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  • Title: Crusade
  • Author: Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié
  • ISBN: 9781416998037
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback

The ultimate battle The ultimate love.For the past two years, Jenn has lived and trained at Spain s Sacred Heart Academy Against the Cursed Ones She is among the few who have pledged to defend humanity or die trying But the vampires are gaining power, and the battle has only just begun.Forced to return home after death takes a member of her family, Jenn discovers that SThe ultimate battle The ultimate love.For the past two years, Jenn has lived and trained at Spain s Sacred Heart Academy Against the Cursed Ones She is among the few who have pledged to defend humanity or die trying But the vampires are gaining power, and the battle has only just begun.Forced to return home after death takes a member of her family, Jenn discovers that San Francisco is now a vampire strong hold As a lone hunter apart from her team, Jenn is isolated and at risk She craves the company of her fighting partner, Antonio his protection, his reassurance, his touch But a relationship with Antonio comes with its own dangers, and the they share of themselves, the Jenn stands to lose.Then Jenn is betrayed by one who was once bound to protect her, causing her to doubt all she had held as true To survive, Jenn must find the courage to trust herself and her heart.

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At least thats one thing this book got right. In this book, not only are vampires real and known, they are taking over the world, with only small numbers of Hunters to fight them off. The Salamancan Hunters are a band of Hunters, the first of its kind, and by the way things are going, it may be the last. This hodge-podge band of fighters are having a wee bit of trouble getting along. Even though they are based in Spain, they all come from different parts of the world. There is Eriko, a former Ja [...]

Bullet Review:DNF at 14%.Yet another cliched ridden attempt at cashing in on the Young Adult Vampire phenomenon. Part Buffy, part Twilight, part OC, the book focuses on a Captain Planet and the Planeteers type team dynamic, only all the characters are cliched and/or boring. Eriko is the worst leader; Skye is defined by her job as a witch; Jaime is an ass (because all Irish are asses); Antonio is your standard "I'm a vampire, but I am in love!"; Holgar is a complete cypher. Oh, yeah, and there's [...]

The evil vampires are taking over! And the only people who seem to give a shit are a group of six completely unlikable charactors who are either shallow as a rock or so mean/helpless/stupid for anyone to give a shit about. First off, it is obvious thet the author seem to think 99.9% of humanity are completely blind assholes who seem to be about as trusting as a dog if you have food (more 'bout dogs later). When an obvious evil is attacking, what does the ENTIRE WORLD do? Oh, they bow down to it [...]

This book seems to be a hell of a lot better the second time around. I loved Jenn's character and also how she finally found her place in a world ruled by vampires and is no longer 'Just Jenn'. In parts of the book she made my heart weep for her with all the drama with her family and her sad excuse of a father; not to mention the internal battle about whether it is right or wrong for her to be in love with Antonio. Antonio where do I start with you? So dedicated to his beliefs and yet so lost; t [...]

Crusade by Nancy Holder & Debbie ViguieFirst in the Crusade series2.5 starsIt all started when vampires came out of the shadows and told people they fed off of animals and wanted peace (sound familiar? At least R. Patt knows that Twilight is pretty horrible.)and then a war broke out when it became obvious it was all lies. Most people still worship them or are too afraid to stand up to them, but not Jenn Leitner. That’s why she left home and is now working and living with the Salamancian Hu [...]

I do a little jig every time I read a book where the vampires don't glitter and have blood lust. Can I get a hell yes for a story that evokes Buffy? I won't lie, I love a good kick ass story. I enjoy a whole lot of action, especially when that action involves stakes.Read the rest of my review here

Crusade (Book 1)Author: Nancy Holder (Website)and Debbie Viguié (Website)Release Date: 9/7/10Publisher: Simon & SchusterAge Group: Young Adult (14+)Source: Bought (Borders)Go Buy It! /BordersRating: ☺☺☺☺☺ -Absolutely phenomenal. Mind-boggling!"The ultimate battle. The ultimate love.For the past two years, Jenn has lived and trained at Spain's Sacred Heart Academy Against the Cursed Ones. She is among the few who have pledged to defend humanity or die trying. But the vampires are g [...]

When I first started reading this book it took me a bit to get into it. After the first three chapters I couldn't put it down! When we enter the story, the world has been taken over by vampires, or Cursed Ones (C.O.). They have taken over the world by force, using fear as a motivation to herd the Nation's leaders into compliance. Of course, initially they were very `human friendly' stating they only fed off animals, never `converted' anyone against their will and were willing to live peacefully [...]

