California Schemin'

Carolyn Keene

California Schemin'

California Schemin'

  • Title: California Schemin'
  • Author: Carolyn Keene
  • ISBN: 9781442422957
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback

Nancy s cases are mysterious than ever with exciting three book plot arcs

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Very exciting and intense! Wish I had the sequels on hand

Only N. Drew I've read so I guess it was good? I think Nancy is a timeless hero. This was about the CASABIAN SISTERS that are just like the KARDASHIAN SISTERS. It's so funny. The Abercrombie models were surf instructors!! It's great. The spa and the garbage burning! The party planner to the stars!

I first want to say this is a different series than the original Nancy Drew books I grew up with. It was clear this book was written by a ghostwriter and likely quickly edited. There were points in the book where the scene descriptions were contradictory. I do however want to applaud the writer’s ability to always end and start the chapters on a high note. I would actually use these chapters of examples of how to end each chapter on a dangler that makes readers want to continue on. I also note [...]

Nancy Drew, Bess, and George take a vacation from their home in River Heights and stay at a friend's beach house in Malachite beach next door to the Casabian sisters, the three famous reality stars that are famous for being rich and famous. When they find trash on the beach from the Casabian's show, Nancy and friends insist on investigating after getting manicures at Roland's Retreat and Spa, where Mia Casabian has been. Soon, they find isn't a spa Find out the next mystery Nancy gets herself in [...]

When a friend of George's mother offers the girls her California beach house for three weeks, Nancy, Bess and George think they're about to have the holiday of a lifetime. They're even staying next door to three sisters who have their own reality show "Chillin' With the Casabians". Mmm now who does that remind me of? However, things of course go awry. Who dumped the garbage on their private beach? What was in the syringe sticking up out of the sand? And why do people worship Roland of Roland's [...]

I enjoyed this book like i was at the beach! This is a amazing story, i used to read the 8 year old Nancy Drew books, think they were to easy and childish and i went to these kinds! Nancy Drew is the best series in my opinion!

This book was amazing as compared to its previous books, even though a mystery book of nancy drew only was also about revealing the truth about a cult but this book is no less than any other nancy drew's mystery book.

Forgot how much I loved these books

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