middle age and their moral crises as the right hands of god. You can see the influence cast by this book on, for example, Douglas Adams. The chaps, all from Cambridge naturally, are no longer scholars but creators, and they have an easy, breezy, Ian Fleming style way with women and imagine themselves to be radicals, even the lukewarm Head Man, in that smug, cosy, implacable way, a la J P Sartre. The [...]

A sweet book, actually (especially for a satire!), not mean-spirited in the slightest, funny in the sense that it will cause many a smile, rather than guffaws (judging from television comedies and my reaction to them, I guffaw when shocked, and I smiled when recognizing the absurdity of the familiar).

An odd little satire that I may have missed some of by not being British, but amusing nonetheless. It does an interesting job of trying to show an afterlife where everyone could be happy, but of course, most of us lack the requisite talent for happiness.

mildly amusing satire

Had the 4 CD version read by Martin JarvisI like the idea but it seems slow moving as at disk 3. See how it goes.Finished. Still like the concept but feel much more could have been done with it.

Intelligent and magical.

God, the funny, wry, self-effacing Englishman who works in mysterious ways lest he be seen to be flaunting his powers

Designing the Matterhorn. Cambridge. God.

A bland and decidely average depiction of a grand idea, and perhaps in that way a great metaphor for humankind.3 stars out of 5.

Lovely novel about heaven, basically.

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