Fine dell'estate

Danielle Steel

Fine dell'estate

Fine dell'estate

  • Title: Fine dell'estate
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9788882744106
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback

La vita di Deanna sembra perfetta sposata con un uomo bellissimo e di successo, ha una splendida casa, gioielli, denaro Ma un giorno scopre che il marito la tradisce disperata, trascorre lunghi mesi di solitudine, finch l arrivo dell estate non accende la miccia con Ben, Deanna ritrova l a e il sorriso da tempo dimenticato Sa per che presto quel periodo feliceLa vita di Deanna sembra perfetta sposata con un uomo bellissimo e di successo, ha una splendida casa, gioielli, denaro Ma un giorno scopre che il marito la tradisce disperata, trascorre lunghi mesi di solitudine, finch l arrivo dell estate non accende la miccia con Ben, Deanna ritrova l a e il sorriso da tempo dimenticato Sa per che presto quel periodo felice finir e con esso il suo sogno Ci che invece ignora che il destino le riserver cambiamenti devastanti, prove dolorose e svolte inaspettate.

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This was a quick read for me on a road trip. Traffic was terrible so I had lots of time. Alas, as always, we find some very well to do adults, a marriage that has stayed together, and a husband that's not nice. Then of course a wife that finds the love of her life, they come together for a passionate while, then end up apart. They should be together and she makes the selfless decision to stay apart. But will that be the end?! A bit of fun, I wasn't disappointed I read it, as it was an easy read [...]

I just finished this book for the 3rd time and I want to start it over again. I LOVE this book! This book makes me want to take my sketch paper and charcoal pencils on a road trip to Carmel and bask away in the sun and leisure time. This is probably my favorite Danielle Steel book and she really did well with the raw feelings and setting description. You really and truly feel for these characters! You'll not want to put the book down!

When banality becomes amusing. Some good theories about why French people are so stupid and mean. Another thrilling production by the Steel factory. Another beautiful and suffering heroine, another handsome man. Both wealthy but modest, beautiful but not superficial, smart and sensible. And of course BIG LOVE. Enjoy, it's like a supermarket cupcake - a decent industrial comfort food.

I read this book on my flight from North Carolina to San Jose. It was a very easy read as I finished when I landed at my layover in Las Vegas. More of a love story and drama.

Yet another DS book that I have to rate three stars. When will it end? The reason that I didn't like this book to well was for one simple reason. It's such a typical plot. Deanna is trapped in a pretty awful marriage. She can't leave for some reason, I have no idea why. Her daughter treats her like crap and is a total daddy's girl. Then Deanna meets Ben and they fall in love. But after the summer is over, she realizes that she can't be with him so she goes back to her terrible husband. Finds out [...]

this is one of steele's best books!

Enjoyed this, when I read it, but not one of my favourite by the author.

I'm not usually a fan of books with pathetic female leads (which I found this one to be), but there was enough character development that I was able to understand how she might have ended up that way.There was a bit of obsession with youth in this book. Every second positive descriptive word was "young" ("e looked so radiant and young", etc)and ever second negative descriptive word was "old" (e looked tired and aged, etc). It seemed over all the message this book was attempting to make was that [...]

The story is about a woman, called Deanne Duras, who is a talented painter, without knowing it herself, who is married to a rich elderly lawyer, who is often away for business, and keeps a 2nd ménage with a young french girl who accompanies him on his trips. The husband and spoiled brat of a teenage daughter go to France to stay with his mother, a cold-blooded woman, where the daughter is involved in a serious motor accident. During the 3-month vacation, Deanne meets a gallery owner, who convin [...]

An entertaining book with unexpected plot twists. There were parts, though, that two people would banter back and forth and then bring the topic up again and maybe a third time. These pages were tedious. I recommend this book.

This was my first shot at a Danielle Steele novel. It's definitely one long, complicated yet satisfying love story.

رواية أكثر من رائعة. أحداثها صعبة التوقع. تشدّ القارئ لمعرفة ما سيحدث. أنا سعيدة بالنهاية، و"شمتانة" بمارك!

A roller coaster ride of love, romance, betrayal and love again.

I read this book from 1-16-09 till 1-19-09.