I received this book as part of an ARC tour from Star Book Tours. I had actually forgotten that I had requested it, and when it showed up on my doorstep, I was a little surprised. But opening it up, I can see why I would request it - it looks like it would be awesome. Dark and gritty and bloody, just like a vampire book should be. In in many of those aspects, this book delivered wonderfully. The vampires were vicious and cruel and bloodthirsty, and there wasn't a sparkle to be seen. The fights w [...]

Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyCRUSADE takes us into a very believable apocalyptic world and paints a vivid possible future wherein vampires have stepped out of the shadows under the guise of friendship, lulled us into complacency, and when we were at our most vulnerable, they revealed their true nature.Jenn was thirteen when the slaughter began. She was helpless to watch as her friends and family soon began spouting vampire propaganda and making excuses for freedoms they were forced [...]

Okay, so, I'm still conflicted as to what to think.In this book:Vampires are bad- yes good. CheckExcept for Antonio- really? Again?Vampires don't sparkle- yes good. CheckVampires are hurt by sunlight, garlic, prayer, crosses- yes good. CheckExcept for Antonio- really? Again?There are vampire hunters- yes good. CheckThey don't all get along- yes good. CheckTo the point of hating some teammates- really?Jenn kills some vampires- yes good. CheckExcept when she's with Antonio- really? Again?Jenn can [...]

Vampires have taken over the populace, first with charm and then with fear, but there are those who will not give up without a fight. Crusade is an action-packed urban fantasy. In the dystopian world of Crusade vampires have come forward with promises of peace and unity, but these were lies to calm the public as they slowly, insidiously worked to take over cities, governments, and the world. Vampires are now in control of most of the planet and as their power grows their true monstrous nature is [...]

Really wanted to love this one, but sadly I couldn't connect with any of the characters. At all. The concept seemed cool enough, but the writing style just didn't work for me. It felt very flat and I ended up skimming most of the book to just finish it.Not for me.

I can't hate this book, honestly. It's one of those books that don't bring vampires up to be "glittery" or glam up the term of "evil, undead creature." This book states that vampires are evil and should be stopped, and I respect that.Now, onto the characters. Let's start with the side ones.I actually liked the fact that the team weren't best friends and always looking out for one another. Of course, everyone knows that in the end they'll be singing Kumbaya around the campfire together by the end [...]

Crusade was a book that originally ended up on my TBR list because of the cover. It was so full of promises of dark action and adventure that I immediately wanted to know what it was about. The blurb made me even more curious and when a copy landed in my mailbox last year I knew I'd get to it sooner rather than later. It didn't disappoint - the characters, the writing, the suspence and the action kept the story going and me glued to the book for a full two days. The premise of vampires revealing [...]

What did I learn from this book? If during an apocalypse where vampires are taking over humanity and I just happen to be a priest whose duty is to create a band of hunters to battle the evil forces, absolutely under no circumstances should I rely on moody teenagers to get the job done. They basically couldn't decide whether they were fighting vampires or each other, and it got irritating. There were some definite similarities to Twilight, although I'm glad this book was supposed to be a bit more [...]

Crusade was nothing like I expected it to be. What I was expecting? I am not completely sure. But whatever it was, it is not what I got. Crusade simply is amazing. From the very beginning, I was in shock at how original this novel is. Yes, the basic ideas for Vampires and their lore is there. But it is told in a completely fresh way.From the very first page, readers will quickly realize that Crusade is not your typical vampire novel. Gone are the many stereotypes that reader are familiar with. T [...]

A group of six young adults trying to get past prejudices and cultural differences to form a cohesive unit to slay vampires.Vampires have come out and pretty much control the world. They have taken over governments with the promise of changing the leaders into immortals. They terrorize humanity and basically governments and law enforcement turn a blind eye.In Spain, a Catholic Priest has helped train and empower youth to take up the fight against the vampires. Father Juan used magic and his fait [...]

The description sounded interesting and didn't sound like anything that I have read. Most of the books I read have the vampires (or most of the vampires) as the "good guys"; this book was the complete opposite with the vampires being the "bad guys" with the exception of Antonio. I haven't read any books by either author so I didn't know what to expect but I am very glad that I bought it. I thought that it was very good and realistic. There were several action parts but it also had its slower par [...]

