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  • Title: Purge
  • Author: Sofi Oksanen Lola Rogers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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An international sensation, Sofi Oksanen s award winning novel Purge is a breathtakingly suspenseful tale of two women dogged by their own shameful pasts and the dark, unspoken history that binds them When Aliide Truu, an older woman living alone in the Estonian countryside, finds a disheveled girl huddled in her front yard, she suppresses her misgivings and offers her shAn international sensation, Sofi Oksanen s award winning novel Purge is a breathtakingly suspenseful tale of two women dogged by their own shameful pasts and the dark, unspoken history that binds them When Aliide Truu, an older woman living alone in the Estonian countryside, finds a disheveled girl huddled in her front yard, she suppresses her misgivings and offers her shelter Zara is a young sex trafficking victim on the run from her captors, but a photo she carries with her soon makes it clear that her arrival at Aliide s home is no coincidence Survivors both, Aliide and Zara engage in a complex arithmetic of suspicion and revelation to distill each other s motives gradually, their stories emerge, the culmination of a tragic family drama of rivalry, lust, and loss that played out during the worst years of Estonia s Soviet occupation Sofi Oksanen establishes herself as one the most important voices of her generation with this intricately woven tale, whose stakes are almost unbearably high from the first page to the last Purge is a fiercely compelling and damning novel about the corrosive effects of shame, and of life in a time and place where to survive is to be implicated.

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What a great book! And first of all thanks to 7Jane of Finland and Jim of New Hampshire who recommended Finnish authors and works to me. This is a psychological thriller set in rural Estonia. There are only two major characters. The first is an elderly woman who, as we learn her story, is the textbook definition of a survivor She been through WW II, starvation, rape, torture, a dead husband and lost family. Her only remaining family members, a sister and a niece, were exiled to far eastern Russi [...]

I don’t have to like people I’m reading about but I like to understand them. Their behaviors and motivations. I like them multidimensional. I may disagree with them, despise sometimes, hate even. But I like when they make me uncomfortable, when they prove me how lucky I’m not being them or how wrong I was in my assumptions.Purgeis dense and suffocating reading, full of secrets, resentments and lies. Sofi Oksanen has created a very ambiguous and unsettling protagonists and while it is prett [...]

''The silence has been peculiar that year-expectant, yet at the same time like the aftermath of a storm''.Once in a while, there are books that leave you powerless. Books that rise beyond any attempt of reviewing, that intimidate you and make you feel that whatever words you may use, they are bound to be mundane, detrimental, inadequate. Sofi Oksnanen's Purge is such a book.I have it as my personal principle to make no judgement regarding historical events. Human History is made of endless confl [...]

4.5/5It's a rare occasion when the title for a book reveals itself as evidence of not a whim or facile plucking of a simplistic keyword, but of cold and careful analysis of the very viscera of the work. Even more of a feat when considering that the book is a translation, and that the title could have easily been ruined by the commercial gauging of the US market. The original title of Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was Män som hatar kvinnor. Translated literally, Men Who Hate Wo [...]

/title/tt1714205/v"Puhdistus/A Purga" (2012) - filme realizado por Antti JokinenEspectacular trailerEm 1992 a Estónia liberta-se do domínio da União Soviética, que entrara em colapso em 1989; Aliide Truu é uma senhora idosa que vive reclusa na sua casa numa aldeia despovoada na Estónia Ocidental, ocupa o seu tempo a ouvir rádio e a fazer compotas de frutos silvestres e outros produtos agrícolas e frutícolas; Zara é uma jovem que “aparece” no jardim de Aliide, uma desconhecida, deso [...]

I'm always a little nervous when I pick up a translated novel, because I've read a lot of bad translations in my day. Thanks to authors like Henning Mankell, Steig Larsson, and Ninni Holmqvist, there are more and more great translations coming from previously overlooked parts of the world. This is one of them. Oksanen is a new Finnish-Estonian novelist, and this is not the last you'll hear of her. Purge tells the story of two women: Aliide Truu, who lives alone in the Estonian countryside, and Z [...]

I have an affinity to books where the characters outshine the storyline. Such volumes craft a distinct memory that never seems to fade for years creating an imaginary bond with those characters; experiencing their pain and suffrage through your smallest nerves.Zara and Aliide will never die away from my mind as long as I will remember.'Purge' is not a book about bulimia or anorexia. It is a metaphor for all those sinister culpabilities that an individual buries within his/her heart until the mom [...]

