The Town

Chuck Hogan

The Town

The Town

  • Title: The Town
  • Author: Chuck Hogan
  • ISBN: 9782757821541
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The men wear masks Their guns are drawn on the bank manager She nervously recites the alarm code, and the tumblers within the huge vault fall The timing and execution are brilliant It could be the perfect heist But as the huge sum of cash is stolen, so too is one man s heart and that man is the Prince of Thieves Charlestown, a blue collar Boston neighborhood, The men wear masks Their guns are drawn on the bank manager She nervously recites the alarm code, and the tumblers within the huge vault fall The timing and execution are brilliant It could be the perfect heist But as the huge sum of cash is stolen, so too is one man s heart and that man is the Prince of Thieves Charlestown, a blue collar Boston neighborhood, produces bank robbers and ard car thieves than any square mile in the world In this gripping, intricately plotted thriller, Claire Keesey, the branch manager for a Boston bank and one of an influx of young professionals chipping away at the neighborhood s insularity, is taken hostage during a robbery She is released, but Doug MacRay, the brains behind the tough, tight knit crew of thieves, can t get her out of his mind Tracking her down without his mask and gun, Doug introduces himself, and as soon as he and Claire meet, their mutual attraction is undeniable as are the risks of a relationship Meanwhile, Doug s crew pulls off another audacious, meticulously planned job Frustrated by their ingenuity and brazen ambition, FBI Agent Adam Frawley begins to zero in on Doug and his pals and against his own better judgment, he, too, develops than a professional interest in Claire Under pressure from Frawley s ever closer investigation, Doug imagines a life for himself away from bank robberies and Charlestown But before that can happen, the crew learns that there may be a way to rob Boston s venerable baseball stadium, Fenway Park It s a magnificently dangerous and utterly irresistible opportunity yet for Doug, pursuing his former hostage may be the most dangerous act of all Chuck Hogan s brash tale of four men thieves, rivals, friends being hunted through the streets of Boston by a tenacious FBI agent, and the woman who may destroy them all, is a spectacular, stylish, heart pounding thriller.

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I must have larceny in my heart because whenever I see an armored car, I always have that brief moment of idle thought where I wonder how much cash it’s carrying and if I could come up with a plan to rob one and get away with it. Apparently I should have been born in the Charlestown area of Boston because hijacking armored trucks used to be a major pastime of some it’s residents.Set in the mid-’90s, Doug MacRay is a former hockey star who blew his chance at going pro and is now a recoverin [...]

Before he was a terrible actor and a mediocre comedian, Dane Cook was an above-average comedian. Back then, he had a funny bit about what all men wanted: a pet monkey, and to participate in a heist. I’ve never wanted a monkey; I’m too realistic for that. They smell, they fling their feces, and there’s always the possibility they will tear the flesh from your still-living face. A heist, though…That’s a little more interesting. There is something undeniably seductive about the planning, [...]

Prince of Thieves, the 2004 heist novel by Chuck Hogan that served as source material for The Town starring Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner, is the best book I've given up on and had to rate with one star since joining . It does not make me a happy man to do this and would recommend the book to anyone hooked by the synopsis who hasn't seen the movie. I have seen the movie and trying my damnedest, could find no compelling reason to stay in this taxicab. Let me off here, driver.Hogan's writing crack [...]

Charleston (Boston) Bay Bank robbery force a manager, Claire Keesey(30), to open a vault, she sets the alarm, forcing the "Brown Bag Bandits" to take her with them. The bandits are Doug MacRay, Jem Coughlin, Dez Elden (known as 'Monsignor' to churchs) and Gloansy Magloan. The book has FBI agent Adam Frawley and Boston Dectective Dino Dean identity them as suspects too easily. Claire is caught between affections of Doug (gang leader) ensuring they cannot be identified and Adam using her to track [...]