Jednostavno odlična! Dirnula mi je dušu i potpuno me obuzela! Uživala sam u svakoj stranici. Definitivno ide u sam vrh mojih favorita.

very good

I first read this when I was 14, that's more than 20 years ago but this book remains vividly in my mind. To me it was such a beautiful love story and Deanna had had so much heartaches in her 37 years!Now upon rereading as an adult approaching middle age, it does not sit well with me that Deanna was an adulteress. Marc was a bastard; it didn't matter he cheated first and kept on lying and lyingbut two wrongs don't make a right.My slightly younger self would have been very self righteous and conde [...]

(c)1979 Deanna marries young but realizes that after having a daughter there is no love or romance left. A husband that leaves months at a time and a daughter who attends school elsewhere leaves Deanna feeling very alone and lonely. The genre brings about romance, mistrust, friendship and struggling to find oneself.

As a die-hard Jackie Collins fan, I was absolutely devastated when she died. I literally felt as if I lost a part of my family. I have been skeptical about Danielle Steel, although I've read some of her books and they were entertaining. I still did not get the same feel as Jackie Collins from the previous books that I read, but decided to them more of a try. This book turned everything around for me. Danielle Steele sets the stage and captures your interest right away. The characters are extreme [...]

أول تجربة لي مع الكاتبه,ولن تكون الأخيره بإذن الله فلقد وجدت نفسي قريبة من أبطال الروايه,وإستمتعت بها ❤

Really great read, one character got me angry at times.

Dramatic but engaging read ! :)

The best!

Reseña de SU GRAN PASIÓN.Su gran pasión es una novela romántica escrita por Danielle Steel en 1979. Consta de un total de 262 páginas.Cuenta la historia de Deanna, una mujer que se dedica a la pintura, casada con un famoso abogado francés, y con una hija adolescente llamada Pilar. Ella se siente sola porque su marido y su hija apenas le prestan atención, ya que se dedican a viajar por el mundo sin ella. Pero un verano, cuando su marido se marcha por motivos laborales a Atenas y su hija se [...]

This was the very first Romance I ever picked up at the treacherous age of thirteen. In fact, it was the very same Romance my mother picked up when she was a teenager too. So when I was writing a guest post on my introduction to the Romance genre, I had to read it again.By the end of the first chapter, I was bawling like a baby. There have been two instances in which a book has made me cry, but this book was #3. I immediately connected with the heroine, however, this book wasn’t nearly as roma [...]

Couldn't wait for each new Danielle Steel book.

Summer's End by Dnaielle Steeldeeanna is an artist she paints beautiful pictures and many galleries want her to sign with them.Ben is one of them and she's very comfortable with him. Mark, her husband does not approve of her passion.She and Ben will spend the summer together as her husband is busy in Rome with his endeavorsThe story also follows Mark and his escapades overseasWhen Deeanna gets a call from overseas that her daughter has been in a motorcycle accident and she's paralyzed and they d [...]

I like Danielle Steel books but have not read one in a long time, and this one was definitely worth the wait. It is one of those books that once you get into it, you can't read it quickly enough, you just want to get to the next page and see what is going to happen. Within the first few pages it is easy to see what a good book this is, and, which is unusual for these types of books but also quite nice, there is more left to the imagination than is put in print.The good part that I found was that [...]

Deanna is from the States and at 18 is penniless after her father dies. She ends up meeting Marc in France because he is an international lawyer. They've been married for 18 years and have a 16 year old daughter. While they live in San Francisco, Marc spends ALOT of time overseas since he is French and because of his corporate attorney position. The authors takes you into their lives and introduces different characters and lots of questionable stuff goes on particularly with Marc but Deanna isn' [...]

1 STARS"Deanna was eighteen when she married a handsomeFrenchman, attorney Marc-Edouard Duras. Now, atthirty-seven, she should be happy with Marc, her elegant homein San Francisco, and their teenage daughter,Pilar. But one summer changes it all when sherealizes her failing marriage is a trap she must escape." (From )Originally when I read Danielle Steel novels I would have rated them 3-4 STARS, but now I would classify them as 1-2 STARS. These are great for those who like mild sex, unrealistic d [...]

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