Stone Cradle

Louise Doughty

Stone Cradle

Stone Cradle

  • Title: Stone Cradle
  • Author: Louise Doughty
  • ISBN: 9780743440394
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

As the Romany people struggle to survive the changes of the 20th century, the author charts one family s path through persecution and tragedy, asking, can the Romany spirit survive in a century that no longer has space for them

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Louise Doughty is an English novelist, playwright and journalist who has a Romany background. She was born in Melton Mowbray, 4 September 1963. She attended the University of Leeds and is an alumna of the University of East Anglia’s Creative Writing Course.This story is narrated by two women, one of whom is Romany, and charts the fortunes of one English family over three generations as the 20th century rolls by. It is beautifully written, with sadness and humour in equal measure.The book start [...]

The Stone Cradle was a delightful read which managed to give me a lovely insight into the lives of two women telling their story throughout a few generations. I loved the style of writing and how the Romaney language was used to compliment the Romaney people's way.

One of my favourite reads this year. Narrated by two women, one Romany, charting the fortunes of one English family over three generations as the 20th century rolls by. Beautifully written, with sadness and humour in equal measure.

An interesting and intriguing read.ts a bit draggy in parts

Stone Cradle is a book that makes me want to give up writing. It is as near perfect as writing can get, and makes me question whether I can ever get even half-way as good. I read quite analytically these days – all too often I spot the strings on the puppets or the hand of the puppeteer, or their bald head poking up. But Stone Cradle is flawless – all I could do was stand in awe of the writer’s skill and get carried away with the story. It’s one of those books I want to buy for everyone [...]

Stone Cradle is an incredibly heart wrenching novel written by Romany author Louise Doughty, whose other notable works include Apple Tree Yard, which was recently adapted for television.Stone Cradle is loosely based upon Doughty’s life as a Romany; and is set between 1875 and 1960, swapping between two strong female characters; Rose (a Gorger) and Clementina (a Gypsy), and giving a recount of all that happens to them in their lives, which they both share with the same man - Elijah Smith. Cleme [...]

What could have been a great novel spanning three generations from 1875 to 1949 turned out to be only so so. The theme seemed to be the relationship between a Romany life and that of a poor fenland family. When Rose marries the gipsy Elijah, her mother in law tells her she will always be sorry she did. So this was never going to be an uplifting tale. However, the differences between the two women make for an interesting contrast of the two ways of life.There are also some wonderful examples of h [...]

This was an absolutely fantastic read. The writing and the story telling. I just loved this book. It could have gone on and on forever for me.Starting off in the late 1800s, it alternates in the storytelling from two different women's perspectives. The first is Clementina, the only child of a travelling family, who falls pregnant as a teenager, unmarried and never revealing the identity of the father. She has her son, Lijah, and they continue the travelling life. When Lijah's about twenty or so, [...]

First of all, I admire writers who write as they speak, and do it well. This author did just that. I would say that she told a very powerful story in a language that she understood and spoke so well. I duff my hat! I loved reading this story. It was written from the heart, and as the author said at the end, it was the story of a real life, a lived life. Clementine’s story was very touching, just as Rose’s story was ever so sad. Elijah on the other hand never seemed to grow up, so much so tha [...]

one family, two women from very different worlds this story starts from the mid 1800'2 and continues thru to the late 1900's clem is bought up as a traveller (not to be called a gypsy) and gives birth to elijah as a young teenager. shunned by their friends her family stands by her she loses her mother and then her son falls in love with a non-romany and the differences between her and clem threaten to pull the whole family apart she raises 5 children of her own but her marriage never makes her r [...]

I have been curious about the "gypsies" of my childhood memories. I learned that many came to this country by way of Great Britain where they were (or are) part of an "invisible" culture there. I wanted to read a novel with this setting and discovered this one. I learned a lot from this book written by an author from the culture. She is a good writer and the story was very good. Highly satisfying (and only $.99 on kindle!)

Not at all what I expected, having discovered Louise Doughty via Apple Tree Yard; much quieter in tone but deeply thought-provoking. Informative on the Traveller's way of life and the meeting of cultures, insightful on family interactions and differing perspectives thereof.And a thoroughly enjoyable story.

I love Louise Doughty's writing style and am in awe of her ability to describe small, focused moments in the lives of her characters. This tale of gypsy life in the Fens at the turn of the century was fascinating and raised questions for me of why people cling to traditional ways that seem destined to create hardship for themselves and their families.

This book was an enormous disappointment. Adored AppleTree Yard but this was dire. Really didn't like the characters, wasn't interested in what happened to them, just didn't care. I wasn't expecting it to be a carbon copy of AppleTree Yard but I was expecting a book I would really enjoy. Sadly not- worst book I've read in a while which grieves me as I gave 5 stars to AppleTree

Pulled me in.Enjoyable and touching account of a difficult and beautiful life . I felt drawn in to the sweetness, heartache and challenge of living an unconventional life. Lemmy found a place in my heart.

I very nearly gave up on this, I didn't enjoy the first half of the book at all - can't give a decent reason why though. However glad I stuck with it as I enjoyed it more as time went on, and did finally get into the characters. Wouldn't rush out and buy another of hers though.

Loved this novel. Skilfully narrated with brilliant use of original metaphor. These descriptions were so insightful inferring a range of emotion with few words. Reading this was like living alongside the characters with the turning of each page.

I loved this book. I grew up in and around the Peterborough area, which made it all the more real. I loved the relationship between the generations of women, and how differently they viewed the same events.

loved it!

pretty good

An interesting portrait of the life of Travellers at the turn of the 20th century. Beautifully written.

I learned so much about "gypsies" from this book. It was very goodadable.

She is a beautiful writer. The story was very interesting, about life as a gipsey. It was very sad.

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