This book is bigger and stronger than it looks. I'm not sure how to do it justice, or even how to describe its place in the genre spectrum: feminist, literary, historical crime fiction, maybe, although that's still all over the spectrum. Purge most poignantly draws attention to the very clear thread between sexual violence and military occupation. It connects big picture violence (war and occupation) with more personal conflict and interpersonal tragedy (who betrays whom, and how, and why; how i [...]

Synopsis:You can call this book a tale of two sisters and indeed, it reminded me of all these folk songs about sibling rivalry. Ingel and Aliide, two Estonian peasant girls, had a very bad luck of falling for the same German boy. Ingel was very pretty, even beautiful, and whatever she did, she did it always better than other girls. Aliide was less pretty and less gifted, completely overshadowed by her perfect sister. The boy in question, Hans Pekk, chose Ingel. They married, were very happy and [...]

Aliide y Zara son dos supervivientes. En el caso de Aliide en la Estonia de los años 40 y 50 bajo el dominio comunista. Y en el de Zara, en la Estonia de los 90 como rusa fugitiva de una red de trata de blancas en la que cayó en busca de un futuro mejor en su huida a Occidente. A ambas mujeres les une un vínculo que prefiero no desvelar. Parece que no hay mensaje optimista en esta novela: por mucho que pasen los años, la miseria y la violencia contra los más débiles persisten.Sirviéndose [...]

World War II and the cold war gave birth to the modern spy thriller, where everything was about uncovering secrets and false loyalties. In Purge, Oksanen seems to bury it once and for all, while at the same time reminding her readers that there are always going to be those who remember where the bodies are buried. The wars are over here, democracy and freedom have won the day, the KGB archives are opened, the oppressed are getting back what they lost and all the old lies are going to be uncovere [...]

The main character in this fictional account of recent Estonian history is by turns heroic, blind, idealistic, stupid, endearing, despicable, faithful, disloyal, good, evil. And yet the author manages to make us love her in spite of everything. Oksanen also creates a very coherent story out of what at first appears to be no more than a series of horrifying fragments. A story that unfortunately resonates with a lot of truth. These things happened and are still happening. Will the Horror mankind i [...]

Purge by Sofi Oksanen (Trans. from the Finnish by Lola Rogers. Black Cat, 2010)Having grown up in a communist country, I am skeptical when it comes to successful novels about communism written by writers who haven’t experienced it firsthand. That’s why even before I checked to see if Sofi Oksanen has grown up in Estonia, where her novel takes place, I suspected she hasn’t. It turns out she is Estonian on her mother’s side, but born in Finland. This is not to say that Oksanen’s novel is [...]

Purge is a very unsettling read indeed. It tells the story of two women of different generations, against a backdrop of the Soviet occupation of Estonia. Each woman has secrets to hide, and these are slowly revealed over the course of the book. There is a strong undercurrent of violence and fear, though the violence is rarely explicitly described. And there are flies - so many flies. I am not sure what that is all about but read the book and you'll see what I mean!!

Yes, it really is that good. And I have been tired of books about the Second World War and the Eastern Bloc these last fifteen years, I nearly always avoid fiction where the plot appears to focus on women as victims, and I wasn't keen on the title, sounding as it does like a bulimia memoir from the "Painful Lives" section at WH Smith.Not only did Purge, within its first few pages of bloody excellent writing, kick squarely through these barriers; by half-way through it even had me wanting to read [...]

Flies: a recurring theme. I mean presence. Character?Interesting to grow to dislike the main character, Aliide, the more I read. The very end though has me stumped. Am I stupid? Did I miss something or is that last section unnecessary?I didn't learn that much even though I've never read anything about Estonia before. I have read lots of Russian and Soviet stuff so some of that "tension" is familiar, all that not-knowing-who-you-can-trust stuff. I did love the details like horseradish in pickles [...]

Vahva romaani, eikä syyttä niin kiitetty ja arvostettu. Ei kuitenkaan aivan niin huikea kuin suuren hypen perusteella saattaisi odottaa. Parhaiten lukukokemusta kuvaa ehkä kaverini heittämä kommentti "Puhdistus-ahdistus".

I'm still raw after reading this. Not because of the gruesome bits of the plot, but because for the first time in a really long while I read a Finnish book by a Finnish author, and I don't know what to think. Too many times the pretentiousness has kept me away from domestic literary, but this time I'm glad I gave this book a chance. Zara is the catalyst that brings life to a dormant life and allows Aliide finally let go of her past - some of it at least. The reader is walked through two differen [...]

