Smells Like Treasure

Suzanne Selfors

Smells Like Treasure

Smells Like Treasure

  • Title: Smells Like Treasure
  • Author: Suzanne Selfors
  • ISBN: 9780316043991
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover

When Homer Pudding receives a mysterious note emblazoned with the letters L.O.S.T he knows the moment he has been waiting for has arrived It is time to meet the society of Legends, Objects, Secrets, and Treasures, take his Uncle s place, and become a true adventurer With his best friend, Dog, at his side, everything seems to be going as planneduntil an unexpected opWhen Homer Pudding receives a mysterious note emblazoned with the letters L.O.S.T he knows the moment he has been waiting for has arrived It is time to meet the society of Legends, Objects, Secrets, and Treasures, take his Uncle s place, and become a true adventurer With his best friend, Dog, at his side, everything seems to be going as planneduntil an unexpected opponent challenges Homer s spot, and they are tasked with a dangerous quest Only the one who can solve the clues and reach the treasure first will be given membership.Homer is counting on Dog s hidden ability to smell treasure to help him along the way but someone is trying to hinder his quest and keep him out of L.O.S.T And who is plotting to steal Dog From the sleepy goat fields of Milkydale to fantastical mansions and hidden islands, Dog and Homer are off on another page turning adventure

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This book was absolutely positively spectacular! It was so exciting! This book's main character is Homer Pudding, whose uncle was in The Secret Society of Legends, Objects, Secrets, and Treasures (He held one of the 12 chairs). After Uncle Drake Pudding gets eaten by a tortoise, Homer inherits his chair in the secret society. Homer is very excited that he got a letter from the society, saying that his time has come, because he needed the society's help to fulfill his lifelong dream, finding Rump [...]

Another fine book by Suzanne Selfors. Once again Homer and Dog are off on another adventure. Homer is excited because he's about to be accepted into a secret society, taking the place of his deceased uncle. But, Lorelei (a frenemy we met in book one) is challenging him! So the society sets them a challenge: whoever finds the hidden membership coin first will become a member of the society. Because they are children, they get to have a mentor, someone who is already a member. Both Homer and Lorel [...]

When Homer Pudding gets an invitation in the mail, he is understandably thrilled since it contains his invitation to join a secret society of adventurers and leave his father's goat farm behind. But Homer must prove himself in order to claim his uncle's chair in the society, and even with the help of Dog, his secret weapons, who can sniff out treasure, it won't be easy to defeat another rival for the chair. The book is filled with adventure and moments of peril, but Homer keeps his wits and rema [...]

This was super cute! Not earth-shattering, not grown-ups will want to read it just for its own sake wonderful, but still, it was totally sweet. There's a treasure hunt, strong, smart characters of both genders and a lovable Bassett Hound. Kids that want adventure with plenty of excitement but no actual horrible outcomes will really enjoy this one. Due to it's lack of objectionable content and commitment to nothing terrible happening (the foreword promises us that the dog will live) it will make [...]

I think Smells Like Treasure was a amazing book. It made me want to keep reading it every time I picked up the book. It was one of those books that made me think and feel for the character and his friends. I am already reading Suzanne Selfors next book and I am liking it just as much. Smells Like Treasure was an amazing book and I highly recommend you to read this book.

I like how Lorelei just shows up and claims the coin to be hers

Just as great as the first book! Such an exciting mystery!

I loved this book; I've read the first in the series, Smells Like Dog, and that one was really good too. It's about Homer Pudding and his dog, Dog (not a typo, his dog's name is Dog), who live in Milkydale. Homer wants to be a treasure hunter, but he faces different obstacles along the way. This is a great fictional read.

Smells Like Treasure by Suzanne Selfors is the second book about Homer Winslow Pudding and his treasure-sniffing basset hound named "Dog". The first book was Smells Like Dog.You don't need to read the first book to enjoy this second one, but you'll want to! Homer is a great admirer of his recently deceased Uncle Drake, a member of the secret society LOST (Legends, Objects, Secrets, and Treasures). When Homer receives a letter from the society offering him a chance to become a treasure hunter him [...]