I prefer to read the book and then watch the movie, but sometimes when watching a movie my favorite title credit will flash onto the screen: based on a the book ABC by 123. "There's a book?" I always silently exclaim. If I like the movie--and sometimes if I don't like the movie--I'll seek out the book.I expected to like the movie the Town in a "wow, this is a really bad movie but I like it" sort of way. However, it turned out to be quite gripping and I really did like it. The book turned out to [...]

Fantastic crime thriller. Memorable characters galore and Hogan made me feel like I was a part of "The Town." The raw emotion can be felt on every page. Excellent novel

Engrossing. Engaging. Wonderful character development and dialogue. The ending is tragic/sad. I grieved and cried too muchORY BRIEF:Doug’s mother left or disappeared when Doug was in first grade. After that his father went to jail. Doug has lived with the Coughlans ever since. Doug went to jail for a year or so for beating up someone. Now he is 32. He robs banks and armored trucks with his friends, Jem Coughlan, Gloansy, and Dez.The book opens with a bank robbery. The guys are wearing masks. A [...]

Crooks, thieves, heists, jobs, getaways, cuts, cops, drugs, temptations, and loves.Chuck Hogan’s The Town has it all and more! A dark, suspenseful, action packed tale about friendship and loyalty in a world filled with crime, betrayal, and “if only” dreams.So far this year, no audio book has been able to hold my attention until this story read by….wait for it…Mr. Donnie Wahlberg! The man has been in my life, heart, and ears for years, but this was just a brand new bag of love! It was k [...]

Yeah, I liked this. The writing was spry for the most part, a gold nugget of a phrase every other page or so made me smile throughout. Charlestown's hard, blue-collar roots are undergoing a gentrification and to his own surprise, so is bank robber Doug MacRay. Newly sober and newly burdened by a heavy conscience, he sees what his hard life of crime and dead-ends has done to him, and wants to change. Change comes in the form of bank manager/hostage, Claire. Pursuing her offers him new hope: she's [...]

Took awhile cause I wasn't sure what to write about this book I had a good time reading thise novel opened quietly but with a bang as well. Jem had me groaning and wanting to smack him from the beginning, you can tell from the small glimpse there he's a little off balance.I wouldn't call this a "slow paced" novel, to me its more "steady" it lets events unfold without rushing things and you get a glimpse into everyone's lives and heads. You root for them even though you know that something has to [...]

Rating: 9/10Pages: 384I couldn't put this book down. I was pissed John had me read it as it was so stressful. You love hte main character, Doug, but he is definitely flawed. At the end, his epiphany was well done. The other characters, his gang, are so programmed to have a chip on their shoulder as suburbia takes over their run down area. His interests in being better, bigger than that are enticing, and yet you can see he will always fall short. You feel trapped like he does, and his friends rea [...]

The worst part of this book was I had the movie tie-in cover so everytime I picked the thing up I had to look at Ben Affleck's face. Worse than his face (which is bad enough), but his profile, framed in some type of thought-provoking prose which, for me, is a disturbing image. Other than that, I thought this was a pretty good character-driven crime story, but it didn't have the hard edge I was hoping for. Characters were well developed for the most part, but were a little caricaturish and they l [...]

I saw the movie, The Town, a few years ago and got the book after I learned the movie was based on a book. The movie was great, the book is even better. You get so much more depth with the characters and the plot. With the book, you can dwell on the inner life and struggle in Doug; the obsession of the FBI agent pursuing him; and the thoughts and reactions of Claire -- the woman caught up in the middle of it all.It always amazes when an author can make a sympathetic hero out of a character that [...]

I seen this on my which list on amazon and had to get it!(I got the Version The Town movie cover paperback one) it's was only $3 and I could not pass it up I was going for "The Strain" trilogy books (i only need book 2-3, Ihave the 1st on the E-book) but this and I had to get another thing while I was at itBut boy am I glad I did! This was a riveting book. It had everything! Bank Robbery, Long time friends at the end of there friendships, A " I Always Get My Man FBI Agent, Un-knowing beautiful l [...]