I can still smell this novel; the sweat, the onions, the rayon dresses that must be burned because a certain man looked at you the wrong way, touched you the wrong way. Aliide Truu is an older woman living alone in her house in the Estonian countryside. One morning she notices a mound in her garden. A mound with blonde hair. A mound that, once Aliide decides to go outside and have a look, is wearing expensive stockings and is missing a slipper. Through a series of flashbacks we get to know the s [...]

Part psychological thriller, part historical fiction, this book was not at all what I expected. You should avoid reading reviews if possible because too many give away too much, but to give a general idea, the novel begins in Estonia in 1992, where an old woman, Aliide Truu, lives alone in the countryside in an atmosphere of fear and decay. She finds a young woman, Zara, lying crumpled in her yard, and the story follows the relationship between these women and the explosive secrets they carry, t [...]

This is propably the most hyped book in Finland since the days of Väinö Linna and Mika Waltari. For me, it was rather hard to understand why.To give a short introduction on the many problems this book had: first, the writer made the basic mistake of all mediocre writers, which is to explain too much. I am talking, of course, about the psychological explanations with the characters. Its amazing how much you can explain the character's behavior without actually giving the character any depth. So [...]

Wow. And I thought "Girl with the dragon tattoo" was too violent. This book takes some extreme examples of violent sexual abuse toward women and wraps a story about two women, somewhat related, around it. The authors intent here shows how little methods of control and abuse by men have changed; only the motivations have changed--as in then: political; now: profit. The horrors endured by these two have given them an uncommon common ground and their stories spin out backward from their first meeti [...]

This book tells the story of three generations of Estonian women (and the men in their lives). The book chapters jump in time to tell the tale of some horrifying events in their lives which correspond to the historical events which take Estonia, in general, and their rural village specifically through WWII, soviet rule and independence. The story centers around two women, Aliide Truu and Zara who is the victim of a sex-trafficking operation and ends up in Aliide's home while running away from he [...]

Wow. For the first time in a long time I can honestly say that I am proud about being Finnish and proud about the fact that I speak language such as Finnish as my mother tongue.After winning the Finlandia Prize (the most prestigious literary award in Finland, awarded to the best fiction book, best children's book and best non-fiction book, 30,000 euros) Sofi Oksanen has been everywhere. Literally. She is in the news, in the newspapers, everywhere. Probably a week after she won the prize I got to [...]

Purge by Sofi Oksanen is set in a rural village in the region of Läänemaa, west Estonia. The book is translated from Finnish by Lola Rogers.It is a novel of two histories, one in the late 1930's and 1940's when Aliide and her sister Ingel were adolescents, spanning the changes in their lives after Estonia was annexed by the Soviet Union and renamed Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (ESSR) and the other in the early 1990's when a Russian-Estonian girl Zara, turns up unannounced seeking refuge. [...]

Estonian forest.Wow! What a story!If it weren't for my book club, I wouldn't have picked this book up! I tried reading this 4 years ago, but due to a hectic schedule, ultimately gave up. However, four days ago, I picked it up again and was sucked into the story!Where do I begin? One morning in 1992, Aliide Truu, an elderly woman, who used to be a Communist when Estonia was part of the Soviet Union, finds a bruised young woman in her garden. Now if I were Aliide, I would have rushed outside to he [...]


The book was an interesting look at a two women's lives as they come together in the most dire of circumstances. One is an estranged sister who did what she had to do to survive a war and her obsession with her brother-in-law whom she was in love with. The other was a prostitute on the run from her abusive employers. The book goes back and forth in time to show key moments in each woman's life. While the back stories were fascinating, I would have loved for the characters to speak in their own v [...]

You don't hear about this part of the world as often as you should. Here is one fiction writer who puts her homeland on the map with this novel of vivid imagery. A moving story of what women face during conflicts, what women faced during the Estonian conflict. My problem was where the story started for me. Yes it was meant to be suspenseful but I felt teased. I think the plot could have been intertwined more with the suspense. It wasn't until I reached page 68, that I knew I wanted to keep readi [...]

The two main characters in this book have deep traumatic secrets. This is a story of great sadness and realism.Aliide is an elderly Estonian woman who lived through WWII (German occupation followed by the Communists), Stalin and into independence. With each change, good people became bad and bad people became good. Loyalties, families and friendships were broken. Aliide has hidden her brother-in-law from the Communists, been raped during interrogations and married a Communist for protection.In 1 [...]

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