Suzanne Selfors tells the story of Homer Pudding and his best friend Dog on their adventure to claim the L.O.S.T society’s last membership chair in her mystery, “Smells Like Treasure.” Homer Pudding and his dog are always causing trouble. The only thing he really cares about is being a treasure hunter and someday he will be. Monday morning Homer received a letter from L.O.S.T with four words saying “Your time has come,” (pg. 14) and Homer knew what this meant. He was finally going to [...]

I am currently reading Smells Like Tresure by: Suzanne Selfors. It is about a boy named Hommer Pudding. Hommer lives in in a goat farm. When his uncle dies, because he was murdered by a mutant Tortuse Hommer has to finish his uncles secret quest to find Rumpold Smellers Tresure. I really like how Hommer is being very brave and conducting a trip that is risking his life just for his satasfactory. I was suprised when Hommer's parents let him go on a trip with someone his parents don't know. I was [...]

This is the second in the trilogy about Homer Pudding and his dog, Dog, and their treasure hunting adventures. Homer receives a note letting him know that it is time - he is to come to a meeting of L.O.S.T. (the Society of Legends, Objects, Secrets, and Treasures) and become a member and true treasure hunter. But there is an unexpected opponent to challenge his spot in the society. So begins a dangerous quest to find a treasure, the one finding it will be given membership in L.O.S.T.This is a cu [...]

"Smells Like Treasure" is the sequel to "Smells Like Dog," both of which AL and I really enjoyed reading. It's the story of Homer, a slightly nerdy kid who loves maps, and Dog, his treasure-hunting late uncle's mutt, and their quest to win fame and fortune as treasure hunters. Very cleverly written and perfect for late elementary/early middle school readers. 2011/20.

At just over 400 pages, I'm a little unsure how many of the kids I talk to will read this book. It is a mystery and it includes an unpopular kid and an odd dog who team up to find treasure. It is a sequel of sorts but I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not reading the first one before I read this one.

This sequel to Smells Like Dog is equally as fun and action-packed. This humorous and page-turning adventure series is thoroughly amusing and fans will enjoy the recurring characters, as well as some hilarious new characters introduced in Smells Like Treasure (click for full review storysnoops/detailp)

i like the book because it is funny at the end and a little bit of teamworks about a boy named Homer wants to get in a treasure hunting club named L.O.S.T.but first he has to challenge a girl who wants to get in the club too their mission is to get the coin and bring it backong the way Homer finds crystals that play songs and a bear.

A great adventure story. I really enjoyed Smells Like Dog and was very happy to see a sequel. It was just as funny and exciting as book one and I can't wait to try and "sell" the kids on both of them.

This was a YA book that I picked up at the ALA conference last Jan with my sister. It was a pretty simple read and if I were a kid, I would have probably enjoyed it more. It did have a dog in it and I always like books about dogs!

A fun read geared mostly towards older Elementary school age kids. It's the sequel to "Smells Like Dog" and will inevitably have another book written in the series eventually. I would describe the genre as a mystery with humor.

Another crazy fast-paced adventure with Homer Pudding and his treasure-smelling dog. Humor and wacky characters abound. A new friend is made and an old friend/nemesis returns. I'm sure we'll see more from this duo.

Romping good fun of a mystery. Similar to MVP.

This is the book after Smells Like Dog I thought that this book was also really great!

My third grader enjoyed it and has read others by this author.

This one is just as much fun as the first book in the series. Love the kid. Love the dog. Looking forward to starting the third and final book tonight.

Review by L.K.: "I liked the book because it was funny."

My son loved this so we now plan to read the third book together.

This book continues the adventure of Homer and his treasure smelling dog. In this book, Homer continues to work toward his goal of becoming a member of L.O.S.T. with a few surprises along the way.

super fun, suzanne selfors is a great author. i like the way she enables her ordinary characters to achieve their dreams but gives them pushes of opposition to help them get there.

another fun adventure with Homer and Dog Homer stays true to himself even if it means he won't win

Continuation of Smells Like Dog. An exciting race between a boy and his sometimes nemesis to be inducted into a secret treasure hunter society.

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