The main reason I picked this book up was because I read the Del Toro/Hogan collaboration The Strain, but then I saw the movie The Town and thoughts it was the cat's pajamas. The movie was so interesting and enjoyable that I had to read the book. This book did not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. I do not want to give too much away, but if you've seen the film, you're in for a treat, because even thought the film takes form from the book, the book is it's own entity. The characters are mor [...]

This was the book that dove me into the literature world. Chuck Hogan's best asset as a writer is his depth and detail into each character as if you know each person in the novel personally. An aspect of writing that is difficult to obtain, but Hogan is one of the best. The story is thrilling, sincere, and will leave you satisfied at the end. Hogan also has a way of shyly putting in short, significant lessons that make you even more root for the main character, Doug. I have read the rest of Chuc [...]

My first Chuck Hogan book, which I'd been eyeing when it first came out a few years ago, but never got around to picking up. So, when I heard the Ben Affleck movie THE TOWN (which I haven't seen yet) was adapted from this book, I had to give it a try. Really enjoyed Hogan's characters--more so Duggy, Jem, and the rest of their bank robbing crew than the victim/love interest Claire, who seemed thinly drawn by comparison (probably because we didn't get into her head until her POV scene at the end? [...]

WEW! That was an emotional roller coaster!I've been the movie the town and didn't know that it was based off of a book so when i came across this one at my local used book store in audio i was like HECK YES!It didn't disapoint! Great look at street life and the mechanics of robbary but also the characters involved, the main character Doug, you just wanted to shake him and wake him up! And tell him to go with his gut and that it was going to be okay if he would just do what he knew was right!! Lo [...]

I picked this up because it's been re-released under the title "The Town", the name of the newMovie directed by Ben Affleck. The cast is superb, but I wanted to read the book before the movie - and I was not disappointed. Chuck Hogan writes the most tortured - yet understandable - bank robber you'll ever meet. And it doesn't stop there - the entire crew is nuanced and grabby - you don't want to get invested in them, but you do. Overall, I loved the story - the only complaint was that because of [...]

Great heist novel about a guy who's a pro at stealing money from various guarded places. In-depth description of the armored car gives you a much deeper respect for why it's so hard to hijack one.Main character is seeking redemption, but his 'friends' hold him back every step of the way. The struggle is compelling, and although he's a criminal, I found myself cheering for him every step of the way.

The Town is a much better title than The Prince of Thieves - in my opinion. Mostly because the story is as much about Doug MacRay's surroundings as it is about Doug himself. Prince of Thieves just kinda sounds corny anyway :P Anyhow I wanted to read this one because I absolutely loved the movie and I have heard good things about Chuck Hogan; this book did not disappoint!

Excellent novel. The characters made this book. Doug, Gem, Dez, all of them. You could feel Doug's desperation to break out, and you could completely understand why he couldn't. The ending, while predictable, was exactly what it needed to be.

A fantastic read. Not all that original but so well written with interesting characters, a tight plot, great suspense and action sequences that you don't care after a while. I found it hard to put down.

That'll teach me to read a book that's soon-to-be a major motion picture written by and directed by and starring Ben Affleck.

Bank robber tale of one of the robbers pursuit of love of one of the bank tellers! The movie The town, is based on this book!

excellant gritty Boston Crime drama- far deeper and more touching then your typical thriller- READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.5 stars. READ THIS BOOK, DAMMIT. READ IT. Review soon.

A very good heist/romance story. It was made into the move The Town, which is worth watching.

I will probably never write a book, but I do think about it. When I think about it, I imagine the hardest part of writing great fiction is coming up with believable dialogue. Hogan does this very, very well. I also loved all the flawed characters, trying so damn hard, and getting essentially nowhere.

Chuck Hogan brings us the story of a bank robber, who has known nothing else in his life but is wanting to change for a woman.They are wearing mask, carrying guns and are lying in wait for the bank managers to get to work. Doug MacRay is Boston based career thief, who along with his buddies have become well known Bank Robbers. But this robbery is different for Doug, the prep-work was different he found himself asking more and more questions about Claire Keesey, the banks manager, questions that [...]

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