I had to go far from character to character sometimes from place to place . The story was okay , but it was like watching a movie over reading a book I don't know why . I have it a three to be nice . But the characters were interesting .

Vampires are everywhere. While their leader Solomon might smile on television, shake a few hands and spout propaganda about vampires requiring only the blood of animals, Jenn Leitner knows the truth. She's among the few brave souls who refuse to sit back and let the Cursed Ones destroy the world. Jenn belongs to Spain's Sacred Heart Academy, a place that churns out vampire hunters as fast as they can train them. The life expectancy for a hunter is short—if you can survive long enough to make i [...]

4.5 stars!I'm picky when it comes to reading vampire books. Honestly, there's actually very few vampire books I've read and the few I have, I've enjoyed. Crusade is one of those books. In a world being over taken by vampires, humans and paranormals have little places to hide. The few who get turned are the lucky ones. The only hope humans and paranormals alike have, rests on the shoulders of an elite vampire hunting group from Sacred Heart Academy in Spain. Made up of humans and paranormals, the [...]

Well I also managed to finish Crusade by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, the duo writing team behind the series Wicked! Which was one from my middle school-high school days that I enjoyed! So I had to give their new one a try and also it included vampires!But here the vampires are not the good guys. At all. They are truly incarnations of evil, hence their name, The Cursed Ones. Vampires are known to the world at large. They presented themselves to be harmless beings at first, but soon tragedy st [...]

There were definitely points in Crusade where I couldn't put it down! I was hooked and had to see what happened next! I really liked how the focus shifted between the different characters in the book so that not only does the story continue, but you get to learn about each character's personality, their past, and their thought patterns. The switching viewpoints were well done; it was never too confusing, but was really helpful in getting a peek into each character's mind.Crusade takes its time s [...]

Review posted at urbanfantasyinvestigations.bloI honestly didn't think I was going to like this book after I started reading it. I ALMOST put it down after the first couple of chapters and returned it to the book store to exchange it with something else. I really didn't want to have to drive all the way back there to exchange it so I stuck with it and kept reading. I'm glad I did, The story really picked up and got more interesting as I kept reading. Crusade was an interesting take on vampires. [...]

Come by my blog, Forever Lost in Books, for MORE reviews, giveaways, interviews and memes!Actual rating : 3.5/5 starsSeries: Crusade #1 Author: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié Format: Hardcover Page Count: 470 Source: LibraryMy (High!) Opinion: Let me say first that I found this book while searching to get the Wicked series for free. Unfortunately, I didn't find it, but found this other series, also written by the same authors, but set in a totally different world. I was quite happy, since the s [...]

She's 'Just Jenn'. She's part of a hunter team with "The Hunter", a werewolf, witch, and vampire, as well as an IRA member. Ever since the vampires 'came out of the coffin', Jenn never believed that they were as lily-white as they said they were. So she ran off to train with the best vampire hunters out there -Spain's Sacred Heart Academy Against the Cursed Ones.Now she's come back home for a funeral - her grandfather, who was her hero - and she learns that San Francisco is now a vampire strongh [...]

Vampires are taking over the world. They have quite literally come out of the shadows and are, nominally, living with humanity. But in truth, they're taking over. And there's only random pockets of resistance and Hunters who are trying to stop them. The Cursed Ones sees us follow one such pack of Hunters; a group based in Salamanca and composed of a Good Vampire, a Girl With a Secret, a WereWolf, a Girl Who Doesn't Think She's Good Enough and several other stock cliches. So far so Buffy right? T [...]

I first read about Jenn and Antonio in the novella Passing which was first published in '09 in the anthology The Eternal Kiss. So when I heard they were writing a full length novel/series I was so on board! If you like all things vampire then there's no way you won't enjoy this story.In a world where Vampires have started taking over the world, only a select few students have what it takes to become Vampire Hunters. "Just Jenn", as she calls herself, is one of a group of five hunters. She along [...]

I liked this book, thought it was a little long and some character description at the end would've worked better towards the beginning. You could tell that it'll be a series (aka a Crusade). A few years in the past vampires came out of the closet (think True Blood). A gorgeous vampire was on TV told the public how vampires and humans could achieve peace, convincing viewers they didn't need humans for their blood, they could feed off animals instead.It was all lies. Some countries decide on a fal [...]

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